The 5 Must-Visit Armenia Tourist Attractions

Armenia Tourist Attractions

Many foreigners visit the historical land of Armenia with their outstanding regions. Armenia is situated in the Southern parts where the unique heritage and amazing nature come together. Before you start exploring this fascinating country from Dubai, you will have to secure an Armenian visa.  Before going to the best tour destinations, let’s explore on how to obtain an Armenia holiday packages from Dubai. The citizens of the UAE, including residents of Dubai, may apply for an Armenian electronic visa through the official website. Application process is simple, requiring a small amount of paperwork and finalising within couple of days. When planning for this beautiful country, please make an early application.

The 5 Must-Visit Armenia Tourist Attractions

1. Yerevan – The Pink City

Yerevan – The Pink City

From Armenia, Yerevan. The capital of this country is called “Yerevan” and is known as the “Pink City”. Step foot on Republic Square; visit the renowned Mashtots Matenadaran Library; and indulge in local dishes at lively Yerevan Vernissage Market. You will be dazzled by the rich history and lively modern cultural scene of the city.

2. Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery

Armenia Tourist Attractions

Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery are only a short drive away from Yerevan. Armenia’s Pre-Christian Past in Garni – Hellenistic Temple with Stunning Preservation. The beautiful rock-cut churches and chapels of the nearby Geghard Monastery, along with the Garni, form the part of UNESCO’s World heritage list. There is something awe-inspiring about the spirituality and history here.

3. Arasin Yerusalem – Sewan Golu

Armenia Tourist Attractions

The beautiful Lake Sevan, occasionally called the ‘’jewel of Armenia,’’ is among the highest fresh water bodies on earth. This is an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation with its backdrop of mountains. Relax by Lake Sevan, visiting Sevanavank monastery and enjoying fresh fish at any of the lake’s local restaurants.

4. The Wings of Tatev- Tatev Monastery

Armenia Tourist Attractions

Head south for Tatev Monastery clinging to a precipice of a ravine. In fact, just traveling on “Wings of Tatev,” a 5.7 kilometers long reversible cableway and the world’s longest one is an adventure itself. To see the medieval architecture and breath taking panorama one has to visit the Monastery.

5. Areni Wine Region

 Areni Wine Region

For centuries, Armenians have an ancient legacy of winemaking that goes thousands of years deep. The most popular wine region of the country is the Areni Wine Region located in the Vayots Dzor Province. Visit this beautiful place and try to taste the best wine in Armenia.


Yerevan is the Pink Capital-of Armenia it takes you into the heart of the land that is filled in rich culture and history. at Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery lies the historical root and spiritual essence of present day Armenia. The peaceful Lake is frequently referred to as “the Jewel of Armenia”, while Tate Monastery and the ‘Wings of Tatev’ The connection car provides an adrenaline-pumping experience. Your trip concludes at the Areni Wine Region where you may taste some of the best wines in.0 the world that are traditional in Armenia. All five of these attractions are unmissable – a unique mix of history, spirituality and nature at its best. Armenia can’t wait inspire all of your senses and leave everlasting memories.

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