The Top 5 Instagram able Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Taking an amazing tour of the busy city of Dubai offers an extensive variety of breakfast spots in Dubai, locations that are not only attractive to the eye but also a perfect background pictures for Instagram. Dubai’s breakfast scene is an excellent combination of cuisines and looks, bright skyscrapers to tiny corners of city. Whether hidden away in the colourful souks or situated atop the famous skyline, these breakfast spots in Dubai provide a wide variety of food choices that are expertly presented to capture the flavour of both local and international influences. Discover some of Dubai’s most beautiful and delicious breakfast locations, which are sure to be an experience for the eyes and social media feed.

Dubai modern city tour is a thrilling way to experience the city’s beautiful buildings and multicultural attractions. Trip starts in beautiful skyline, where modern buildings like Burj Khalifa break the sky and represent Dubai’s reputation as major world city. Throughout the trip, visitors are shown how modern buildings like Dubai Mall and futuristic Dubai Frame combine history and modernity in an effortless way. All of the destinations on this modern city tour highlight Dubai’s continuous search of perfection, from the amazing views from the top of the Burj Al Arab to the lively atmosphere of the Dubai Marina, this leads to an amazing experience that perfectly captures the spirit of a city that genuinely is at the centre of the modern world.

Here are the top 5 Instagram able Breakfast Spots in Dubai:


Breakfast Spots in Dubai

In DIFC’s popular ICD Brookfield Place, Josette, a brand-new Parisian-style dining establishment, recently introduced an incredible breakfast menu and a Saturday brunch concept. A delicious “Petit-déjeuner” breakfast menu with filling, flavourful French cuisine is served to visitors. Josette offers dishes to suit all tastes, such the Ouef Royale (poached eggs with smoked salmon and Oscietra caviar) and the Omelette au Crab (king crab leg omelette with Hollandaise sauce). The breakfast menu is served daily from 9:00 am to 11:30 am.


Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Popular beach resort Koko Bay introduced an excellent breakfast menu that is available every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The menu offers an extensive variety of breakfast options, each one filled with a special Koko Bay style. A dedicated menu for kids has also been developed, and a new line of natural, vegan and grain-free smoothies has been launched to provide customers a vitamin boost. Koko Bay will also serve freshly squeezed juices and nutritious green drinks for individuals who want to purify.


Breakfast Spots in Dubai

A bottomless breakfast and gorgeous décor that will take you to Bali. Ula will be the best place to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner when the weather improves. The restaurant is the perfect place for people who don’t like crowds because it’s hidden away on The Palm behind Royal Hideaway Dukes. Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., there is a bottomless breakfast available.

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The cafe of Dubai’s most popular trainer store concept is equally amazing. To satisfy your demands, the menu offers a variety of foods like as nutritious bowls, delicious burgers, and all-day breakfast options. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see their monthly discounts. In addition to the delicious food, the attractive décor will wow both you and your Instagram followers.



Entering Forever Rose Cafe is like to turning the pages of a story book. The all-inclusive breakfast offers attracted cuisine including the Magical Waffle, Shakchouka, and Um Ali French Toast, a delicious crispy waffle topped with crumbled Oreos, berries, and Nutella. An Instagrammer’s paradise, the black and white, sketch-like décor pairs perfectly with delicious food from a fantasy world and our favourite long-stemmed preserved roses.


Dubai has booming and varied food scene, mainly when it comes to Instagram-worthy breakfast places. City offers for every taste and preference, from luxurious surroundings of five-star hotels to trendy cafes with rooftop views. Indulging in a breakfast meal in Dubai is an eye-opening experience for Instagram followers in addition to exciting the taste sensations with a variety of international and local cuisines. This is due to their beautifully prepared meals, great interior designs, or beautiful outside sceneries. Exploring these breakfast destinations guarantees an eating experience that is both attractive and delicious.

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