The top 6 great spots to meet Santa Claus in Abu Dhabi

meet Santa Claus in Abu Dhabi

There’s an extra touch of magic in the air as the holiday season wraps the city of Abu Dhabi in seasonal beauty. Families and adventurers together are drawn to the stunning festivals that take place across this dynamic city. Among the several encounters, meeting Santa Claus himself stands out as absolutely unique. Join us on a creative adventure as we reveal the top 6 sites in Abu Dhabi where the happy spirit of Christmas comes to life during your Abu Dhabi city tour. From large workshops to surprise parades, each venue promises not only a chance to meet Santa but a memorable adventure that describes the spirit of the season. Prepare to unwrap the gift of festive joy in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

Here are The top 6 great spots to meet Santa Claus in Abu Dhabi

1. Yas Mall: Santa’s Grand Workshop

meet Santa Claus in Abu Dhabi

Begin your holiday crusade at the Yas Mall where Santa’s Grand Workshop is placed. It becomes a winter wonderland full of shimmering lights, Christmas decorations and, obviously, Santa’s own snug corner. Take the kids to have a chat and photo snaps with Santa.

2. Emirates Palace: A Royal Christmas Affair

meet Santa Claus in Abu Dhabi

If you want some opulence, visit Emirates Palace for a royal Christmas celebration. A dazzling Christmas village is held at the grand hotel, and visitors will even have the treat of seeing Santa up close and personal! Enjoy the wonderful surrounding adornments while lost in mysterious aura.

3. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Santa’s Fast and Furious Stop

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: Santa's Fast and Furious Stop

Get a dose of thrills and festive spirit at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi. During Christmas period, this famous amusement park gives its guests an opportunity to face the New Year together with adrenelin rush and the meeting with Santa Claus. The combination of Ferrari world and festive magic of Christmas is an unmatched experience.

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4. The Galleria Al Maryah Island: Sparkling Lights and Santa’s Grotto

The Galleria Al Maryah Island: Sparkling Lights and Santa's Grotto

Your trip at The Galleria Al Maryah Island will be full of excitement as you encounter glittering illuminations and festooning settings. Children can bring their wishes to Santa’s grotto, where they will find warm shelter and get some sweets. Shop together with your family, but ensure that it is also fun by embracing the festive atmosphere.

5. WTC Mall: Santa’s Surprise Parade

WTC Mall Santas Surprise Parade

Be a part of Santa’s Surprise Parade at the World trade centre mall. A heart-lifting event, where Santa Claus, some helpers and assorted bright floats are a part. Mingle in the parade as it moves throughout the mall generating festive cheer and lifelong memories for all attendees.

6. A Traditional Christmas Celebration at Heritage Village

A Traditional Christmas Celebration at Heritage Village

Visit Heritage Village for a cultural touch on your Christmas celebrations. This lovely establishment expertly blends tradition and seasonal fun. Visit Santa’s Corner for a more rustic and authentic Christmas celebration, where children may share their Christmas wishes in a cosy, cultural setting.


Embark on a fantastic journey through Abu Dhabi’s festive mood as we reveal the best 6 places to see Santa Claus on your city tour. Each site, from the majesty of Emirates Palace to the thrilling of Ferrari World, offers a distinct and captivating experience. Yas Mall’s magnificent workshop, Emirates Palace’s regal celebrations, WTC Mall’s unexpected parades, and the shining Galleria Al Maryah Island all contribute to the festive weave. At this point, Heritage Village adds a cultural twist to the Christmas festivities. Whether you’re looking for tradition, excitement, or luxury, Abu Dhabi transforms into a winter paradise, encouraging you to make cherished moments and celebrate the genuine spirit of the season with family and friends. May your holidays be filled with pleasure and happiness, as well as the everlasting charm of meeting Santa Claus in the centre of this bustling city.

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