The top 7 most affordable places to visit in Abu Dhabi

most affordable places to visit

The United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi, often has a connection to beauty and luxury. But under its flashy exterior is a wealth of reasonably priced activities just waiting for tourists on a tight budget to explore. Abu Dhabi provides an extensive variety of reasonably priced experiences that suit all interests and budgets, calm natural beauties to interesting historical sites. There are lots of ways to experience lively town without going over budget, whether exploring colourful souks, learning about history of area, or just relaxing on sun-kissed beaches. Explore some of the most affordable destinations in Abu Dhabi, showing that life-changing experiences don’t always have to cost lot of money.

Abu Dhabi City Tour to explore centre of this energetic city, where rich history of culture coexists peacefully with modernity. Explore city’s famous skyline, which is home to amazing skyscrapers and architectural wonders including attractive Capital Gate and Etihad Towers. Discover beautiful grounds of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, beautiful representation of Islamic architecture with tall minarets, beautiful domes, and beautiful white marble gardens. Experience lively atmosphere of Corniche, beautiful waterfront walkway with expansive views of Arabian Gulf that’s ideal for relaxing walk or picnic. Absorb yourself in the essence of this international paradise at each stop on Abu Dhabi City Tour, as each corner exposes fresh aspect of its attracting beauty.

Here are the top 7 most affordable places to visit in Abu Dhabi

1. Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi is a must-visit site, no matter your interest in art. Surrounded by the beautiful waves of the Arabian Gulf, this famous location features a famous architectural design. You can enjoy viewing the incredible artwork created by various gifted artists from around the world here. It also has a number of galleries with interesting subjects that you won’t regret visiting.

2. Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo

Would you like to try something different at an affordable price? This sounds wonderful; the Emirates Park Zoo is one of Abu Dhabi’s most affordable tourist destinations. There are many different animal species living in this wildlife park; you may get up close and personal with a large elephant or giraffe, just like you would in Africa. Try this thrilling activity; your kids will love it, especially if you’re going on a family vacation.

3. Jubail Mangrove Park

Jubail Mangrove Park

We have everything you need if you’re searching for an affordable destination in Abu Dhabi where you are able to relax and take in the scenery. Jubail Mangrove Park is the perfect location because it is surrounded by gorgeous, natural mangroves. Many marine and bird species call this mangrove sanctuary home. As you walk down boardwalk, you can take in the park’s natural beauty and amazing views. You can also try out variety of unusual experiences there, such as kayaking, meditation, and a lot more.

4. Umm Al Emarat Park

Umm Al Emarat Park

Would you like to spend some time enjoying the outdoors and some greenery? If so, Umm Al Emarat Park should be taken into account. After extensive improvements, park is now among top family parks in emirate. You can enjoy a walk through the green spaces, tour its unique sections, or have a picnic there with your loved ones. This attraction is an excellent outdoor option that is reasonably priced, making it an excellent pick.

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5. Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium

The Al Ain Zoo is a beautiful and affordable destination to visit in Abu Dhabi if you’re seeking for a fun place to go. It’s an excellent environment with lots of happy and enjoyable interactions. You may touch an eagle in your hands, feed huge animals, observe beautiful birds, and engage in variety of other unique activities. It contains a protected area where unique species of animals like Dama gazelle and Arabian Sand Cat can be seen.

6. Emirates Auto National Museum

most affordable places to visit

Here’s another interesting place to visit that won’t break the bank. A well-liked destination in Abu Dhabi, particularly for auto fans, is the Emirates Auto National Museum. There are many different antique automobile types to choose from; you’ll be amazed to see vehicles as unique as a huge vehicle, huge jeep, and huge junk. It’s new and interesting experience to see how car models have grown throughout the years. One of the affordable attractions in Abu Dhabi that you should not miss is this museum.

7. Qasr Al Hosn

most affordable places to visit

Qasr Al Hosn is perfect place to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about Abu Dhabi’s unique culture. Emirati history is full of amazing stories and secrets. Built in the 1790s, this antique structure resembles the old forts; incredibly antique! You can go there to take part in amazing historical and cultural tours. This treasure presents variety of presentations, shows, and workshops with interesting subjects and material. At Qasr Al Hosn, you can expect an exciting and historical experience.


Travellers on a limited funds may find a multitude of reasonably priced activities and experiences in Abu Dhabi. There are lots of affordable activities, such as visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s rich history of culture or relaxing on the Corniche’s beautiful shores. A trip to this lively city may be made even more affordable by indulging in delicious street food at the lively marketplaces and by taking advantage of free admission to public parks and museums. Visitors can find Abu Dhabi to be both inexpensive and instructive if they plan early and are prepared to venture outside of the popular tourist destinations.

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