Top 7 exciting restaurants opened in the last quarter in Abu Dhabi

restaurants opened in the last quarter in Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s capital city has recently experienced a dining revolution, with the establishment of various interesting restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste senses. As we go on this delectable adventure, we’ll be focusing on the top seven eateries that have opened in the recent quarter. Join us as we explore Abu Dhabi’s unique and delightful dining scene, complementing your city tour with a variety of flavours and experiences. Prepare to discover the pearls that make Abu Dhabi a true food lover’s dream, from seafood feasts to Mediterranean magic.

Here are the Top 7 exciting restaurants opened in the last quarter in Abu Dhabi

1. Savor the Sea at Aqua Bliss

Explore a seafood paradise at Aqua Bliss in Abu Dhabi’s latest dining experience. This beachfront restaurant has a unique menu with dishes made using ingredients inspired by the rich marine life of the Arabian Gulf. Just thinking of lobster tail and fish that have been freshly grilled at Aqua Bliss makes you long for more.

2. A Taste of Italy at Bella Cucina

Bella Cucina is for anyone who loves real Italian food. It’s an Italian-styled restaurant that will drive you through the streets in Italy, where there are varieties of pasta, pizzas and deserts. The relaxed atmosphere and the smell of just out-baked bread turn it into a brilliant option for a romantic dinner or casual family supper.

3. Spice Up Your Night at Masala Magic

Masala Magic makes your spice fantasy for foods from the Indian subcontinents come true. This restaurant offers a wide range of Indian food like spiced biryani to some taste-bud tantalizing curries in Abu Dhabi. The bright colors and heady spice will engulf your senses just as if taken on a trip down the colorful streets of either Mumbai or Delhi.

4. Elevate Your Senses at Skyline Bistro

Skyline Bistro – a restaurant perching on top of the city. Experience a variety of international delicacies, as well as spectacular city skylines. In addition, Skyline Bistro spices up your Abu Dhabi city tour with both leisurely brunch and romantic dinner.

5. The Green Oasis: Herb Haven

The opening of Herb Haven marks a great joy among the health-conscious foodies. The restaurant emphasizes fresh, farm-to-table ingredients for wholesome eating. Herb Haven is literally a green paradise in the midst of the city with mouth-watering and healthy foods like salads and nutrient rich smoothie bowls without guilt.

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6. Street Food Extravaganza at Urban Bites

You can walk through an Urban Bites street of global cuisine. This is a top notch street food restaurant bringing in the best from across the globe in Abu Dhabi. Urban Bites boasts of Mexican Tacos as well as yakitori, which provides an opportunity for adventurous eaters looking forward to trying out different cuisines.

7. Mediterranean Magic at Olive Grove

Experience the tastes of the Mediterranean at Olive Garden. The menu of this restaurant is sun-drenched coasts in Greece, Italy, and Spain. Dining on fresh olive oil prepared with aromatic herbs and the fonsiest ingredients makes you wish you were in the enchanted landscapes of the Mediterranean.


Unique restaurants in the quarter prior, adding a fascinating layer to the city’s dynamic dining scene. From the fish paradise of Aqua Bliss to the true Italian experience of Bella Cucina and the spice-infused offerings of Masala Magic, each institution adds a distinct flavour to the Abu Dhabi city tour. Whether you’re looking for panoramic views at Skyline Bistro, health-conscious selections at Herb Haven, international street food at Urban Bites, or Mediterranean charm at Olive Grove, these culinary gems cater to a wide range of tastes. As residents and visitors both enjoy Abu Dhabi’s foodie growth, these restaurants have become important stops for an educating and beautiful experience, highlighting the city as a booming hub for world food.

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