Top 10 Must-See Events and Shows in Dubai in December

shows in Dubai

Dubai, where December comes out like an enchanted story. This vibrant city in the Middle East comes alive with a symphony of celebrations and cultural wonders that attract locals and visitors everywhere. Imagine the wonder of a Dubai city tour flowing into the brilliant lights of the Dubai Shopping Festival, the cultural diversity of Global Village, and the elegance of Dubai Opera’s Winter Season as we make our way through the top ten events you just must attend. We invite you to embark on an incredible journey through the enchanting sights, sounds, and tastes that characterize December in Dubai. This destination is among the most attractive in the world.

Some of the Top 10 Must-See Events and Shows in Dubai in December are as follows

1. Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

Starting with the celebrated Dubai Shopping Festival. Prepare for spectacular sales, performances, and breathtaking fireworks. As you navigate the city ensure that your Dubai city tour has a visit to the shopping heats such as the Dubai mall and Dubai Mall of the Emirates.

2. Global Village

Visit Dubai Global Village for cultural trip that brings people from different corners of the planet together in order to display their cultures, food, and handcrafts. No Dubai city tour would be complete without a stop at this vibrant, eclectic bash.

3. Dubai Opera’s Winter Season

Dubai Opera's Winter Season

Catch a show at the Dubai Ocean for a sense of refinement. The upcoming month of December has some great performances that are unparalleled in the world; from the ballet, the operas, to the concerts and comedies. You should never fail to include it in your list of places to visit when you are on Dubai city tour.

4. Light Up 2023 at Burj Khalifa

Light Up 2023 at Burj Khalifa

Behold Burj Khalifa turning into a light and colour canvas. You are surely not going to overlook the Light Up 2023 event which is full of fun activities. Schedule your travel in Dubai city so that it ends with the amazing spectacle.

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Relax your mind from the city hubbubness and enjoy nature at Dubai Miracle Garden. Thus, December provides an ideal occasion for exploring this flowery paradise and experiencing an enchanting vista, comprising of many flower in bloom. Make sure you include this halt in your Dubai city tour for a serene feeling.

6. Christmas Festivities at Ski Dubai

Christmas Festivities at Ski Dubai

You can enjoy winter time in the middle of the desert in Ski Dubai. They do this on a big scale during the month of December by lighting up decorations, conducting activities related to Christmas and also having an interaction with Santa Claus. Add this snow-capped getaway to your Dubai city tour for a one-of-a-kind holiday.

7. Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame

A single frame of Dubai’s sky-line can be captured from the famous Dubai frame. On a high note, you can get to see both old and new Dubai while on top. It’s an ideal stop for a different view of the city’s architectural landmarks.

8. Dubai Marina Yacht Club

Dubai Marina Yacht Club

If you want some luxury feel then try yachting from Dubai Marina.” Cruise along the beautiful coastline watching the city illuminated together with spectacular landmarks. Incorporate this event in your Dubai city tour for a chic and soothing night out.

9. JBR Street Food Market

JBR Street Food Market

Explore JBR Street food market for your taste bud. Experience exotic tastes in the street as it comes complete with international cuisines in food trucks and stalls. Make sure you add this delicious detour in your Dubai city tour.

10. New Year’s Eve Celebrations

New Years Eve Celebrations

Celebrate New Year in style in one of Dubai’s glam party nights. If you’re planning to spend New Year in Dubai, then make sure that your final day of 2017 ends with a breathtaking firework show that takes over the skies like at Burj Khalifa or Palm Jumeirah among other places.


As we get to the end of our research of Dubai’s December delights, it becomes clear that this city is an immersive experience instead of just a travel destination. Every moment creates a distinct memory, whether it be the vibrant lights of the Dubai Shopping Festival or the cultural mosaic of Global Village. The Dubai city tour crafts a complex web of experiences that perfectly captures the essence of this vibrant the city, carrying us, like a magic flooring, from the top of the Burj Khalifa to the peacefully of the Miracle Garden. December in Dubai is more than just a trip it’s an embrace of the extraordinary, a story told in the language of lights, humour, and cross-cultural understanding. Dubai bid farewell, leaving you with memories as brilliant as its skyline, till the next journey.

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