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Enter the Aya Universe Dubai: Discover a World of Wonders with Entry Tickets

Are you searching for some fun activities in Dubai? Then, stop your search and head straight to Aya Universe Dubai. It is an innovative amusement park which blends well with art and technology. This interactive and experimental amusement park comprises 12 different areas which use mirrors, sounds, and lights to give a memorable experience for the visitors. All these areas are well-crafted by travel-related themes and will take you to a parallel universe through its cutting-edge technologies.

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This 40,000 square feet giant complex offers an out-of-the-world experience to every visitor with the help of art and technology. It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway that will take you to an alternate universe filled with many surprises and happiness. Check out our Aya Universe Dubai ticket prices and embark on a journey of innovation and entertainment. The tickets start at AED99 for online users and AED 125 for offline users.

Timings: Sunday- Thursday: 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

Friday-Saturday: 10.00 AM to 12.00 AM

Address: Level One,Main Atrium, Wafi City Mall

Tour Cost:

Cost Per Adult: 120/- AED per person

Cost Per Child (03-10 Years): 120/- AED per person

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    Dubai’s Aya Universe, widespread over 40,000 square feet, is a fantastic innovative entertainment park in Wafi Mall. Hyperspace, a stay-ahead company in physical parks, is the mastermind behind this unique park. There are twelve different sports zones in Aya, which compete with each other in terms of uniqueness. All these zones have the capacity to take you to different cosmos. Its twelve zones are the Source, Aurora, Drift, Pool, Falls, River, Outland, Flora, Celestia, Luna, Tides and Harmonia.

    Aurora uses gesture control and movement to produce colourful artwork, whereas Source is a mystery chamber which displays vibrant LED pools for a straight six-minute. The drift zone gives you the taste of a lush green landscape, and the Pool zone takes you on a river expedition. River zone has the ability to create storms and pools using lights and colours which are detected by footsteps. Outland introduces new characters and avatars of Aya Universe before you and allows you to watch the stars in the cosmos while strolling around the bioluminescent flora garden. The Tide chamber has mirrors all around and is decorated by LED totems and a monolith in the centre. Lastly, the Harmonia zone takes you to the robotic world with a three-minute automated light show displayed in a mirrored infinity space.

    This future light and sound park, Aya, offers something or the other for guests of all ages. It is impressive to see how it creates a unique sensory environment for the audience using technology and art.

    Attractions of Aya Universe Dubai

    • Exposure to all the twelve interactive zones of Aya, a first-of-a-kind in Dubai. It is the next-generation entertainment park that is undoubtedly going to blow you away.
    • Walking through Tides, Aurora, River, Harmonia, Pool, Drift, Celestia, Falls, Luna, Source, and Outland zones will lead you to a parallel universe with a mindblowing experience.
    • Each chamber of the universe is created by blending art along with technology.
    • You are free to dream, play and drift as you start observing the stars, roam around the gardens and cross rivers by building pools with every step.
    • Every zone has a light and sound show where you can see lights dancing to the sound of background music.
    • You can learn about new characters and avatars and interact with them as you move from one chamber to another.


    Details of the Light and sound show of Aya

    Every exhibit of Aya will engage both your mind and senses. In addition, several interactive exhibitions in Aya will give you an out-of-the-world experience. But the one that will amuse most of us is the light and sound shows. The sound system of Aya uses advanced sound technology to produce a unique sound experience. It will take you to a parallel world of sound and music, irrespective of your tour plan. So whether you are visiting the park on your own or part of a guided tour, you will indeed have an unforgettable experience in your life.

    The Galaxy Light shows of Aya is one of its favourite light shows, which takes you to galaxies with the help of projections, light and music. It has several colourful and lively effects which will leave you amazed and excited. Another show that will be settled in your mind forever is the Rainbow Light show. It also uses various projects and lights to create a visual treat for the audience. Youngsters are surely going to like these sound and light effects.


    Unveiling the different stages of Aya


    This 230-square feet impressive artwork uses gesture control and movement to give a firsthand experience to the audience of this novel environment. You can see the future as the lights from the stars fall on the ground, and rainbow colours start dancing around it.

    The Source

    Your first Aya experience will be in a 3,250-square-foot zone. Then, the magical chambers add more flares to your desires as it uses digital pools and touch-responsive domes to produce human sensations while creating a new area of life. It is then accompanied by a six-minute presentation using the most modern touch-reactive technology that will take you to the world of the cosmos.


    This 2,000-square-foot zone will give you access to the Aya Cosmos, which has a massive space to explore. As you lie down on the lush hillside, listening to the music, you will feel weightless and calm from the inside.


    This zone introduces new avatars and characters of the Aya Universe before you. It works along with your movement. As you move along, new characters keep on generating. Here technologies like skeletal tracking and projection mapping entertain the visitors.


    The pool zone has several projections that will help you in your river en route. It has an infinity vortex that can capture the senses of people going inside.

    The River

    Using LED lights and detecting sensors, this 2000 square feet zone creates storms and pools of colours and light. Here you can see a river coming to life as people start moving inside it.

    The Falls

    After the river expedition, you will be welcomed by an audio-responsive waterfall that runs according to the laws of gravity.


    In this zone, light beams trigger the interactive cosmos beams in which you will have the visual treat of a light show with an interactive spatial game and five distinct chapters.


    Creatures are created in response to your movement in this bioluminescent garden and change their behaviour accordingly. It takes you to a fictional world of life whose creatures move according to your action.


    It has four different storytelling chapters, conjoined in front of a mirrored room decorated with a monolith and LED totems.


    The three-minute robotic live show will give you an out-of-the-world experience.

    The Dining and Shopping options at Aya

    Aya have excellent dining and shopping facilities, along with world-class exhibitions. While shopping for your loved ones, you can also grab a quick bite into its unique delicacies. Several food stalls in Aya exhibit worldwide delicacies. Even if you have a limited budget, you won’t leave Aya on an empty stomach, as it has something or the other for every visitor. It has included international cuisines like Asian, Middle Eastern and Western flavours in its foods.

    Along with dining options, Aya has retail options, which you can avail of if you are not in a hurry. Several souvenirs, clothing and accessories are awaiting the shopaholic in you. They also conduct unique pop-up stores and events from time to time for the entertainment of their guests.

    Aya Universe is a must-visit place in Dubai as it has something reserved for every visitor. Whether a technology freak or a music lover, you can’t leave Aya without being mesmerised. People usually prefer to spend their afternoons in this beautiful place.