The top 6 magnificent things to do in Singapore

things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a unique mix of modernity, traditional values and known as “The Lion City”. Today, this small country is transformed into a world-scale haven of commercial operations; information technologies and a hot dreamland for tourists across the globe. This city-state boasts an enchanting skyline, immaculate green areas and plenty more interesting things to offer. Let us explore the eight most splendid things to see and do in Singapore. Singapore offers the visitor an unforgettable journey that blends perfectly the ancient with the modernity, the environment with the built space, the serene village into the bustling city. Whether it is for a foodie outing, to learn about a particular culture, or simply to explore it’s fascinating and out-of-this world architecture, Berlin has got it all! Therefore, let us go sightseeing through the top eight most gorgeous activities to do in Singapore.

The top 6 magnificent things to do in Singapore

1. Gardens by the Bay: A Green Oasis amidst Urbanity

things to do in Singapore

Singapore’s passion for modernity is reflected in its impressive development, Gardens by the Bay. This iconic attraction, located in the heart of the city, is a sprawling garden comprising three distinct waterfront gardens: Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central. Most renowned is the Supertree Grove, comprising ultra-modern tree-likes which awaken every evening with an incredible show of lights and sounds. Inside the centerpiece of Gardens by the Bay, Cloud Forest, there sits a massive glass dome containing an artificial tropical mountain cloaked with thick vegetation and a 35m high waterfall. Adjacent to the Cloud Forest is the Flower Dome; it is the largest glass greenhouse in the world and has a rich array of florae from different regions globally. The two domes provide an enchanting getaway into unique communities of plants that are simply splendid.

Visiting the Gardens by the Bay is an extremely immersive experience which intertwines the beauty of nature with that of man-made structures. Visitors may walk on the Skyway which hangs between the Super trees, offering an incredible view of Singapore’s skyline and the entire area above the heads. The Gardens are brought to life in the evening by what is known as the “Garden Rhapsody,” where the Supertrees burst forth with vibrant lights and melodious tunes. Anyone tired of the hustle of urbanisation should make a point of visiting Gardens by the Bay, where quietness and exquisite natural beauty abounds.

2. Marina Bay Sands: An Architectural Marvel

things to do in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands is not only a luxury hotel, but a symbol of Singapore’s progressiveness and originality. Known for its characteristic boat- shaped roof top structure, this architectural wonder is an architectural splendor set in the city’s panorama. There is a sense of luxury when you book a room in the hotel. However, by just looking at its architecture, one gets the feel of the grandeur even outside the walls of a room.

Visitors enjoying that area could visit the Skypark located on top of the three towers of the hotel which has an enchanting infinity pool for guests only as well as an observation deck. Located in a tower offering 360-degree vistas, visitors to the SkyPark Observation Deck are able to enjoy panoramic views of the city including Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Flyer, and the entirety of Marina Bay area. Sunset from Skypark is also very spectacular and the city lights start to glow up.

The shopping mall also has numerous boutiques with expensive brands, a luxurious casino, some quality restaurants, as well as theatre that hosts international shows. It is an opportunity to take a walk through the sky park and go shopping to get the feel of the majestic architecture associated with the Marina Bay Sands, even if you do not have plans to stay at this hotel.

3. Singapore Zoo: A Wildlife Haven

Singapore Zoo A Wildlife Haven

Singapore Zoo is ranked among the top Rainforest Zoos in the World. It provides visitors with a unique opportunity to view the wonders of animal This Park has enclosures with an open concept in which animals roam freely as they would do in their natural environment. For instance, Night Safari is one of the most attractive features of the zoo as it makes an opportunity to watch the wildlife during night time in natural settings with safety precautions provided. Also incredible is River Safari – an excursion through various water habitats with creatures such as giant pandas, manatees, and capybaras. The zoo is a perfect place for families. The Kidzworld water park lets children play with and feed the animals as well as have some splashing fun. The zoo is not only pleasurable, but it also enlightens visitors due to its commitment of conversation and education in place.

