The Upcoming concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

 concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

Prepare to be carried away by the sounds and rhythms that resonate through Abu Dhabi’s colourful streets as an array of thrilling festivals, engaging performances, and exciting concerts are scheduled to dazzle the city. Abu Dhabi is preparing to be the ultimate destination for both music lovers and culture vultures, offering everything from heart-pounding beats under the stars to soul-stirring performances by internationally acclaimed performers. Abu Dhabi promises an amazing experience that will spark your senses and leave you wanting more, whether you’re desiring the thrill of live concerts, the beauty of theatrical shows, or the cultural richness of festivals.

Start your adventure at the well-known Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an exquisite example of Islamic architecture with beautiful minarets, domes, and floral patterns. Then, as you travel along the Corniche, with its glittering buildings and beautiful waterfront walkways, take in the modern wonders of the cityscape. Discover historical cultural artefacts at Heritage Village, where customs and crafts from the Emirati people are brought to life against the background of a reconstructed desert oasis. Discover the lavish realm of aristocracy at the Emirates Palace, an imposing structure where luxury has no limits. Visit the Central Souk’s crowded marketplaces to bargain for treasures ranging from delicate handicrafts and souvenirs to spices and fabrics as you wrap off your tour. Take an amazing Abu Dhabi city tour to fully experience the beauty of the UAE’s capital.

Here are the upcoming concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

1. Matilda the Musical

 concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

You’re in luck, though, because the internationally acclaimed musical will be making a return trip to Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2024. Famous British author Roald Dahl’s popular book Matilda served as the inspiration for the musical. The narrative centres on Matilda, a little child who is anything but typical. She has a strong mind and an active imagination, and she has the courage to stand up and alter her fate.

2. Liwa Date Festival

 concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

The capital’s Al Dhafrah neighbourhood will host the 20th edition of one of the biggest highlights of Abu Dhabi’s cultural calendar from July 15 to July 28 of this year. Get the inside word on all the hottest date variations, as well as take advantage of kid-friendly activities, handcraft variants, and well-known contests like “Best Date Fruit” and “Best Date Grower.”

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3. UFC Fight Night

 concerts, shows and festivals in Abu Dhabi

The 18th UFC event to be held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi’s first UFC Fight Night is scheduled to take place on August 3 at the Etihad Arena. Following the thrilling UFC 294 match that had spectators on their feet in October, we’re excited to see more legendary moments, takedowns, and grapples in the octagon this summer.

4. Chicago the Musical

Chicago the Musical

Chicago Musical will be visiting Abu Dhabi this year, so don’t forget to tip your fedoras. The newest and most exciting production to be confirmed for the city as part of the electrifying 2024 events calendar is a theatrical masterpiece set in Windy City. From September 12 to 22, capitalises will be able to see the longest-running American musical in Broadway history at Etihad Arena.

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5. NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2024

NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2024

As part of the NBA Abu Dhabi Games 2024 presented by ADQ, a new team will be visiting the nation’s capital this October. The 17-time NBA champion Boston Celtics will play the reigning Denver Nuggets in two preseason games at the Etihad Arena on October 4 and October 6. Star-studded rosters in the capital promise thrilling, sure fire action on both sides.

6. UFC 308

UFC Fight Night

It’s that time of year again, and this time around, UFC 308 is set to take place at Etihad Arena on October 26. Anticipated Abu Dhabi Showdown Week, which will feature a seven-day schedule of citywide activities, devoted fan activations, hotel promos, F&B options, celebrity appearances, thrilling concerts, and much more, will take place in the octagon as planned.


One thing is quite evident as this tantalizing preview of Abu Dhabi’s upcoming festivals, concerts, and plays comes to an end: the city is set up to be a refuge for once-in-a-lifetime encounters and treasured memories. With such a varied programme, Abu Dhabi is sure to please all types of fans, be they theatregoers, music lovers, or cultural experts. So, make sure to put this exciting city’s live concerts and cultural celebrations on your calendars, grab your pals, and get fully immersed. Prepare to make lifelong memories surrounded by the lively energy and pulsing spirit of Abu Dhabi.

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