The Top 10 Venues for Chicken Tenders in Dubai

Chicken Tenders in Dubai

The dining scene in Dubai offers an extensive choice of delicious foods, but among its popular comfort meals, chicken tenders are a constant favourite. Dubai provides a variety of locations where chicken tenders are the main attraction, from crispy perfection to delicious pieces. These premier locations guarantee an amazing cuisine adventure through the world of tender, juicy chicken delights, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional version or a gourmet take on this well-loved dish.

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Here are the top 10 Venues for Chicken Tenders in Dubai:

1.Alien Burger:

Chicken Tenders in Dubai

Although Alien Burger is well-known for their crazy burgers, which include wildly colourful buns like the black and gold burger, you might be surprised to learn that they also serve chicken tenders as an option (albeit they are served as a side). With their crunchy exterior and juicy interior, these chicken tenders come with a side of farm sauce that will make you glad you’re a human.

2.Bon bird:

Chicken Tenders in Dubai

Bon bird, the younger sister of the famous Pickl, is definitely among our top three picks in Dubai for chicken tenders. You can select the amount you want of spice; we typically choose chicken salt because it tastes so nice.) Select your sauces and sides as well. Let us share a little secret with you, though: the chicken sandwich melt is the best. A wonderfully soft toasted sandwich topped with coleslaw and cheese-coated chicken tenders.

3.Raising Cane’s:

Chicken Tenders in Dubai

Raising Cane’s takes great pride in their chicken tenders and recently reopened in Dubai. They are indeed the only thing on the menu. Although the tenders can be had as a slider with sauce, they are still just chicken tenders. We promise that their chicken is juicy and flavourful, and their sauce is the best around.

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At Jailbird, chicken is the main course, and they do it quite well. There are two varieties of chicken tenders. One is “basic” and served simply with their speciality sauce, the other is risky; it’s not for the weak as it’s covered in a Nashville sauce. Both of these are really excellent, however they are spicy with a capital S.



You should add this delivery-only restaurant to your Deliveroo or Zomato order. Fried chicken tenders that are flavorful and excellent can be found under the GCC trademark Japang. They offer a variety of sauces for you to dip your chicken into, but the chicken itself is really soft.



Shake well after opening the bag and introducing the spices. An excellent replacement for flavour-infused chicken tenders is fried. Shakeable spice options include garlic parmesan, hot curry, BBQ, and Cajun, all of which give the traditional chicken tender a unique twist. The tenders are available in boxes of four or eight, and a selection of delicious dipping sauces is included with every order.

7.Dave’s Hot Chicken:

Daves Hot Chicken

A familiar and beloved chicken store. We love Dave’s Hot Chicken, and they recently launched a second location in Motor City. Rapper Drake is an advocate of these tenders, which are tasty and incredibly flavorful. You have to try it whenever you visit Motor City, JBR, and the new Dubai Mall. There’s no reason why these tenders shouldn’t exist they’ve just opened for deliveries. It makes sure that everyone is happy with seven different heat settings.



While Slaw offers a delicious selection of burgers, their chicken tenders undoubtedly rank among the best in Dubai. You can select from five different heat degrees for your three-piece chicken tenders from the national brand. Bread and slewed cucumbers are served beside it. The restaurant offers delivery services to multiple areas in Dubai, so you can think of your dinner arrangements as resolved.



At Salt, there’s usually a queue, and with good cause. The chicken tenders are served as a backing instrument, however even though their burgers are their specialty, they are some of the tastiest chicken tenders you’ll ever taste.



The well-known YouTube group Sidemen is the creator of Sides, which is fried chicken that comes loaded or nude. For the naked tenders, you can customise the flavour and sauces; on the other hand, the loaded tenders come with cheese sauce, crispy onions, jalapeños, and your preferred sauce. Thankfully, they deliver all around the United Arab Emirates.


Fans of chicken tenders have variety of options to choose from in Dubai’s varied cuisine scene, which features both classic and creative variations on popular meal. Chicken tender lovers may enjoy their beloved comfort meal with style and beauty at the city’s best restaurants, no matter whether you prefer a more formal or casual environment. Dubai is destination for luxury and relaxation as well as great dining experiences. Every bite, customers engage on delightful journey that supports timeless attraction of properly cooked chicken tenders.

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