The 10 Things You Must see Inside the Iconic Burj al Arab

Iconic Burj al Arab

Enter the heart of famous Burj Al Arab and welcome to a world of unique luxury and architectural wonder. This impressive sail-shaped structure is symbol of richness and complexity, situated above Dubai skyline. Enter through the golden doors and find yourself in a world where the definition of luxury is being redefined by the attention to detail in every little thing. The Iconic Burj al Arab invites with a unique combination of design and luxury, from luxurious suites that represent luxury through towering windows that offer amazing 360-degree views of the Arabian Gulf.

Set out to experience an amazing adventure as you are taken on a Guided inside the Burj Al Arab tour, exploring the hidden secrets of this architectural wonder. The amazing architecture of hall welcomes you to journey, with its bright colours and calming sound of cascading fountain enticing your senses. You follow a well-informed guide to the Sky View Bar, where an amazing view of the Arabian Gulf and the cityscape unfold before your eyes. The guide shares stories of beauty as you explore luxurious Royal Suite, pointing out features like 360-degree canopy bed and private theatre. Explore the underwater Al Mahara restaurant as your guide gives you details about the aquatic paradise that surrounds your meal. Travel to the helipad for an unforgettable view, enjoy in unique drinks at Gold on 27, and explore the unique beauty of different suites. With the calm beauty of The Terrace and the regenerating Assawan Spa, leaving you with unforgettable memories of an amazing journey around the Iconic Burj al Arab.

Here are the 10 Things You Must see Inside the Iconic Burj al Arab:

1.Underwater dining room:

Iconic Burj al Arab

With the constant goal of providing the greatest experience from the time you enter the hotel, Burj Al Arab keeps adding feathers to its crown. The hotel’s underwater restaurant is the ideal representation of the high level of luxury that Burj Al Arab offers.

2.Helipad above the skies:

Iconic Burj al Arab

Situated a bit from the building structure, the Burj Al Arab’s helipad hangs more than 200 metres above the earth. The 24-meter-wide helipad, which is sometimes referred to as the “world’s most famous helipad,” has space for up to 7.5 tonnes. The hotel may be reached via helicopter from the airport by guests, and helipad is mainly used as part of VIP service.

3.The highest tennis court in the world:

Iconic Burj al Arab

In addition, the huge helipad has been transformed into a tennis court, holding the title of highest tennis court globally. Famous tennis stars Roger Federer and Andre Agassi also faced off here in 2005 before travelling to the Dubai Duty-Free Men’s Open for a two-week tennis competition.

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4.Terrace pool:

Iconic Burj al Arab

Offering the best Arabian hospitality, the Burj Al Arab Terrace is a unique restaurant, pool area, beach area, and hut area for hotel guests and Burj Al Arab members. The 10,000 square metre private, luxurious outdoor recreation area extends 100 yards towards the ocean. It has two gorgeous pools and SAL Restaurant, which are great places to relax, chill out, and enjoy Arabian sun in luxurious surroundings.

5.Talise Spa:

Talise Spa

Situated on 18th floor of Burj Al Arab, 150 metres above Arabian Gulf, Talise Spa is the ideal location for enjoying themselves, relaxing, and regenerating. This innovative spa, which is spread across two floors and is flooded with natural light, offers different facilities for men and women to guarantee complete privacy and security.

6.Royal suite:

Royal suite

The huge Presidential Two Bedroom suite, also known as Royal Suite, is spread across two levels and represents the peak of luxury. It was created for high society. With two huge and luxurious bedrooms, two separate dressing rooms, and two private bars, you can relax while enjoying the calm waters flowing below you through floor to ceiling windows.

7.24-carat Golden Cappuccino at Burj Al Arab:

24-carat Golden Cappuccino at Burj Al Arab

At Sahn Eddar Lounge, enjoy a coffee like any other while sipping the hotel’s famous Golden Cappuccino. It is located in tallest hotel atrium in the world. Made with 100% Arabica beans, coffee is coated with Italian gold flakes and decorated with the unique Burj Al Arab Jumeirah pattern.

8.Assawan Spa & Health Club:

Assawan Spa Health Club

Experience relaxation and regeneration at Assawan Spa, where excellent spa services are complemented by expansive views. Modern amenities are also available at the fitness club for anyone looking for an extensive approach to wellness.

 9.Sky View Bar:

Sky View Bar

Situated 200 metres above sea level, Sky View Bar provides an incredible view of the Arabian Gulf in addition to delicious cocktails. Enjoy the present moment while looking out the floor to ceiling windows at the amazing views.

10.The world’s tallest atrium:

The worlds tallest atrium

A professional tour guide will greet you accompanied by fragrant rose water and cool towels as soon as you enter the Burj Al Arab through a special tour door on the side. Soon after, you’ll be escorted through the luxurious hotel lobby, complete with an expansive indoor aquarium. You’ll be shown around the luxurious hotel lobby, which has a large indoor aquarium. You’ll be looking at world’s highest atrium, standing eight stories tall and 180 metres above the ground. This courtyard breaks records.


Burj al Arab is symbol of incomparable luxury and architectural creativity. Beyond traditional ideas of beauty, Burj al Arab guarantees an exceptional experience from the minute one enters inside its amazing courtyard to the top of its luxurious rooms. Towering beautifully against Dubai skyline, famous building not only provides impressive sight but also transports visitors to world where every last detail is memorial to everlasting excellence.

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