The top 5 fantastic new places to check out in Dubai

the top 5 fantastic new places to check out in Dubai

Dubai, city known for its luxury and creativity, never fails to attract visitors from all over world with its amazing views. Dubai is surprising world with new delights every day, keeping this global Centre at Centre of modern adventure and luxury. Here, you can do shopping to whatever you want or enjoy delicious food over a background of beautiful waterways. These are just a handful of numerous attractions that lie in wait for you in this urban haven. Dubai promises journey that will never be forgotten, easily combining modernity and tradition in city that never stops impressing.

With the Dubai Modern City Tour, take an amazing trip through the Centre of innovation. The future wonders of city come to life as you travel across its famous skyline. The world’s tallest structure, the beautiful Burj Khalifa. The trip comes lively areas of Business Bay and Downtown Dubai, modernity and culture combine to provide exciting weave of luxury and lifestyle. A carefully chosen examination of modern architecture, creative city planning, and the exciting energy that characterizes this international city is the Dubai Modern City Tour.

Here are the top 5 fantastic new places to check out in Dubai

1.City land Mall

The top 5 fantastic new places to check out in Dubai

City Land Mall, which is the biggest hypermarket in Dubai, has over 350 shops spread across six buildings with cultural themes, 75 eating options, and a 10-screen movie theatre. This 1.2 million square feet shopping and relaxation facility is situated on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and is centered on an impressive garden. The environmentally conscious mall’s largest feature is its outdoor rooftop, which will be landscaped in a variety of beautiful ways, including a Japanese garden and an exact copy of Dubai Miracle Garden’s botanical exhibitions.

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2. Glitch


GLITCH, an entertainment destination in Al Ghurair Centre, offers more than thirty indoor activities suitable for players of all ages. Everyone can find something to enjoy, whether it’s a 10-metre-high slide, a ninja warrior-style course or challenging air on the climbing walls. Bring the family for a game of bowling or grab a seat for Sky Surf, the first roller coaster experience in the city that allows you to “float” around the park.

3. Cloud 22


Cloud 22 offers luxury and comfort like anything you have ever experienced. It is located within the recognisable Atlantis the Royal. Only hotel guests staying on site can access the rooftop pool area, so swimming with celebrities and VIPs is guaranteed. Come here for the best views of the Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf, which you can enjoy while relaxing on one of the 90-foot infinity pool’s sinking sunbeds or double villas. Nothing is more relaxing than lounging in the sun while enjoying excellent French-Mediterranean cuisine.

4. Dubai Crocodile Park

Dubai crocodile park

More than 250 Nile crocodiles can be seen in Dubai Crocodile Park, a 20,000 square meter area next to the environmentally friendly Mushrif Park. Visitors can see these amazing animals living peacefully between three sizable climate-controlled lakes, complete with calm waterfalls and well-suited sandbanks, and even get up close and personal with them at a number of feeding stations at this family-friendly location. If you’re interested in learning more about crocodiles, there’s a museum on site that explores an extensive variety of related issues.

 5. Sky Views Dubai

Sky Views Dubai

If you enjoy heights, Sky Views Dubai will take you 219.5 meters above the ground. As they take in infinite views of the city skyline and a bird’s eye view of Downtown Dubai, visitors will be blow off their feet. Located at the very top of the Address Sky View hotel, three unique features of this architectural wonder offer amazing sightseeing adventures: the Glass Slide, the thrilling Edge Walk, and the rooftop observatory.


Dubai’s incredible new attractions continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and luxurious. The city is a memorial to human creativity and ambition, Dubai’s dedication to exploring the boundaries of entertainment, culture, and architecture guarantees that visitors will always be greeted with exciting new experiences. Dubai is an incomparable playground for anyone looking to experience the latest developments of global innovation and enjoyment since it is a location that is always improving.

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