The 10 best kid-friendly activities in Abu Dhabi

kid-friendly activities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the energetic capital of the United Arab Emirates, a playground for adults, but it’s also a magical retreat for kids. City, which offers an extensive number of attractions, expertly combines adventure, culture, and entertainment to produce wealth of kid-friendly activities. Abu Dhabi has interesting activity that attract children’s interests and imaginations, from heart-pounding thrills of Ferrari World to underwater wonders of Yas Water world. Abu Dhabi invites families to participate on incredible excursions that will create lasting impressions for both young and old.

Taking an Abu Dhabi city tour is like taking a journey into a world where tradition and modernity exist peacefully and produce an extensive variety of experiences. Visitors spend time in architectural wonders of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, where rich complexity and luxury display city’s cultural past, as the sun sets on beautiful cityscape. With their towering designs, famous Etihad Towers provide expansive views of Arabian Gulf and expanding city below. Walking along the Corniche offers a calm coastline that is perfect for relaxing walks among amazing views. Participation and unforgettable exploration of this exciting city are guaranteed on an Abu Dhabi city tour, whether you choose to explore the city’s cultural past or wonder at its modern structures.

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Here are the 10 best kid-friendly activities in Abu Dhabi

1. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

kid-friendly activities in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of Yas Island’s outstanding attractions. This park raises your expectations for rollercoasters, designed to excite every element of your being. There are 40 thrilling rides and attractions for you and the kids to enjoy, or you may go big and ride Formula Rossa, the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

2. Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

kid-friendly activities in Abu Dhabi

One of the most entertaining locations for families in Abu Dhabi is Warner Bros. World on Yas Island. It offers a wide variety of attractions, from thrilling rollercoasters to calm kid-friendly activities ideal for visitor ages three and up. You can experience incredible, modern thrills in Gotham City, have a great time for hours at Cartoon Junction and much more. In addition, your kids will scream with joy when they see pictures with the famous Warner Bros.

3. Yas Water world

Yas Water world

Yas Water world offers a full day of water play, so a trip or staycation is not complete without it. You only need bathing suits, sunscreen, and sneakers to enjoy the wide variety of thrills this waterpark has to offer. The rides are divided into extreme (Shaheens Adrenaline Rush) and low-stress (Sultan’s Young Fun) categories based on how thrilling they are. Little ones don’t have to be left behind; at the special kids’ pool section, they may enjoy their own splash party complete with floats and water toys.

4. The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium, which opened in 2021, is the biggest and only public aquarium in the nation’s capital and a visual and academic treat! Prepare your camera (no flash) so you can take pictures of some of the most amazing marine life, such as the seven-meter-long circulated python, popularly known as Super Snake, which is the largest living snake in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi’s Al Qana neighbourhood, you may even take a glass boat cruise to get up close or get a fast-track ticket to see the aquarium in its entirety.

5. Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

Take your kids to the everlasting Al Ain Zoo to make their day happier. There is a wide range of birds, animals, and reptiles to observe and learn about in this home. Prepare for shouts of joy and excitement as you see everything from the huge tortoises to the fast ostrich birds. The zoo is also in charge of protecting endangered animals, which includes the Scimitar Oryx and Saker Falcon. It’s an excellent way for instilling in children the value of safeguarding and caring for animals for the sake of the health of the earth.

6. Corniche Beach

Corniche Beach

At the beautiful Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi, spend the day creating sandcastles and creating memories. Its central location makes it simple to locate a spot for a beach volleyball match or a family picnic. You have the option of going to the family-only, paid private beach or visiting the public beach. There are many of places to get food and drink close by, and the scene is a modern combination of buildings in background and beach views in the front row.

7. Al Bateen Beach

Al Bateen Beach

Al Bateen Beach is a picturesque 800-meter beachfront that is next to Hudariyat Island. It is a great place for families to spend a fun-filled day in the sun. The immaculate play areas are perfect for young children, while parents may also enjoy the amazing water sports facilities, which include kayaking and jet-skiing. There is no charge for visiting the beach.

8. Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Ever desired to take a large mattress for a jump? You can take a really big jump with Bounce Abu Dhabi! Adults and children ages three and up can truly enjoy this exclusive adventure zone inside Marina Mall. You can play basketball with a little additional bounce in your step, free jump your way over the 100 connected bouncers, or engage in any of the other numerous activities suitable for both adults and children. Bounce Abu Dhabi is the place to go if your child wants to celebrate their birthday in style because it can also accommodate private events.

9. Yas Kartzone

Yas Kartzone

If you and your older kids enjoy a decent racing experience, Yas Kartzone in Abu Dhabi is the hub of fast and furious. Suitable for your age categories include the Kids Category, which allows children ages 5 to 7 to ride Bambino Karts, the Junior Category, which is for ages 8 to 12, and the Adults Category. Driven by ADNOC, Yas Kartzone features three different track configurations and a 1 km long, high-octane track.

10. KidZania


It’s one thing to speak to youngsters about the real world; it’s another to actually show them how the real world operates. Visiting Kidzania Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly the finest method for achieving that! Suitable for children aged three and up, this lively, interactive mini city features everything from fuel stations and supermarkets to fast food restaurants and even crime situations, making it one of the most unique indoor play areas in Abu Dhabi. Role-playing and enjoyment combined into one location makes this one that you just must cross off your list. They even have kidZos, which is their own money.


Families with children may enjoy a memorable and kid-friendly vacation in Abu Dhabi thanks to the wide range of fun and interesting activities available. Abu Dhabi promises an infinite variety of entertainment, from the beautiful Ferrari World, where kids can enjoy thrilling rides, to attractive Yas Waterworld with array of water attractions. While the interactive setups at the Children’s International Film Festival and modern displays at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque attract to both education and entertainment, the calm beauty of the Corniche Beach is the ideal background for family playdates and picnics. The wide range of choices, wildlife experiences at Emirates Park Zoo, and interactive museums, all work together to make Abu Dhabi perfect vacation spot for families for a well-balanced mix of adventure and cultural discovery.

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