The top 7 places to spend Christmas in Spain

places to spend Christmas in Spain

When the holidays draw near, it’s time to leave Dubai’s busy cityscapes behind and travel to Spain, where Christmas festivities are nothing short of amazing. Imagine yourself enjoying holiday food, taking in distinctive cultural customs, and wandering through old streets decorated with brightly coloured lights. We’ll include the finest 7 locations to celebrate Christmas in Spain in this guide. These fantasies can come true with luxury Spain holiday packages from Dubai. Take a trip with us through the warm celebrations that await you in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Malaga, and Bilbao.

Here are The top 7 places to spend Christmas in Spain

1. Barcelona: Gaudí’s Christmas Wonderland

places to spend Christmas in Spain

Start your Spanish Spanish Christmas experience in the buzzing city of Barcelona. Walk around the breath-taking Sagrada Familia decorated with twinkling lights, and discover the cheerful Xmas Markets. The city of Barcelona is a combination of ancient traditions and modern marvels. It will leave you spellbound during Christmas.

2. Madrid: Royal Elegance and Holiday Cheer

places to spend Christmas in Spain

Madrid becomes home to a winter wonderland during Christmas. Look at the blazing lights along Gran Via, watch at the royal palace, and enjoy the jubilation that comes with Puerta del Sol. Do not forget to pamper yourself with some nice Spanish holiday sweets such as turrones or polvorones.

3. Seville: A Flamenco-Filled Christmas

Seville A Flamenco-Filled Christmas

Visit Seville if you want to have a sensual Christmas celebration. Flamenco is a holiday destination par excellence. Visit the glorious cathedral, take a walk around the historic neighbourhoods and experience the thrilling traditional Flamenco performance.

4. Granada: The Alhambra in Winter

Granada The Alhambra in Winter

A visit to Granada is obligatory and Alhambra, which has no equal in the world of architecture, is worth visiting during this period. Enjoy the beauty of this old town that becomes enriched by holiday garlands. Stroll through the Albaicín district enjoying delicious local food amidst the scenic backdrop of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains.

5. Valencia: The City of Lights

Valencia The City of Lights

During Christmas, Valencia which is famed for its breath-taking architecture and the City of Arts and Science turns into a city made of lights. Visit the spectacular illumination in the plaza de Ayuntamiento, and also go to Mercadoh for Christmas souvenirs and regional specialties.

6. Malaga: A Coastal Holiday of Joy

Malaga A Coastal Holiday of Joy

The best place to go if you want a Christmas by the sea is Malaga. Savour delicious seafood and take in the adorned waterfront while you take in the mild Mediterranean climate. There is a noticeable festive atmosphere in the air as the city comes to life with Christmas lights.

7. Bilbao: Holiday time Artistic Elegance

Bilbao Holiday time Artistic Elegance

Bilbao, home of the recognisable Guggenheim Museum, adds a distinctive artistic touch to your Christmas celebration. Discover the modern art scene, take a tour of the Old Town, and indulge in Basque cuisine in this vibrant city.


With our exclusive Spain holiday packages from Dubai, set out on a fantastic Christmas trip in Spain. Every city offers a different celebration, from the stunning architecture of Barcelona to the regal elegance of Madrid, the energetic flare of Seville, and the blissful coastal setting of Malaga. Savour the warm-hearted customs of Granada, Valencia, and Bilbao as you take in the dazzling lights, festive markets, and local treats. Allow Spain to serve as the backdrop for your vacation experiences as you take in the varied landscapes, sample regional cuisine, and visit historic places. With the captivating beauty of Spain where every city has a tale to tell and every moment is a gift make this Christmas special.

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