The top 7 best group activities to try in Dubai

Group activities to try in Dubai

There are plenty of thrilling group activities available in the exciting city of Dubai, where style and creativity combine. There is an experience to suit every taste, from racing through the dunes of the desert on thrilling 4×4 desert safaris to exploring the busy waterways of Dubai Marina on a group boat tour. Skydiving above the famous Palm Jumeirah or indulging in the luxurious tradition of afternoon tea at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, offer the ultimate thrilling rush. These best group activities offer unlimited excitement and amazing moments against the incredible scenery of this lively city, whether you choose to explore the magical Dubai Miracle Garden or absorb yourself in the cultural weave of the Old Dubai souks.

Take a Dubai modern city tour to discover the most famous sites and state-of-the-art wonders of Dubai and start an exciting adventure through the heart of the city. This trip provides an exciting look at Dubai’s position as a global centre of innovation and luxury, from the shining skyscrapers that break the skyline to the modern, futuristic architecture that defines its urban landscape. Take in the wonders of architecture of the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, and lose yourself in the excess of the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island with immaculate beaches and luxurious resorts. Explore the colourful cultural area of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and walk through the busy streets of Dubai Marina, where sleek yachts bob in the shining waters against a background of towering buildings, a lovely combination between modernity and the attractiveness of the old world. This modern city tour clearly shows Dubai’s constant dedication to pushing beyond the limits of possibility and its never-ending search of growth at every stop.

Here are the top 7 best group activities to try in Dubai

1. Crack on some indoor fun

Crack on some indoor fun

GLITCH, located in Al Ghurair Centre, is 40,000 square feet of pure entertainment and the ideal spot to keep busy throughout the summer. There’s never a dull moment here with over 30 action-packed activities, including an indoor roller glider. Take on the course of obstacles, challenge the others to a rock-climbing competition, and compete in a range of arcade games including air hockey, foosball, and bowling.

2. Bounce away

Bounce away

A unique indoor pastime where you can let your spirit run wild and freestyle away is this jumping park. It truly is known as the “home of freestyle,” thus playing “trampoline is lava” would not be appropriate given the number of jumping structures. In order to create an enjoyable playground atmosphere, there are also airbags and adventure challenges. You can reserve group sessions, or if you’re feeling really fancy, you can reserve the entire space.

3. Battle of the lasers

Battle of the lasers

The Dubai Auto drome Laser Dome is the place to be if you’re a particularly competitive cookie. You can compete against your fellow players in an intense, high-stakes (only for the fun) game of laser tag to see who can outperform them. The game goes on in this 400-square-meter venue, which is decorated with artificial fog and bright lights that make it look like an ancient dungeon maze. Cost Dirhams 65 for a fifteen-minute session.

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4. Take a swing

Take a swing

The best place to hang out with friends, eat, and relax while also having a little difficult fun is Top golf Dubai. You’re going to enjoy yourself whether you’re a bambi-like beginner or a professional golfer. Hourly rentals of bays are available, with no limit on the number of shots. If you want to take golfing more seriously, the facility also provides lessons. Begins at Dirhams 140 an hour for each berth.

5. Wake up and board

Wake up and board

Early risers can make the most of the crystal-clear waters near Dubai Marina and learn how to wakeboard from the Sea Riders crew. As you take turns riding the wake behind a Master Craft wakeboard boat, they’ll take you out by The Palm and turn on some Bob Marley music.

 6. Smash smash baby

Smash smash baby

With discounts based on group size, Smash Room encourages you to let go of your heavy stress with your friends. Guitars, glass objects, and electronics are good targets to choose from when expressing your feelings. You and others can let out your anger in a secure environment here.

7. Get artsy

group activities to try in Dubai

In Al Quoz, the Wild Paint House has converted an old industrial warehouse into a creative haven where you can create UV masterpieces, let your inner artist loose on a rotating blank canvas, or graffiti the walls. Participating in the following six activities is possible: splat, spin, swing, pour, neon, and graffiti. Experiences can be booked individually for Dirhams 160 or in groups for an afternoon of artistic exploration.


As we come to end of our research into group activities in Dubai, it is clear that city provides extensive variety of experiences for co-workers, friends, and families. Dubai’s varied landscape accommodates every taste and occasion, thrilling adventures to calm cultural experiences. Enjoying trek across beautiful desert or bonding over beautiful architecture, activities forge strong bonds and leave lasting impressions for everybody involved. Dubai is top location for group adventures and life-changing experiences of exceptional fusion of modernity and tradition, never fails to attract tourists.

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