The top 7 places to have a picnic in Dubai.

Picnic spots in Dubai

With its numerous lovely picnic areas, Dubai has lot to offer those who want to relax or just spend time with their family and kids. Dubai is a modern city that first takes visitors by surprise and is a world among itself. Dubai offers the impression of being in another universe with its beautiful tall structures, extensive traffic system, premium dining options, famous shops, and ultra-modern architecture. The beautiful picnic spots in Dubai are going to exceed your expectations and are always prepared to treat you to the maximum. Thus, if spending a day outside in the sun is your idea of fun, then save these top Picnic spots in Dubai and get ready for some memorable experiences.

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Here are the op 7 places to have a picnic in Dubai:

1.Safa Park:

Picnic spots in Dubai

Safa Park is difficult to overlook when you are exploring the city searching the greatest Picnic spots in Dubai. Situated in the centre of town, this beautiful haven provides you with a model retreat. While others are able to utilise a variety of recreational opportunities, such as a football pitch, basketball court, jogging track, tennis court, etc. The 200 different species of birds that live in about 16,000 different kinds of carefully maintained plants and trees add to the area’s beauty. The park provides easy access to a number of local attractions, such as Jumeirah, The Dubai Mall, and the Burj Khalifa.

2.Creek Park:

Picnic spots in Dubai

Creek Park, another treasure in Dubai, is a great place to have a picnic and satisfy your need for enjoyable activities. Situated up on the edge of Dubai Creek, this park offers expansive landscapes, kid-friendly play spaces, and botanical gardens. The park genuinely deserves its reputation as one of Dubai’s best picnic spots. Both adults and children can enjoy a full day of fun and relaxation. You can’t believe how the day is ended when you play mini-golf, go-karting, see the dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium, or take in a 7D or 5D show.

3.Capital Garden:

Capital Garden

Rich in vegetation, Capital Garden is situated in the centre of things. This picnic area, sometimes referred to as a “Green Oasis,” is the best option for family get-togethers and picnics. This location maintains its privacy and peace under the constant activity of the city. The park features a pond that shoots beautiful water shows, as well as several tiny gardens that are decorated with swings, slides, and climbing frames.

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4.Mushrif Park:

Mushrif Park

One of the most popular areas in Mushrif Park for people to hang out is the barbecue area, which is sufficiently large and spacious. It is close to Aventura Adventure Park in Mirdiff, which has activities for both kids and adults.

5.Zabeel Park:

Zabeel Park

The Dubai Frame, which is located in the centre of Zabeel Park and stands 150 metres tall, will be great service to you if you would want to view Dubai through a frame. It is extremely popular by visitors who go exploring in the city, and when you light up your barbecues, the playground is fully Wi-Fi activated, so you can use rhymes to keep your kids attracted to the displays. To satisfy children’s eagerness, The Stargate offers an infinite number of wonderful activities.

6.Jumeirah Beach Park:

Jumeirah Beach Park

This picnic area in Dubai is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a comfortable family outing. The park, which is available from Jumeirah Beach Road, has space for barbecues, though they must not be used on the sand. The younger ones may run around with plenty of space, and there are areas for vehicles to park.

7.Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Al Mamzar Beach Park

When choosing a picnic location in Dubai, people frequently have various views on parks over beaches. Al Mamzar Beach provides the best of both worlds if that is really the situation. With four beaches all around, the park has a filled atmosphere. If it gets a bit too hot, you can rent beach huts for AED 150. In addition, there is a swimming pool and several water sports available.


Picnics a great way to enjoy Dubai’s many beautiful and varied locations, which suit different tastes and moods. With amazing views and calm Safa Park, offering peaceful haven among beautiful greenery, city offers an infinite number of opportunities for those who enjoy outdoors. Furthermore, beautiful beaches, Jumeirah Beach, provide a beautiful combination of sun, sea, and sand perfect for everyone looking to have picnic by shore. The city’s attraction is added by famed Dubai Creek and its beautiful surrounds, which offer unique combination of urban and natural environments. Dubai has wide variety of picnic locations that suit all tastes, making it perfect place for outdoor get-togethers and relaxed moments, whether one is attracted to city’s modern skyline or finds comfort in its more traditional surroundings.

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