The top 5 stunning UAE islands you didn’t know existed

stunning UAE islands

The United Arab Emirates is among the world’s most beautiful nations. This nation, famous for its beautiful and exquisite buildings, has a way of capturing you with its beauty. Even though we are all familiar with the UAE’s beautiful locations, there are some areas that very few people have heard of. Already curious? Well, here are seven sites in UAE that you didn’t know even existed. The United Arab Emirates, which is hidden away among the aquamarine seas of the Arabian Gulf, is home to a number of beautiful islands that are often overlooked as gems just waiting to be found. It is not only a country of modern buildings and huge deserts. In addition to the popular tourist spots, some of the stunning UAE islands have amazing views and unique natural beauty.

A city tour of Abu Dhabi offers an amazing journey through the centre of the United Arab Emirates, presenting a variety of modern wonders and cultural treasures. The journey starts with a view of the famous skyline, which shows the city’s explosive development with modern buildings breaching the horizon. As the trip progresses, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque a beautiful architectural work of art that tells stories of tradition and attraction immerses visitors in its rich past. The tour offers a peaceful diversion to the natural beauty of the Corniche after winding through the busy streets of the Historical Village, a living museum that captures the spirit of Abu Dhabi’s history. The striking contrast between tradition and modernity is evident throughout the city, which makes an Abu Dhabi city tour an exciting investigation of the UAE’s unique story, in which the past and present coexist together.

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Here are the top 5 stunning UAE islands you didn’t know existed

1. Shuweihat Island (Abu Dhabi)

stunning UAE islands

This extremely unique island has beautiful beaches and is surrounded by rocks carved by nature. Unfortunately, these locations are now totally surrounded off to the public due to littering and misuse. If you decide to travel, though, you can take in the scenery from a distance.

2. Dalma Island


From the Sir Baniyas ferry terminal, Dalma Island is accessible by ferry. If you are driving, the cost of the ride is Dhs100; if not, it is Dhs20 per person.  Once you’re on the island, you’ll feel as though you’re in a different world. The little town makes up for its lack of dining options and opportunities for entertainment with its rich natural history, which includes a large number of Socotra Cormorant birds. It’s necessary to view the beautiful surroundings to believe it.

3. Ghagha Island

Ghagha Island

Ghagha, the westernmost island in the United Arab Emirates, is home to about 20 historical sites. Researchers have found stone tools from the Arabian bifacial tradition and “red-ridged ware” pottery that is most likely from Bahrain and dates between 2000 and 1700 BC.

4. Crescent Moon Island (Dubai)

Crescent Moon Island (Dubai

The location of this little island is 50 kilometres off the coast of Dubai. This moon-shaped island may be reached by boat, and once there, you can enjoy swimming, tanning, and fishing. The view is best seen from above.

 5. Saraya Island (Ras Al Khaimah)

Saraya Island (Ras Al Khaimah)

Locals love Saraya Island for its beautiful blue shoreline and use it as a camping destination. Originally planned to include restaurants, retail stores, a water park, hotels, and more, the project has been put on hold for more than ten years. It is located next to Al Rams with a view of the Hajar Mountain.


The stunning UAE islands present an array of secret paradises. These amazing wonders reveal themselves as havens of natural beauty and cultural value hidden under the glitter and beauty of urban environments. Adventuresome tourists are invited to discover these islands’ wonders and partake in a special fusion of relaxation and discovery. These islands, which are still mostly unexplored, present a unique opportunity to escape everyday life and set out on a journey of discovery. They reveal a side of the United Arab Emirates that many were unfamiliar of an island full of amazing and unique treasures waiting for the daring among us.

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