The Top 7 Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The busy United Arab Emirates city of Abu Dhabi is attracted to a wide variety of Indian eateries, each of which provides a unique cuisine experience. Indigo, a cuisine gem that offers customers an authentic Indian dining experience, is housed in the luxurious Beach Rotana Hotel and invites taste buds with an amazing blend of spices and tastes. The city’s Indian restaurant sector offers a combination of classic dishes and modern creativity, with options varying from the luxurious Ushna Abu Dhabi located in Souk Qaryat Al Beri to the trendy Angar at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi. These best Indian restaurants add to Abu Dhabi’s cultural combination by introducing locals and guests to the rich and varied flavours of India, whether they are enjoying the delicious creations at Punjab Grill in Venetian Village or engaging in the beautiful delights of Chappan Bhog in Al Markaziya.

An Abu Dhabi city tour is a thrilling journey through the magical scenery and amazing architecture of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The journey effortlessly combines cultural and modern experiences, presenting an array of modernity and tradition. Recognising the modern skyline, which features recognisable buildings like the Etihad Towers and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, provides an insight into the city’s creative ability. The tour explores the rich tradition of the Historical Village, where restored traditional Bedouin residences and handmade displays bring the past to life. Views of the Arabian Gulf are beautiful as the tour weaves around the Corniche, displaying the city’s beautiful seafront. A complete investigation, an Abu Dhabi city tour exposes the city’s architectural wonders, history of culture, and the alive atmosphere that characterises this modern city.

Here are the seven Indian restaurants that were well-regarded:

1.Ushna Abu Dhabi

Indian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Luxurious Ambience: Famous for its luxurious atmosphere, Ushna Abu Dhabi offers a sophisticated atmosphere for a fine presentation of Indian cuisine that skilfully combines both traditional and modern elements.

2. Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill

Culinary creativity: The richness of North Indian food is presented in an elegant atmosphere within Venetian Village at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi. Punjab Grill is a symbol of cuisine creativity.

3. Pind Da Dhaba

Pind Da Dhaba

Rustic Charm: Pind Da Dhaba provides an authentic and peaceful dining experience in Al Markaziya by introducing visitors to the authentic atmosphere of Punjabi roadside cafes.

4. Zaika Indian Restaurant

Zaika Indian Restaurant

Regional Exploration: Located at the Al Raha Beach Hotel, Zaika Indian Restaurant offers a wonderful cuisine trip through the various regional cuisines of India.

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5. Spice Mela: premium Dining

Spice Mela premium Dining

Located in Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Spice Mela is a byword for premium Indian cuisine, exhibiting the creative application of spices in a modern and attractive ambiance.

6. Namak by Kunal Kapur

Namak by Kunal Kapur

Celebrity Chef innovation: Namak by Kunal Kapur offers modern and creative Indian cuisine at the Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi, including some elements of celebrity chef creative thinking.

7. Royal Orchid Restaurant

Royal Orchid Restaurant

Timeless Flavours: Located in Al Markaziya, Royal Orchid Restaurant is an excellent option for traditional Indian cuisine. It invites guests to enjoy classic flavours in a warm welcoming atmosphere.


The Top 7 Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi improve the city’s cuisine scene by providing a wonderful journey through the tastes and aromas of Indian cuisine. These restaurants highlight the variety and quality of Indian cuisine, from the luxurious surroundings of Indigo and Ushna Abu Dhabi to the unique cuisine of Angar and the delicious dishes of Punjab Grill. These restaurants offer a delicious retreat to both residents and tourists, whether they are searching for modern twists or traditional authenticity. The Indian restaurant industry in Abu Dhabi is evidence of the city’s dedication to welcoming many tastes and providing a genuinely multicultural experience. Every restaurant on this list adds to the rich weave of cuisines, making them must-visit locations for everyone looking for a fine and unique dining experience in UAE’s heartland.

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