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Welcome to Dubai, known as the “the shimmering jewel of the Middle East”, lovely place which entice tourist around the globe by its something something things. Do not waste your layover in this amazing city – make the most of it and enjoy the opportunities. Dubai transit visa brings all the excitement of a short visit also within the reach of a layover traveler. Regardless of one’s choice of a 48- or 96-hour tour, there is enough time to explore the activities one would want to engage in this outstanding city. Do not leave your transit unnoticed—make the most of your layover and Apply for transit visa Dubai online to discover the UAE’s amazing sights right now.

If your intentions are to have a short visit to Dubai during a connecting flight, you may apply for transit visa Dubai or a Dubai stop over visa. Such Visa enables one to appreciate some of the views around the city and taste the dynamic nature of the city within the shortest time as one is accorded the visa. Furthermore, applying for a Dubai transit or stopover visa has been made easier since it can be done online and within a very short time. Consequently, visitors do not waste any time in this vibrant city.

What is a Dubai Transit Visa?

The Dubai Transit Visa offers a short-term authorization for travelers at Dubai International Airport. It is an excellent opportunity to feel the cultural immersion of Dubai and at the same time shopping.

Types of Dubai Transit Visas:

1. 48 Hour Transit Visa:

For passengers with short stay, then, the best transit visa is the 48 hours Transit Visa. Here are some key features:

– Eligibility: Valid for onward journey ticket from Dubai International airport.

– Duration: Permits a stay from entry for 48 hours.

– Application: You may apply through your airline by contacting it, or you may request your travel agent to assist you.

2. 96-Hour Transit Visa:

The 96 hours Transit Visa is perfect for people who have a little bit more time on their hands. Here’s what you need to know:

– Eligibility: For travelers with lengthier stopovers in Dubai with onward tickets to other destinations.

– Duration: Permits 96 hours (4 days) since time of entry.

– Application: Only you can apply through the airline, through the travel agency you are using or even for Dubai transit visa apply online by visiting the Dubai Immigration website.

How to Apply Dubai Transit Visa:

To apply Dubai Transit Visa is a simple procedure. You can usually apply through the following methods:

Via a travel agency: However, if you want to keep things easy, call a reputable travel agency that offers Dubai stop over visa services.

Online application: You can apply for a Transit visa Dubai directly on the Dubai Immigration website by submitting the required documents and paying the fee.

Important Information:

Eligibility Check:

Check with your airline or travel agency to confirm your eligibility for a Dubai Transit Visa as they differ depending on your particular carrier. Eligibility may differ from one airline essentially.

Valid Passport:

Check that your passport will be valid for at least 6 months of your entry into the UAE. This is a prerequisite enforced by the majority of airlines and authorities.

Confirmed Onward Flight:

Transit visas usually require a confirmed onward flight booking. Therefore, it is important to verify that you have all the flight particulars before applying.


Transit visas last for either 48 hours or 96 hours from the first use. Make arrangements to make sure that you have enough time to get back to the airport.

Fees and Costs:

In addition, regarding the transit visa, it may be possible that there are certain charges that are sometimes incurred.

Document Preparation:

Make sure you have all the required documents like your passport, confirmed travel schedule, and any additional documents the UAE government or your service provider may require.

Entry and Exit Procedures:

Know the procedures to follow when entering and leaving Dubai, including the customs and immigration acts. Observe the UAE’s laws and regulation during your stay.

Respect Local Customs:

Dubai is a culturally diverse, so respecting customs is key. For example, wear modest clothes, avoid public affection, and be aware of UAE’s alcohol/drug policies.

Currency and Expenses:

You’ll need local currency (United Arab Emirates Dirham, AED) for transport and food. However, cash is preferred for small expenses; on the other hand, credit cards are widely accepted.

Stay Near the Airport:

Some convenient booking sites for hotels near Dubai International Airport for getting to in your layover. Most of the hotels in the region provide complementary vehicles to and from the airport.

Local Transportation:

For this, you can research on how to maximize transportation in the city during the layover. Additionally, one can use the Dubai Metro, as well as taxis and rideshare services.


Stay safe in Dubai by securing your belongings and being cautious with personal information. Keep these tips in mind for a successful transit visa application and a great stopover. Enjoy your stay in Dubai!

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Yes, it’s possible to extend a Dubai transit visa under certain conditions. Transit visas issued by the UAE are typically valid for a short duration, often between 48 hours to 96 hours, depending on the type. Extensions may be granted in special cases, such as unexpected flight cancellations or medical emergencies. It’s advisable to check with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) or your airline for specific guidelines and procedures regarding extensions in Dubai.

You can apply Dubai transit visa online through the official UAE immigration portal or trusted travel agencies like Go Kite Travel. The application process typically involves submitting necessary documents, such as a passport copy, flight itinerary, and a passport-sized photo.

Dubai stop over visa are available for two durations: 48 hours and 96 hours. The 48-hour visa is free of charge, while the 96-hour visa requires a fee. Both visas are non-extendable and must be used within 14 days from the date of issue. When you apply for a Dubai stop over visa, make sure to choose the appropriate duration for your stopover.

Yes, with a Dubai transit visa, you can leave the airport and explore the city. This visa is designed for travelers who have layovers of more than a few hours and wish to see some of Dubai’s attractions. To enjoy your time in the city, make sure to apply for a Dubai stop over visa in advance.

For Dubai transit visa apply online, you will need a copy of your passport, a passport-sized photo, your flight itinerary showing the onward journey, and, in some cases, proof of accommodation. You can submit these documents online through Go Kite Travel to facilitate the process. Always check the latest requirements before you apply for transit visa Dubai.

No, transit visas are not available on arrival. Travelers planning to transit through Dubai and requiring a visa must obtain it in advance through the airline they are traveling with or through a UAE-based travel agency. Transit visas are typically issued for short stays, allowing passengers to stay in Dubai for up to 96 hours between flights. It’s advisable to check specific requirements and apply for the transit visa ahead of travel to ensure a smooth transit experience through Dubai International Airport.

To apply for transit visa Dubai, you typically need to meet certain criteria. Transit visas are generally available for passengers transiting through Dubai International Airport. Eligibility often includes having a confirmed onward flight booking within 96 hours, and in some cases, a valid visa for the destination country if required. It’s advisable to check specific requirements and application processes with the relevant authorities or through authorized visa service providers like Go Kite Travel, who specialize in facilitating transit visas for travelers passing through Dubai.

Yes, there is an age criterion for applying for a Dubai visa. Minors (those under 18 years old) must have their visa applications submitted or sponsored by their parent or guardian. Additionally, certain visa types may have specific age requirements or restrictions, so it’s essential to check with the UAE immigration authorities or the visa application service for detailed information before applying.

A transit visa is not required for all stopovers in Dubai, but it depends on your nationality and the length of your layover. Nationals of certain countries may be eligible for visa-free entry or a visa on arrival for short layovers. However, if you plan to leave the airport during your stopover or if your nationality requires it, applying for a Dubai stop over visa might be necessary. It’s advisable to check with the airline or the UAE embassy for specific visa requirements based on your travel circumstances.

If you already hold a UAE visa, you typically do not need to apply Dubai transit visa if you’re transiting through Dubai. UAE visa holders can often enjoy visa-free transit privileges. However, it’s advisable to check specific requirements based on your nationality and the terms of your UAE visa. For seamless travel planning, consider exploring options for Dubai transit visa apply online to ensure compliance and a hassle-free experience.

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