The top 8 home-grown restaurants in the UAE

restaurants in the UAE

Domestic restaurants have become gorgeous jewels in the United Arab Emirates’ cuisine landscape, offering unique tastes of traditional dishes as well creative food presentation. These locally owned businesses showcase the region’s culinary heritage that draws a complicated blend of Emirati culture and outside influences. With their Emirati authenticity and creative masterpieces, at the same time traditional or modern fusion of different world food products home grown restaurants in the UAE attract citizens. These restaurants serve as a living proof of the Emirates increasing cooking skills in one of the world’s fanciest countries, which provides residents and visitors with an atmosphere that reminds them about their own home.

Abu Dhabi city tour is an exciting trip to the heart of UAE, where modern technologies harmoniously exist with precious traditional artifacts. As the shining skyline of this busy city shows up, visitors are welcomed by famous masterpieces such as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – a lovely gift to architectural grandeur. Amid the backdrop of Arabian Gulf, journey travels through majestic corridors of Emirates Palace to capture a glimpse of royal beauty. In its history, the visitors of this city can walk through the zigzag paths in Al Hosn Fort a historical fortress which holds murmurs from an era long ago Yas Island’s modern beauty is a part of the city tour. Taking in the sublime spectacle of modern skylines, exploring ancient Emirati heritage and traversing through Abu Dhabi’s urban roadways – an adventure like no other awaits.

Here are the top 8 home-grown restaurants in the UAE:

1. Foul W Hummus

restaurants in the UAE

Food from the Levantine (Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, and Palestinian) regions is essentially falafel, hummus, and foul. However, this modest location in Dubai’s Al Barsha neighbourhood does it better than anywhere else. Offering an extensive and genuine menu that will delight even the most demanding diner. You’ll be greeted by hummus flavours you never knew were available. A true local gem that shouldn’t be missed! One of their great features is that they provide complimentary meals to those who are unable to afford to pay.

2. Tibba Mandi Restaurant

restaurants in the UAE

Yemeni classics Mandi or Madhbi are one of the residents of Dubai’s favourite dishes. It’s just rice with beef. The slow-cooked meat variation is called Mandi, and the chargrilled chicken version is called Madhbi. Have explore the Mandi places that are spread out throughout the city. This particular area hasn’t been destroyed yet, though. A must-visit location.

3. Ravi Restaurant

restaurants in the UAE

You know you have some cultural significance when Adidas chooses to work with you and you alone in the nation. This is exactly what happened with Ravi. Dubai foodies are not shocked by the restaurant’s importance and popularity, as it has been serving the city’s residents for years. The restaurant has become famous in Pakistan. For example, breakfast, lunch or dinner you’re after, this has to be on your list.

4. Aaraamam Restaurant

Aaraamam Restaurant

Here in Dubai, we have another famous restaurant. A local favourite, this Keralan cuisine has more Google ratings than one can keep track of. No matter the time of day you visit, they are impressively always crowded and specialise in Keralan cuisine. Evidence of their excellence. Here is where you must obtain the beef fry.

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5. Arabian Tea House

Arabian Tea House

This list would not be complete without an Emirati entry. There are a handful in the city now; this one right here is perhaps the most well-known, followed by Al Fanar and Al Jalboot. Our preference is Arabian Tea House because of the ambience, food, and breakfast spreads especially at the Al Fahidi location.

6. Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair

The menu at Bu Qtair, a fish restaurant, is incredibly simple fried fish or prawns served with rice and curry sauce, paratha, or a side dish. That’s all there is to it, but if nothing else, the large crowds it attracts indicate its quality. And by “crowd,” I mean high-flying Emiratis, Indian expats, and Western visitors, among them the famous Anthony Bourdain.

7. Al Ustad Special Kebab

Al Ustad Special Kebab

Having opened its doors in 1978, Al Ustad Special Kebab is a family-run restaurant that is among the oldest in Dubai. Few restaurants in Dubai can make the claim to have been in operation for forty years. It is highly probable that this restaurant will be included in any local’s selection of the top 5 restaurants in Dubai.

8. Salt & Parkers

Salt & Parkers

The creators and brains behind these two genuine icons of the modern cuisine scene are two women: an Emirati and a Saudi. Both feature delectable cuisine and fascinating concepts and histories.


The increasing popularity of local food in the United Arab Emirates is likely indicated by the country’s rising local restaurant market. Due to their dedication to quality, variety, and community, these locally owned eateries which stand among the best examples of Emirati hospitality and cuisine expertise remain an essential component of Dubai’s restaurant business, with its continued growth.

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