The top 7 super things to do in Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Travelers can enjoy an extensive variety of exceptional experiences in Abu Dhabi, the lively capital of the United Arab Emirates. There is a great deal to attract every tourist, from heart-pounding thrills at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park, to beautiful architectural wonders like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a memorial to Islamic workmanship and its rich history. Experience the imposing architecture of the Emirates Palace, indulge in a little buying and selling at the luxurious Yas Mall, or go on a Bedouin-style safari through the beautiful sand dunes for a taste of traditional life. Abu Dhabi promises amazing trip full of exceptional experiences with unique combination of modernity and history.

Abu Dhabi City Tour takes you on journey through an amazing world filled with amazing contrasts. Throughout the tour, guests are taken on thrilling trip through the centre of capital city of United Arab Emirates, where tall skyscrapers combine peacefully with traditional Arabian architecture. Programme of tour mimics an adventure of discovery, featuring visits to important sites like great Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an incredible feat of Islamic artistic and religious beauty. Every location offers different aspect of Abu Dhabi’s explosive past and rich history of culture, from grand halls of Emirates Palace to busy marketplaces of Heritage Village. Abu Dhabi City Tour promises an immersive experience reveals city’s varied attractiveness and leaves visitors fascinated by its attraction, with knowledgeable guides narrating stories of history and modernity.

Here are the top 7 super things to do in Abu Dhabi

1. Visit Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque

Visit Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque

One of the most essential things to do in Abu Dhabi is to visit and take in the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is one of the most recognisable wonders of architecture in Gulf. This architectural wonder is unlike any other structure in the world, taking inspiration from various forms of Islamic architecture from throughout the world.

2. Visit Emirates Palace

Visit Emirates Palace

Overlooking an area of 85 hectares, Emirates Palace is an ultra-luxury hotel that changes monarchy, even in a setting like Abu Dhabi. The beautiful Emirates Palace building with its golden colour is a sight to behold, with well-manicured gardens on one side and an infinite expanse of the sea on the other. Even if you are not staying here, you may still enjoy the beautiful furnishings and striking architecture because some areas of the hotel are accessible to the public.

3. Enjoy Slides at Yas Water world

Enjoy Slides at Yas Water world

Yas Water world is a wonderful water park in Abu Dhabi that offers more than 40 rides, slides, and other attractions. It’s a great spot for family to visit. This park offers refuge from extreme temperatures of Abu Dhabi while also providing sense of urgency with variety of thrilling slides and attractions.

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4. Visit Louvre Museum

Visit Louvre Museum

For those interested in culture, art, and architecture who are travelling to Abu Dhabi, Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is highly recommended destination. Bringing the globe into the period of luxurious museum buildings, one of the most beautiful structures in Abu Dhabi is this one. The 24,000 square metre museum building is surrounded by water, with 8,000 square metres set aside for galleries.

 5. Enjoy at Ferrari World

Enjoy at Ferrari World

One of the most well-known amusement parks in Abu Dhabi is Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, which is situated on Yas Island and spans an area of 86,000 square metres. Supercar lovers will find this park to be interesting because every ride and activity is based on the Ferrari brand. With plenty to offer every type of tourist, a day spent at this park is guaranteed to be a joy for the whole family.

6. Enjoy at Warner Brothers World

Enjoy at Warner Brothers World

Another family-friendly attraction in Abu Dhabi is an indoor theme park with the Warner Bros. Several characters from your favourite Warner Bros television series may be found in this theme park, which offers variety of immersive experiences for both adults and children. Park is broken up into themed zones that imitate style of well-known animated series including Tom and Jerry, The Looney Toons Show, and Batman.

7. Desert Safari

 super things to do in Abu Dhabi

The desert safari is one of the top things to do in Abu Dhabi and one of those experiences that will help you get a deeper understanding of the region’s cultural history. There’s no reason to miss this thrilling journey, you’re travelling with family or friends. You can choose between a camel safari and a jeep safari, or you can do both, depending on what you like more.


Abu Dhabi is example of luxury, adventure, and cultural diversity, providing visitors from all over world with extensive choice of exceptional experiences. Abu Dhabi never fails to interest and attract, one looks at its architectural wonders, seeking excitement at outstanding theme parks, or taking in different cultural weave of city. Lively city is top choice for people looking for extraordinary because of its perfect fusion of history and modern, guarantees unique experiences and memories that will last long after journey finishes.

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