The top 7 spots for nature lovers in Dubai

spots for nature lovers in Dubai

An unexpected retreat for nature lovers, hidden among Dubai’s bright skyscrapers and modern wonders, offers an attractive contrast between urban and luxury spots for nature lovers in Dubai. Dubai presents a weaving of exciting locations satisfy the hearts of people seeking peace in lap of nature beyond famous skyline and busy city life. From the huge and calm Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to the meticulously created gardens at the Dubai Miracle Garden covered with a rainbow of flowers, the city presents a variety of beautiful landscapes that invite nature lovers to lose themselves in the delights of the outdoors. Introduction highlights a side of Dubai that is often overlooked by its impressive architectural achievements, encouraging both tourists and residents to discover city’s many unique natural resources.

Dubai Modern City Tour and explore centre of luxury and creativity on thrilling journey. This augmented reality experience highlights city’s architectural wonders, which include modern buildings that reach sky and bear witness to Dubai’s continuous ambition. Enjoy world’s tallest structure, world-famous Burj Khalifa, as it towers over city skyline. Journey takes you through colourful streets of Downtown Dubai, which provide an interesting background due to the lively environment and global energy. Explore Dubai Mall, an expensive shopping destination, and take in amazing architecture of Palm Jumeirah. Amazing look into city’s continuous search of modernity and luxury, Dubai Modern City Tour makes stops at famous attractions such as Dubai Marina and the impressive Atlantis, The Palm.

Here are the top 7 spots for nature lovers in Dubai:

1.Green Planet:

spots for nature lovers in Dubai

An immersive indoor tropical rainforest called Green Planet in Dubai takes guests on an amazing journey through the centre of an ecologically diverse environment. A wide variety of plant species, towering trees, and flowing waterfalls combine to create an amazing environment. The area is home to a variety of unique flowers, rare plant species, beautiful birds, entertaining sloths, monkeys, and fascinating insects. One of the most well-known tourist destinations in Dubai, it uses eco-friendly techniques to reduce its effect on the environment, including recycling programmes, energy-efficient systems, and water conservation.

2.Global Village:

spots for nature lovers in Dubai

As the name indicates, Global Village is home to a variety of multicultural businesses and events, such as dining at traditional restaurants, shopping at souks, and taking in the local clothing, music, and artwork. There are more than 25 pavilions, each of which represents a different country. From the bright lights of China to the delicate fabrics of India, Dubai’s Global Village has something to offer everyone. You can purchase gifts for your loved ones here.

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3.Dubai Fountain Lake Ride:

Dubai Fountain Lake Ride

The huge, organised fountain system known as the Dubai Fountain blasts water jets up to 150 metres (490 feet) into the air while it’s linked to music and covered with an amazing display of lights. The 30-acre man-made Burj Khalifa Lake is the venue for the fountain performances. At the Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar, a number of restaurants and cafes have outside seating so you can enjoy your meal while taking in the beautiful fountain shows.

4.Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo:

Dubai Mall Aquarium Underwater Zoo

Experience the unique aquatic life at this attraction, which includes the largest crocodile in the world, penguin coves, piranhas, huge spider crabs, otters, sea horses, a group of Gentoo penguins, and over 33,000 other creatures. You may see a variety of water vegetation and wildlife in over 140 species, all with different sizes and shapes. Activities available to visitors include swimming with sharks, having an underwater makeover, and swimming in a cage.

5.Glow Garden:

Glow Garden

A one-of-a-kind theme park called Glow Garden features lighting installations and artworks created from recyclable materials and millions of environmentally friendly lightbulbs. Dinosaur Park, Ice Park, Glow Park, and other theme parks are well-known for their engaging light displays. Visitors can explore life-size dinosaur reproductions lit up with bright lights in the Dinosaur Park and see a frozen winter wonderland in the Ice Park.

6.Butterfly Garden:

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden Dubai is the place to go when you want to see attraction, beauty, and hope. As you approach the domes, you will be greeted with more than 15,000 exquisite butterflies representing more than 50 species. Ten specially constructed arches house the largest covered butterfly garden in the world, allowing you to take your time enjoying the beauty of nature. Lively animals and rich vegetation are a visual treat for the senses. View the exquisite works of art in the Butterfly Museum. Refresh your energy with a variety of delicious snacks and nutritious liquids.

7.Miracle Garden:

Miracle Garden

One of the largest natural flower gardens in the world, Dubai Miracle Garden is famous for its amazing displays of flowers and plants arranged in a variety of designs and patterns. The extreme summer weather in Dubai makes it difficult to keep the blooms healthy, thus the garden is usually open from November to April during the colder months of the year.


Dubai, which has a reputation with luxurious entertainment and modern skyscrapers, surprisingly has a number of beautiful locations that are perfect for fans of the great outdoors. From the amazing Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to the calm Dubai Miracle Garden, a colourful haven with a wide variety of blossoming flowers, in areas where the rolling deserts offer an amazing backdrop for a real desert experience, the city has skilfully incorporated areas of natural beauty into its built environment. Dubai’s dedication to protecting its unique ecosystems can be seen by Hatta Dam and Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve. Varied outdoor refuges show city’s commitment to creating an awareness of natural world’s beauty and guarantee that those who love outdoors can find peace and comfort in middle of busy city.

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