4. Chinatown: A Historic Neighborhood

Chinatown A Historic Neighborhood

a visit to Chinatown – an area steeped in history and brimming with culture – is essential for anyone who wants to explore the heritage of Singapore. The historic district is an amalgamation of the old and the new. It contains ancient temple sites, the ancient shops that are still in existence, a lively street market, present-day contemporary bars, eateries, fashionable boutiques and others.

One of the most famous sites to visit in Chinatown is the Sri Mariamman Temple, the island’s oldest Hindu temple which boasts of an attractive multicolored edifice. Another enthralling attraction is the Buddhist temple and museum that hosts a sacrosanct relic thought to be one of the teeth belonging to the Buddha.

A visit to the Chinatown Heritage Centre offers a sneak peek at the hardships and successes that characterized the life of early Chinese immigrants in Singapore. As one wanders in the streets of Chinatown, one finds many kiosks selling traditional Chinese medicines and other healing roots; also there is some delicious street food sold too. Make sure not to miss Chinatown – a must-see which offers wide range of genuine cuisines in its Food Street.

5.Sentosa Island: A Fun-Filled Escape

Sentosa Island A Fun-Filled Escape

Playing in Singapore: The island known as Sentosa. Some activities in Sentosa might demand for fees paid by the visitors but there are free enjoyable experience one can have on sentosa. For beach lovers and water sports fans, Siloso Beach provides an ideal location of recreation. It gives you a chance to do things that include sunbathing, swimming and playing beach volleyball. The amazing Sentosa Merlion which represents the city is a great attraction at the rooftop with splendid views of its surroundings.

If you want to walk, there’s always the Sentosa Boardwalk that leads to the island. The hotel’s lush tropical gardens offer beautiful sights while one is headed towards the island. Another interesting site is Palawan Beach which features a suspension bridge connecting it to a small islet – southernmost point of continental Asia. Visitors can also have interactive walks on the Sentosa Nature Discovery center, as it has beautiful exhibits which depict various plant species, animals as well Get your culture fix at Fort Siloso, an outdoor art gallery with beautiful coastal panoramas and a taste of history from its days as military base.

 6. Little India: A Cultural Enclave

Little India A Cultural Enclave

This bubbly little place is known as “Little India”, and it can be called an open-air museum of the Indian culture in the heart of Singapore. The atmosphere here is enlivened by cheerful colors, exotic spices scent and captivating melodies of Indian music. Some of these temples include the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, which is a renowned Hindu temple located in Little India honouring the goddess Kali. Outside, the structure is embellished by exquisite carvings and bright color. Shopping at the Little India Arcade is an unforgettable experience where one can purchase a variety of Indian clothing, jewellery, and crafts. When out on these walks, you will meet many street vendors selling authentic Indian food such as samossa, dosa and birriany.

Little India is more than a tourist attraction – it’s a completely immersive, cultural experience that enables visitors to discover the amazing depth and variety of Indian traditions. Festivals such as Diwali and Pongal bring to light vibrant processions and celebrations of which can be witnessed in the neighborhood.


Singapore is a lustre embodiment of how one can flawlessly merge modern and traditional elements in the heart of Southeast Asia. Take in eight magnificent experiences this extraordinary city-state offers, each revealing a thread within its vibrant quilt of experience. Focusing on the futuristic Gardens by the Bay and the architectural miracle of Marina Bay Sands to the organic wonder of the Singapore Zoo and the cross-cultural nirvana of Chinatown and Little India, any taste will be delighted

If you are a traveller wanting to explore one of Asia’s most bustling cities then Singapore holiday packages from Dubai and other destinations provide hassle-free immersion into all that this city has on offer. Enraptured in lavish gardens, captivated with architectural grandeur, fascinated with wildlife and culture, come and take an unforgettable trip through Singapore. Therefore, put Singapore as your next spot and allow this city-state mesmerize you for a life time trip exploration.

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