The top 4 exciting festivals coming to the UAE in 2024

exciting festivals

United Arab Emirates, where 2024 promises to be a year filled with rich festivities and breath-taking cultural displays. Going on an Abu Dhabi city tour is the best way to experience the centre of the action as we excitedly await the upcoming celebrations. Come along on a virtual tour as we reveal the top four thrilling events that the UAE will host in 2024. These events, which include everything from dazzling light displays to delicious feasts, cinematic marvels, and thrilling music celebrations, promise to make your trip to Abu Dhabi unforgettable. So join us as we explore the exciting tapestry of the UAE’s popular festivals.

Some of the The top 4 exciting festivals coming to the UAE in 2024 are as follows:

1.  Abu Dhabi Festival of Lights

Festival of Lights

Light festivals kick off with Abu Dhabi Festivals of Light, an eye-catching event that takes over the city with colorful light patterns. Let us imagine the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque as well as the Emirates Palace illuminated in stunning illumination. Apart from lighting up the city, these light art installations also reveal the rich cultural background of the city. Do not miss this opportunity to create memories during your visit to Abu Dhabi for an amazing experience.

2. UAE International Food Festival

Food Festival

The UAE International Food Festival is your passport to a gustatory voyage that will open your mouth in amazement.This gastronomic extravaganza takes place in Abu Dhabi, a metaphorical pot of diverse cuisines, where it gathers celebrated chefs, established food artisans from the country itself and internationally acclaimed culinarians. In addition to the city tour, take time off for tasty bites from both local dishes and international cuisines. Food lovers will also have something to enjoy as the festival is expected to be an adventurous add-on to their UAE vacation.

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3. Abu Dhabi International Film Festival

Film Festival

Film enthusiasts, rejoice! Some fascinating movies from across the globe will thrill attendees of the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival. While in Abu Dhabi city tour visit various art scenes and participate in panel talks with filmmaking gurus, screening shows as well as red carpet. The festival is an occasion that not only celebrates the art of making movies, but it also serves as a ground for emerging talents.  Experience the allure of cinema amidst the gorgeous Abu Dhabi skyline.

4. Abu Dhabi Music Carnival

Music Carnival

The Abu Dhabi Music Carnival is an exciting celebration of music and culture that will send you out on a high note during your festival experience. International and local musicians play at this multi-genre music event, fostering a joyful and entertaining atmosphere. The Abu Dhabi Music Carnival features music for all tastes, including pop, rock, electronic, and classical. For a rhythmic and harmonious experience, incorporate this musical spectacular into your itinerary for the Abu Dhabi city tour.


In 2024, taking an Abu Dhabi city tour offers more than just a viewing experience; it’s a chance to fully immerse yourself in the UAE’s booming festival scene. Your visit to the UAE in 2024 will be an unforgettable culturally rich experience because of the captivating Festival of Lights, the mouth-watering International Food Festival, the cinematic magic of the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival, and the upbeat vibes of the Music Carnival. In the middle of these thrilling festivities, don’t pass up the opportunity to make lifelong memories.

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