The top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

The top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

Dubai’s beachside restaurants, which are hidden away among the beautiful Arabian Gulf beachfront, offer an amazing fusion of cuisine perfection and amazing views that perfectly capture the essence of the city’s wealth. These restaurants offer a unique experience to both locals and tourists, combining fine dining with calm beauty of sandy beaches. Imagine enjoying delicious food prepared by famous chefs while you take in the soft sea breeze and watch the sun set behind the famous skyline. Dubai’s beachside restaurants allow you to enjoy combination of cuisine delight and beachfront beauty in unique location, whether you’re looking for relaxing beachside meal with friends or romantic evening under the stars.

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Here are the top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

1.Beach Bar & Grill by Mauco Colagreco

The top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

The Beach Bar & Grill at One & Only Royal Mirage should be top on your list of places to go if you’re searching for an incredibly romantic date setting that will exceed your prior attempts. The popular location now features a smart-casual setting on the Dubai Marina beachfront and an atmosphere inspired by the calm outdoor lifestyle of Argentina thanks to a fresh interaction with Argentine Chef Mauro Cola Greco.

 2.Beach House

beach house

You will always feel like you are dining at a tropical resort away from the busy streets of Dubai when you visit The Beach House, no matter the time of day. We enjoy its atmosphere, whitewashed furnishings, and welcoming menu that makes everyone feel welcome. Get a seat on the beach near the restaurant’s edge, and you’ll be sure to have a delightful meal with an amazing view.

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Located in one of the most attractive residential neighbourhoods, Bungalo34 is a homage to the Greek Isles, and it’s part of the amazing Nikki Beach Resort & Spa. They also serve breakfast, so you can take advantage of this lovely location to get away from the city and enjoy in a lobster breakfast or souffle omelette while you relax in the sun and dip your toes in the sand.

4. Zenzi Beach

Zenzi beach

This cool, luxurious beach club is the height of sandals. Visitors are welcome to take advantage of everything Zenzi Beach has to offer, including a creative buffet inspired by South America. Whether you want to spend a lazy day by the pool or take a fall in the water, the beach club offers a number of possibilities. Featuring flavours from South America, enjoy a variety of entrees including ceviche’s and delicious shared cocktails like avocado or prawns and crab.

5.White Beach

white beach

For the upcoming season, famous Atlantis, The Palm beach club White Beach, has launched an improved outdoor dining experience that is double larger as previously. A Mediterranean-inspired menu and White Beach’s unique bohemian-chic style will attract you as you dine at the brand-new beachside restaurant.

6.Wave breaker

Wave breaker

This friendly pub and grill are an excellent spot for a relaxed drink, right on the beach. Here, the priority is on creating a beach vacation atmosphere with dishes like buffalo chicken wings and grilled prawns, as well as an amazing barbecue burger that’s perfect for mid-sunny eating.

7.Torno Subito

Torno Subito

The creation of famous chef Massimo Bottura, Torno Subito is located near the beachfront at W Dubai – Mina Seyahi. With pictures hanging from the ceiling and an open kitchen, the restaurant is decorated in bright soft colours, paying light-hearted reference to 1950s summers spent on the sun-drenched Italian Riviera. Tagliatelle al ragu and beef tenderloin are among the many Massimo Bottura classics that have been given a fine-dining Dubai twist on the menu.


The top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

In addition to a beautiful dining area with both indoor and outdoor seating, Tamoka also features beach chairs that are perfect for sundowners and a separate beach bar called Caña by Tamoka that is situated directly on the sand and accessible via a weaving path. Among the dishes are crispy short ribs of beef, smoked octopus, seafood catch and Patagonian prawns.



A beach club and restaurant with a unique European vibe, Tagomago pays attention to Ibiza’s sun-drenched Chi Inguitos. There is a beach club, bar and restaurant in the Azure residences. For those who would prefer to eat indoors, the lighthouse has a large number of eating tables.

10.Summer salt

The top 10 beachfront restaurants in Dubai

Summer salt, an attractive seaside hideout at Jumeirah Al Naseem, is surrounded by the sweet sandy beach. It’s a restaurant and beach club together, and the gorgeous outside dining area is a great spot to have an enjoyable meal. Enjoy a meal that combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, known as Nikkei, and nibble on delectable food while taking in views of the Burj Al Arab.


Aside from the quality of food served at beachfront restaurants in Dubai, A visual meet that combines the finest qualities with peace on a secluded stretch of sand is an extra benefit. So, these restaurants offer an unforgettable eating experience taking place by the skyline vintage decorations of shiny high-rise buildings and calm waves, even after having taken a final bite. The beachfront restaurants in Dubai offer the perfect combination of a relaxing and amazing atmosphere as well as unique signature cuisine to create an unforgettable dining experience for you whether loved ones or friends, looking at food with excitement. These cuisine paradises would not fail to attract the people when the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf producing a variety of advantages and attractive which Dubai is known for.

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