The Top 5 Kid-friendly Play Areas to Visit in the UAE

Play Areas to Visit in the UAE

Searching for fun activities that everyone can enjoy in the United Arab Emirates is a trip worth taking, especially when it involves kid-friendly spaces where parent’ and kids have only one purpose to laugh. The United Arab Emirates features a variety of recreational venues, which are designed to stimulate children’s curiosity and produce laughter, from indoor wonders calms to provisions ones. Such playgrounds with its bright colours, fascinating designs and focus on safety are true oasis for kids allowing them to release their boundless energy while the parents enjoy watching how their children learn about new things discovering curiosities through games getting lifelong memories. It’s a fun thrill for families to explore UAE play places, such as indoor imaginative environments and outdoor stimulating parks.

The attractive Sheikh Zayed Mosque and other well-known locations along the route extend a warm welcome to guests. A look into city’s way of life can be had by visiting lively Heritage Village marketplaces and luxurious Emirates Palace. The Abu Dhabi City Tour offers visitors an excellent opportunity to experience the attractive spirit of lively, global city. Colourful delight that strikes the ideal combination between tradition and modernity.

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Here are the top 5 Kid-friendly Play Areas to Visit in the UAE:

1. Cheeky Monkeys, Dubai:

Play Areas to Visit in the UAE

Children can burn off steam in the soft play areas at Cheeky Monkeys. Fun things to do include ball pits, tiny zip lines, changing rooms, and neon-lit slides. In addition, a café offers hot meals suitable for children as well as coffee for parents. One-hour plays cost Dhs60, while additional hours cost Dhs33. Times differ. JBR, Downtown, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, Mirdif, Al Ain, J3 Mall, Abu Dhabi.

 2.Children’s City, Dubai:

Play Areas to Visit in the UAE

A whole city dedicated to entertainingly teaching children. Curious young minds can research, explore, and discover everything about our planet while they are playing thanks to an amazing variety of exhibits and programmes that focus on space exploration, nature, science, and the human body in addition to local and foreign culture. Explore space in the planetarium, discover the universe in the earth science exhibit, and get up close and personal with some beautiful and scary animals at the nature centre. Dhs10 for children ages 2 to 15 and Dhs15 for adults over 16. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sat–Sun 2–8 p.m. Dubai’s Riyadh Street 04 334 0808.

3.Green Planet, Dubai:

Play Areas to Visit in the UAE

A biodome called The Green Planet is located in Dubai’s City Walk and is intended to teach children about the threats that the world’s rainforests face. With a wide variety of animals and forest critters, it is an immersive experience meant to let its residents live as they would in the natural. In the indoor four-story tropical rainforest, over 3,000 exotic animals and plants (including two resident sloths) are maintained. Starting at Dirham 140 for tickets purchased online. Children under three go in free. Sun–Sat 10 a.m.–6 p.m. City Walk, Al Safa Street.

4.Al Barari Playground:

Al Barari Playground

This playground area is exceptional compared to others. A natural utopia for young (and large) explorers, this place offers floating bridges to cross, treehouses to investigate, cargo nets and huge slides to scale, pirate ships to take control of, and splash-friendly coves. Two hours, Monday through Thursday, Dhs45; two hours, Friday through Sunday, Dhs65; under twos free. Open Tue-Sun 8am-8pm, Mon 2pm-8pm.

5.Dubai Hills Park:

Dubai Hills Park

Playgrounds with cargo nets, swings, slides, and monkey bars can be found in Dubai Hills Park. These are free to use for both residents and visitors. This park is great for tweens and teens as well as younger kids because it has an ice rink, skate park, and splash park that are shaded from the sun. Full day passes cost Dhs85 for non-residents and Dhs55 for residents.


The United Arab Emirates is a haven of safety for the families wanting to spend their fun and lifetime memories together. Finally, the numerous children’s play facilities both in and outside ensures that they provide an environment or a conducive setting whereby kids who call the country their home can grow under pleasant circumstances. These invigorating play areas do not only promote physical activity, but they also foster creativity and socialization. The playgrounds are kid-friendly; every visit becomes a nostalgic trip, where the parents experience enjoyment along with their children due to perfect synergy between creativity and safety. While families can enjoy their time in healthy family settings when they know that these beautifully designed facilities help promote the well-being and happiness of little ones, UAE makes a perfect place for such entertainment.

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