The top 7 spots to get the best authentic pizza in Abu Dhabi

Best authentic pizza in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi’s expanding food scene, selective pizza lovers look for the highest quality in terms of authenticity, flavour, and artistry. Among the city’s varied options, a few enterprises are loyal champions of authentic Neapolitan culture. These top restaurants capture the essence of Italy’s famous cuisine, right down to the smoky wood-fired ovens and the carefully sourced ingredients. Every mouthful takes visitors to the cobblestone narrow streets of Naples, be it the perfectly balanced sauce-to-cheese mix or the light crust with burnt edges. Take a cuisine journey of the best places to get true Italian pizza in Abu Dhabi, where brands like “Pizzaro,” “Napoli Pizza Village,” and “Bocca di Lupo” are the leaders.

Set out on an incredible tour of Abu Dhabi’s technological wonders and everlasting traditions, which combine to provide an enriching experience. Start your tour with wonder at the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an amazing architectural effort with shining arches and beautiful marble work. Visit the past of Village to learn more about the extensive past of the city. Here, traditional crafts and performances bring true Bedouin culture to life. As the journey goes on, take in the modern beauty and the incredible beauty of the Emirates Palace, where art and culture come together in beautiful shows. Take an easy walk down the Corniche to finish up your exploration and take in the expansive views of the city skyline and the Arabian Gulf. An interactive trip through the past, present, and future is promised by this Abu Dhabi city tour, with each stop revealing an entirely novel aspect of Abu Dhabi’s attraction.

Here are the top 7 spots to get the best authentic pizza in Abu Dhabi:

1. Antonia


Located in the expansive Mamsha Al Saadiyat seaside area, Antonia has the vibe of an Italian local restaurant whose doors are always open, no matter how you’re feeling. It offers only the greatest Italian cuisine, including delicious starters, pizza, and pasta. You may taste the flavours and variations of every area of Italy in their pizzas, which are available in an extensive variety of combinations.

2. Marmellata


Although Marmellata may have a somewhat “plain Jane” appearance, it has a lot of heart, soul, and excellent pizza that you won’t want to miss. The restaurant opened its doors in Mina Zayed in 2019 and is managed by Raj and Sebastian Dagstani, a father-son team. This place serves pizza with delicious toppings, giving it some of the local flavour, using products like Liwa figs and mushrooms from the nearby desert.

3. Villa Toscana

Villa Toscana

This restaurant presents everything locally sourced and delicious from the singular, beautiful area of Tuscany. The menu features food from Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, and Tuscany, and the venue’s design will make you think of a beautiful Tuscan home. Pizza, of course, is the most authentic food there is. There are vibes of a summertime vacation house everywhere, and you have the power to match it.

4. Paradiso


Compared to other Italian restaurants, Paradiso is better and more clarify, offering more of a variety of luxurious dishes. However, an Italian menu would not be complete without pizza, and Paradiso’s selection includes classics, seafood, truffle, and more. Without a doubt, an outstanding night is made possible by the beautiful surroundings of The Pier on the Yas Bay Waterfront and the excellent cuisine.

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5. Prego’s


Rotana Beach Prego’s, the Italian restaurant located in Abu Dhabi, is the place to go if you want great pizza in a comfortable environment. This is the spot to get pizza as every delicious flatbread is made to perfection in a wood-fired oven and is surrounded by lush gardens, the beautiful sea, and amazing views from the balcony.

6. Pizza Di Rocco

Best authentic pizza in Abu Dhabi

Good pizza is the main attraction of Pizza Di Rocco. With its Neapolitan cupola-style oven, this award-winning traditional Italian pizzeria bakes handmade, crispy pizzas by hand. They cater as well as deliver the delectableness around Abu Dhabi. Got your huge party plans sorted for next time.

7. Emmy Squared Pizza

Best authentic pizza in Abu Dhabi

Though it’s not entirely accurate to Italian cuisine, Emmy Squared is a unique take that you might enjoy. Pizza in the Detroit style is spongy, unclear, and has tasty toppings that push the boundaries of creativity. There is a topping selection for everyone on these filling and large square pizza pizzas.


Cuisine of Abu Dhabi is an extensive array of flavours, and city’s dedication to quality and authenticity is evident in its pizza culture. Top sites showcase creativity and passion that go into creating an exceptional pizza experience, you’re enjoying straightforwardness of basic Margherita or tasting creative toppings atop wonderfully toasted dough. Pizza lovers looking for the best authentic Italian food will find a concerto of tastes that respects history while accepting innovation from the first mouthful to the last. Abu Dhabi is haven for those who enjoy great pizza.

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