Top 8 Places to Go Camping in the Summer in the UAE

Camping in the Summer in the UAE

There has never been a better moment to leave the city and take in the amazes of nature that right now, as the United Arab Emirates is being consumed in the scorching temperatures of summer. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey as we reveal the top 8 staying locations in the United Arab Emirates, which offer a chance to discover Abu Dhabi’s hidden jewels in addition to providing a break from the busy city life. Imagine peaceful scenery, gorgeous evenings, and the ideal combination of adventure and cultural discovery. Take a virtual tour with us as we show you where to set up camp and how to make an Abu Dhabi city tour part of your summertime adventure.

Some of the Top 8 Places to Go Camping in the Summer in the UAE are as follows

1. Liwa Oasis

Camping in the Summer in the UAE

The beautiful Liwa oasis is located on the border of the famous Rub’ al Khali desert and provides an unforgettable place for camping. Do not miss out to do a city tour of Abu Dhabi while you camp on huge hills of sand. Spend the evening in the desert while gazing at the stars, but explore the cultural treasures of the city first.

2. Jebel Hafeet

Camping in the Summer in the UAE

Go to Jebel Hafeet near Al Ain for a scenic sightseeing camping. Pitch a tent on the slope of the mountain to view fantastic landscapes from there. Utilize the trip to also experience an Abu Dhabi city tour, which will give you a glimpse into the city’s thriving culture and modern sites.

3. Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island

Campers who like nature can spend their time at Sir Bani Yas Island, inhabited by different wild animals and clean seashores. On the day following your experience with a day of camping in Abu Dhabi city Tour, you will experience the rich history and architecture for which Abu Dhabi city is famous.

4. Hajar Mountains

Hajar Mountains

Seek refuge from the heat in the Hajar mountains. This makes it one of the great places for summer camping with cooler temperatures and fantastic landscapes. Make your adventure better by having your Abu Dhabi city tour and discover the famous sights of the city.

5. Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve

Al Wathba Wetland Reserve offers camping activities for any avid bird watcher out there. Consider joining a camping trip with a desert safari, so that you experience the best of nature as well as a trip to the great city of Abu Dhabi.

6. Fossil Rock

Fossil Rock

Visit Fossil Rock near Sharjah for a special camp. Sleep in tents under the clear sky near to some old sandstone shapes, and then go on the Abu Dhabi sightseeing to admire the unique combination of past and present.

7. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

For a unique camping experience, lose yourself in the peace and quiet of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Take an Abu Dhabi city tour to discover the famous sites and rich cultural legacy of the capital to prolong your journey.

8. Yas Island

Yas Island

Incorporate the excitement of Yas Island with the thrill of camping. Enjoy the ideal fusion of urban entertainment and environment as you camp close to the Yas Marina Circuit. Remember to include a city tour of Abu Dhabi to experience the vibrant centre of the United Arab Emirates.


In the United Arab Emirates, where the intense heat gives way to peaceful scenery and beautiful evenings, set off on an amazing summer trip. The United Arab Emirates provides a variety of camping experiences, from the towering sands of Liwa Oasis to the wildlife paradise of Sir Bani Yas Island. The trip doesn’t end there, though take an Abu Dhabi city tour to further your experience by combining the peace of nature with the energy of the city. Imagine a well-balanced mix of the capital’s rich cultural diversity and the wild outdoors, producing lasting memories long after the fire has gone out. So gather your belongings, explore the delights of the United Arab Emirates, and allow the enticement of summer camping to reveal itself in this unique blend of urban learning and countryside.

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