96 hours Dubai transit visa

96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa — Stop over Visa

Planning for a short stopover in Dubai? get your Dubai 96 hours Transit visa with Go Kite Tours. If you have a layover for more than 08 hours, then you may need a 96 hours transit visa. This 96-hour Dubai stop over visa allows you to exit the airport and explore the city of Dubai. The city has a lot to see and explore from traditional Arabian market to modern mega shopping malls. Finest luxury hotels and resorts, thrilling theme parks, all kind of sea, land and air adventure sports. There is something for everyone in Dubai and especially if you are transiting with your family, then there is a lot to experience.

Passengers who have a layover in Dubai can make the best use of their time with a 96 hours Dubai stop over visa. Moreover, the process is made easy and smooth as you can apply online which makes the whole process a breeze. This visa gives you the opportunity to see Dubai’s famous landmarks and vibrant culture while you are on your journey to your next destination during your stopover. Besides, it is a smooth transition from the airport to the city, thus you can utilize your time effectively and make the most out of your trip. Make your stopover a great and fun experience that you will never forget before continuing your journey.

Documents Required:

A 96 Hours Dubai transit visa Online is only obliged to allow the tourist visa holder to travel to a third country by taking a shorter period of stay in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, a 96 hours Dubai transit visa comes with a validity of 30 days from the date of issue.

  1. Passport Copies- A clear copy of each visitor’s passport’s first and last pages.
  2. Photograph: Each visitor’s clear photograph, taken against a white background
  3. Passport Validity: Each visitors passport should have a validity of minimum 06 months
  4. Original Air Ticket: The visitor should submit the original tickets

How to Apply Dubai 96 hours transit visa online with Go Kite Tours?

To Apply Dubai 96 hours transit visa, the tourist holder is only required to use it for traveling to a third country, allowing for a shorter stay in the UAE. This visa permits a stay in Dubai for at least four days and remains valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

  1. Submit the above-mentioned documents along with your contact number and email address (send the documents to visa@kite.travel)
  2. You will receive a confirmation via email /what’s app and a payment link to your email.
  3. Make a payment online using the payment link and confirm the same
  4. Once you have done the payment, we will submit your application and keep you updated on its status.  Typically, we approve visas within three working days and send a copy to your email. (It is better to apply for your transit visa one week before your travel dates)

Visa Information:

  • Processing Time: Up to 05 working days are needed to get your Transit Visa
  • Stay Period: You can stay in Dubai for a maximum of Days.
  • Validity: Your visa is valid for a period of a maximum of 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Type of Entry: Single entry

At the Immigration :

Upon arrival, submit the visa, your passport copies, and ticket copies. When immigration officials ask, you may need to provide residence details and explain your travel purpose.

What are the fees for a 96-hour Dubai transit visa?

The 96 hours Dubai transit visa fees can vary based on factors like the duration of stay. Similarly, the 96 hours transit visa Dubai price typically depends on the processing method and any additional services offered.


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