10 unique and offbeat roadside attractions in Abu Dhabi

offbeat roadside attractions

Visit to Abu Dhabi’s unique side, where the city’s charm goes beyond its dazzling skyscrapers and luxurious attractions. Get ready to be captivated by a selection of ten unique and interesting roadside attractions that will lend a magical touch to your journey as you set out on an exciting Abu Dhabi city tour. Every stop, from gravity-defying palm trees to decorated camels, reveals a different side of the city’s attraction while successfully combining innovation and tradition. come along on an adventure that goes above what is expected to see the amazing and unusual sights that set Abu Dhabi apart from other travel destinations.

Some of the 10 unique and offbeat roadside attractions in Abu Dhabi are as follows

1. The Gold Souk Camel

The Gold Souk Camel

Look carefully around for the camel made of pure gold as you visit the busy Gold Souk. The splendour of the area is reflected in this shining masterpiece where it also acknowledges that camel played a significant role in the history of Arabs.

2. Ferrari World’s Giant Date Palm

Ferrari World's Giant Date Palm

Next to the famous Ferrari World, there is an immense date palm statue that combines the glamour of ultra fast race cars and the reverence for the date palm tree which has been at the core of the Middle Eastern heritage. This art piece’s minute details beckon contemplation about culture and technology coalescence.

3. The Floating Oasis Fountain

The Floating Oasis Fountain

A water and light symphony situated within a central town square-The Floating Oasis Fountain. It appears as if this fascinating charm defies gravity, resulting in a magical hovering sensation which draws people’s attention onlookers. It is great place to have a rest, relax and enjoy the feeling of magic atmosphere.

4. The Whispering Arch of Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Wander through the splendid Sheikh Zayed Mosque grounds and uncover the mysterious ‘Whispering Arch’. Beneath its arches is where you will get a feel of these special acoustics that make the softest whispers resonate all over this large area. Aside this, it is a spiritual and auditory treat that intensifies the intriguing nature of your visitation.

5. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital’s Giant Falcon Statue

Falcon Hospitals Giant Falcon Statue

In addition, there is a giant sculpture of the falcon at Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. This sculpture symbolizes the strength and graceness of falcons, a deep-rooted tradition in the Emirates, showing that one can see the heritage of the area if they take a look at its visual image.

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6. The Mina Zayed Lighthouse

The Mina Zayed Lighthouse

Admire the Mina Zayed Lighthouse, a nautical landmark that has led ships into the thriving harbour for many years. This magnificent building, set against the backdrop of the contemporary cityscape, represents Abu Dhabi’s rich nautical history and the seamless fusion of tradition and progress.

7. The Vibrant Street Art of Al Mina Fish Market

Art of Al Mina Fish Market

Make a diversion to this market, where colourful street art adorns the walls. The market has been converted by neighbourhood artists into an outdoor gallery, bringing vitality and creativity to the area. Amid the more traditional attractions of the city, it’s an unexpected splash of colour.

8. The Abu Dhabi Corniche’s Coral Reef Artwork

Corniches Coral Reef Artwork

Take a leisurely walk along the promenade and you’ll come across the sculpture. This environmentally beneficial installation, which is made of recycled materials, not only improves the waterfront’s aesthetic appeal but also acts as a moving reminder of how crucial marine conservation is to the area.

9. The Date Palm Trees That Defy Gravity

Date Palm Trees That Defy Gravity

Admire the botanical marvel close to Khalifa Park, where the peculiar curvature of the date palm trees makes them appear to defy gravity. This bizarre sight dispels stereotypes and gives the city’s green areas a whimsical twist, making it a charming stop on your city tour.

10. The Mystical Falcon Around

Mystical Falcon Around

Finish your tour at this location, which features a large sculpture of a falcon in the centre of the square. This mysterious roundabout becomes an enthralling exhibition of artistic skill when illuminated at night, signifying the city’s dedication to upholding tradition while welcoming the modern day. It’s a perfect conclusion to an adventure full of discoveries and diversity of culture.


Beyond the richness of skyscrapers and luxury, in the centre of Abu Dhabi it is a mesmerising tour through ten unusual and odd roadside attractions. A distinct element of this Arabian gem is revealed at each stop on your city tour, from the shimmering Gold Souk Camel to the gravity-defying date palm hands. Remarkable structures like the Giant Date Palm at Ferrari World and the Whispering Arch of Sheikh Zayed Mosque show the blending of history and innovation to create an entrancing mix of modernity and culture. Discovering Abu Dhabi’s dedication to maintaining its rich history while welcoming the future, you take with you more than just memories as you finish your trip at the Falcon Roundabout, surrounded by colourful street art and environmentally conscious sculptures. This trip is more than simply a tour; it’s an immersive experience that reveals the city’s little-known secrets and gives you a deep understanding for a place that is above and beyond the norm. Abu Dhabi draws you to explore each and every corner, ensuring that your journey through this innovative and historically significant city is one you won’t soon forget.

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