10 cool facts about Dubai that you definitely didn’t know

cool facts about Dubai

Dubai is definitely not an ordinary city it’s the city of dreams. This is one area you probably have heard of no matter if you have been here. There are things you may have heard are overstated, and there are things that are exact. In any case, the curious tourist will find a lot to interest them in the United Arab Emirates. As we explore amazing and less popular sides of Dubai, city recognised for its luxury and creativity, be ready to be amazed. Past its luxurious way of life and tall skyscrapers. Dubai is more than just a luxurious city; rather, it is memorial to unrestrained ambition and never-ending attempt to push limits of what a city is capable of. Prepare to be wonder of amazing details that make Dubai genuinely exceptional and one-of-a-kind travel destination.

Take advantage of Half-Day Traditional Dubai City Tour to begin an informed exploration of rich cultural history that makes up Dubai. A peek into rich history and cultural highlights of city is promised by this unique experience. As we explore these hidden gems, beauty of old-world Dubai is brought to mind by wind-tower architecture and small paths. Explore beauty of Dubai Museum, which is housed in Al Fahidi Fort and features artefacts that represent development of city. A calm abra boat ride across Dubai Creek to continue the adventure offers expansive views of the busy waterfront and the attracting fusion of old and new Dubai. The tour ends with a visit to the colourful spice and gold souks, which capture the essence of historic Dubai in only 30 minutes with their tempting aromas and shining displays that transport guests to a past period.

Here are the 10 cool facts about Dubai that you definitely didn’t know:

1.Dubai police Luxurious cars:

cool facts about Dubai

There is nowhere else in the world where a police car collection includes a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Bentley! This is only true in Dubai. The Guinness World Record for fastest car belongs to the city police department. Although this may seem strange to some, it fits with the local way of life. First of all, a variety of people who own expensive vehicles like these gather in the city of dreams.

2.Honesty is valued and rewarded:

cool facts about Dubai

Check out the lost-and-found information for Dubai if you ever had any doubts about how wealthy its citizens are. It doesn’t take a lot of research to discover how wealthy the people there are. But we have to honour those who locate lost belongings and give them back to their original owners. AED 210, 000 was just returned to a resident by a police officer! Such honesty makes Dubai genuinely unique.

3.World’s first underwater hotel:

cool facts about Dubai

Dubai is city that continually challenges boundaries between real and imaginary in new, creative, and thrilling ways. If you want to see most thrilling and amazing views, Underwater Hotel is the place to be. It provides excellent lodging, like of which is difficult to come by in other parts of world. While staying at hotel can be expensive, experience is unforgettable and will undoubtedly be with you for the rest of your life.

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4.Some UAE ATMs dispense gold bars:

cool facts about Dubai

You can’t have a discussion about the UAE without touching up gold. People have an everlasting passion for jewels, especially gold. The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi has installed a machine that offers customers a selection of up to 320 things in order to accommodate this way of living. It delivers gold coins and bars weighing around ten grammes among other things.

5.UAE boasts a dynamic multicultural society:

UAE boasts a dynamic multicultural society

Many cultures can be found in the United Arab Emirates. According to research, UAE is home to 200 different nationalities. Global Village, which combines cultures from all over the world to provide visitors with an amazing shopping experience, welcomes visitors from all over world each year.

6.Robots are used for camel racing:

Robots are used for camel racing

The United Arab Emirates was the first country that banned the use of minors, under the age of 15, as riders in this popular sport. In 2002, the ban came into force. By 2007, the most efficient way to race camels was using robots. Although it is common nowadays to have robots oversee camel races, this idea dates back to 2001. The government hired specialists to create these devices at the time. In 2003, the first successful model was put to the test.

7.Dubai has a 75 km longest self-driven automated metro in the world:

Dubai has a 75 km longest self-driven automated metro in the world

By covering the most popular locations in Dubai, this internal and inter-city travel makes it simpler for the general public to travel to work on a regular basis.  The Dubai Metro’s amazing modern architecture and facilities make it a memorable experience. It reduces travel times, reduces traffic block, and protects the environment by reducing pollution.

8.UAE residents don’t pay personal tax:

UAE residents dont pay personal tax

Who wouldn’t want to receive their entire pay, tax free? That’s what the city of dreams offers you. Visitors have always been attracted to this place because of its tax-free lifestyle. It is quite attractive to work hard and have the opportunity to increase your wealth without having to take tax deductions.

9.The home of mindboggling skyscrapers

The home of mindboggling skyscrapers

The towers in Dubai are very amazing. As you approach them from the desert, they shine like a work of art, confirming Dubai’s place in the archives of architectural history. This is among the factors that have contributed to the Emirates’ reputation as a modern city and international centre for commerce. At 828 metres, the Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, and the city is currently satisfied to be home to it. It also features the tallest hotel and residential structure.

10.Dubai has the world’s largest picture frame:

Dubai has the worlds largest picture frame

Extending to a height of 150 metres and covering 93 metres, the Dubai Frame is one of the city’s most recent and unique landmarks. With the modern, future skyscrapers on one side and historical and cultural sites on the other, the frame creates an interesting contrast between the old and the new Dubai. In addition, you may walk across the glass bridge that joins the frame’s two towers to take in the expansive 360-degree city views.


Dubai is city of incomparable wonders, offering more than simply its famous cityscape and luxurious buildings. Behind the luxury, there is a city founded on courage and creativity. In the middle of a desert atmosphere, few may be aware that Dubai has its own indoor ski slope, complete with actual snow. City is home to Burj Al Arab, world’s only seven-star hotel, where luxury has no limits.

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