The top 7 interesting facts about Dubai

interesting facts about Dubai

Because of tourist attractions, unique fusion of Islamic philosophy and Western values, cultural variety, and new chances, Dubai is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. In advance of organising your vacation to Dubai, you might want to learn more about a few interesting facts about Dubai visiting and living in this city, even though these elements are important in attracting tourists and improving city’s profile. Dubai is expression to human creativity and ambition, situated between dry beauty of desert and amazing sea of Arabian Gulf. With an architecture made up of recognisable skyscrapers and future buildings, city-state’s unique fusion of modernity and tradition has captured interest of people all over the world. Dubai has gained a reputation for daring projects that stretch the limits of possible, construction of beautiful engineering achievements like the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai modern city tour is like entering a world where creative planning and architectural wonders combine together with a wide variety of cultural characteristics. Journey advances, skyline displays a variety of modern wonders, such as famous Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest structure that hits sky, and modern sail shaped Burj Al Arab, representation of luxury. Dubai’s continuous ambition of modernity is evident in the cityscape, where tall buildings seek attention in this city’s playground. A modern city tour of Dubai promises an interesting journey through a setting were Arabian traditions’ everlasting beauty mixes with modern architecture.

Here are the top 7 interesting facts about Dubai:

1. There Were No Taxes in Dubai:

interesting facts about Dubai

This year featured the introduction of the UAE’s first-ever tax on corporations, which will take effect. However, people will continue to be free from employment, real estate, equity investments, and other personal income taxes that are not connected to trade or business within the UAE. It was and continues to be one of the biggest attractions for both professional and blue-collar workers to this city.

2.More Foreigners than Locals:

interesting facts about Dubai

The population of the United Arab Emirates has grown rapidly in the past few years, as I have just pointed out, and the explanation for this may not be as simple as you might assume. Well, it’s not exactly because of “love” either; rather, it’s because of a number of laws and regulations that give enterprises and foreign nationals the security and opportunity to move abroad. In Dubai, the percentage of foreigners may potentially be higher than the nearly 90% of the total population. If I may say so, there is a catch to all of this: foreigners are only eligible to apply for citizenship after 20 years.

3.The Coolest Police Cars:

interesting facts about Dubai

With over a dozen exotic cars that most people can only dream of, the Dubai Police have the costliest and most quickly collection of cars in the world. They roam the city day and night like no other. Even though police car chases are quite uncommon in Dubai, these amazing vehicles will certainly spoil any wrongdoer’s hopes of getting away. Here are only a handful of items from this luxurious collection: Mercedes AMG GT 63 S, Lamborghini Aventador, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin One-77, Bugatti Veyron, and Ferrari FF.

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 4.Rapid Population Growth:

interesting facts about Dubai

It’s a known fact that population growth has taken place in every country on Earth as a result of humanity’s greatest achievements recently; in the majority of cases, these increases have been several times larger than in the United Arab Emirates. Statistics show that the population of the Emirates has increased from approximately 150.000 sixty years ago to over 10 million today, with over one-third of them residing in Dubai. We refer to that as a true population increase.

5.Strict Regulations on Alcohol:

Strict Regulations on Alcohol

Alcohol use is strongly forbidden in Islam, the official religion of the United Arab Emirates, and as such, officials restrict and control its usage. Underage of 21 are not permitted to drink alcohol at all, no matter their religious beliefs. In the past, the only people with the ability to buy and consume alcohol in Dubai were foreign visitors or residents. Alcohol can now be purchased by locals without a licence, though it has to be consumed in private or at locations that have been granted permission to serve alcohol.

6.Gold ATMs:

Gold ATMs

About 40% of the actual gold trade globally comes through Dubai, making gold one of the most transacted commodities. Since 2010, the public has had access to gold-dispensing ATMs, which have made buying gold easier. All you need to try it out, if you’re a gold Interested is a credit or debit card, and transactions are made exclusively in dirhams.

7.Thirsty City:

Thirsty City

The United Arab Emirates is the country with the largest water usage in the world, using around 80% more than the average of other nations. The cooling systems are mostly responsible for the estimated 550 litres of water used per person every day. Due to the occasional high of 50°C (120°F), Dubai requires a lot of water to cool its large buildings, which include shopping centres, office buildings, and residential homes.


The amazing facts about Dubai city that has grown quickly from little trade port to major international hub, attracting interest from all over the world for its extraordinary architectural achievements, rich cultural diversity, and lively market. Dubai has always been committed to stretching the boundaries of luxury and creativity, as seen by the bold projects like the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island built like a palm tree, and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Skilfully combines modernity and tradition, providing singular look into city that constantly tests boundaries of what is possible on an international level.

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