The Top 10 Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah

Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah

Fujairah, a stimulating emirate in the United Arab Emirates attracts travellers due to its specialized blend of nature and attraction. There are numerous interesting tourist spots to visit in Fujairah. Take pleasure in the Al Bidya Mosque, which is the oldest mosques on U.A.E. or dive into historical Fujairah Fort that stands as a proof to emirates glorious past to enjoy a calm retreat, go to some of the amazing beaches such as Sandy Beach that have blue waters and sunny coast front. Visitors who love nature can vacation in Park, which features waterfalls and a game reserve. However, the beauty offered by this establishment is in its ability to merge modern with history seamlessly and for tourists from all walks of life get an exotic combination of experiences.

A lively Fujairah City Tour provides plenty of opportunities to experience the demanding side of this stunning emirate. Begin your trip at the Fujairah Fort, a picturesque fortress with tales of an old era that speaks volumes about how wealthy and rich the region once was. Focus on the religious environment of Bidya Mosque that is said to be one of the oldest mosques in UAE. It has been embellished with beautiful Islamic architecture. Enjoy the stunning views of the Gulf that is Oman’s blue waters as well as towering Hajar Mountains while you pass through this city. The tour gives you a glimpse into the local lifestyle as it takes to vibrant areas and bustling marketplaces. With every step, Fujairah’s magical blend of modern and age-old resides forming a perfect harmony that engulfs each tourist in our city tour.

Here are the Top 10 Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah:

 1. Al Bidya Mosque | An Impressive Structure

Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah

One of the oldest mosques in the United Arab Emirates, Al Badiyah Mosque is a well-liked tourist attraction in Fujairah. The mosque is an excellent representation of the traditional architecture of the area and is thought to have been constructed in the fifteenth century. About 30 km north of Fujairah City, in the village of Al Badiyah, is where you’ll find the mosque. With four domes and a single minaret, it’s a modest, plain structure constructed of stone and mudbrick.

 2. Fujairah Fort | Explore History

Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah

One of the most famous locations to visit is the historical Fujairah Fort, which dates back to the late 1700s. The fort consists of three main portions, many halls, one square tower, and two round towers. It is built of stone and mud. The three major portions, multiple halls, one square tower, two round towers, and the fort’s construction is entirely made of stone and mud. The fort is easily reached by automobile or public transit as it is situated in the heart of Fujairah City. Although you need to buy an access ticket from the Fujairah Museum, entry to the fort is free.

3. Snoopy Island | Enjoy a Fun Day Out

Tourist Spots to Visit in Fujairah

A visit to Snoopy Island is a must for any list of the top attractions in Fujairah. This gorgeous island, which is near Khor Fakkan, is an excellent place to swim, dive, and sunbathe. Explore the native marine life in the crystal-clear seas, where you may also see turtles and dolphins. Boat trips are a popular activity on the island, and many travel companies provide excursions in the region.

4. Bithnah Fort | Get Lost in Olden Times

Bithnah Fort | Get Lost in Olden Times

Take a trip back in time by visiting Bithnah Fort, the oldest fort in Fujairah. This fort, which dates to the 18th century, was constructed to protect Fujairah from air, sea, and land attacks. Explore the amazing red-stone towers and walls of this recently renovated fort to get a taste of Emirati history. When it comes to tourism in Fujairah.

5. Ain Al-Madhab | Explore a Beautiful Garden

Ain Al-Madhab | Explore a Beautiful Garden

For those who enjoy the outdoors and wildlife, Ain Al-Madhab is the ideal destination in Fujairah. So, stop thinking what to visit there. This beautiful natural location, which is in Fujairah’s northern region, is well-known for its hot springs, where you may relieve stress and rest away from the activity of the city You may explore the area on the many hiking paths in Ain Al-Madhab. While swimming entrance is only AED 5, park entry fees AED 2.

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 6. Al Hayl Castle | Discover Ancient Secrets

Al Hayl Castle | Discover Ancient Secrets

The Al-Hayl fortress is one of the oldest forts in United Arab Emirates and it stands as a beautiful city in Fujairah. Dating back to the seventeen centuries, this being a tourist destination has been changed in recent years only due to required preserving of historic architecture. The fort offers magnificent views of the lands and sea that it is a perfect location for one-day tours. Besides photographing the lovely scenery, tourists can also visit the fort and its gardens to learn about local traditions and Islamic art.

7. Lulu Mall, Fujairah | Shop till You Drop

Lulu Mall, Fujairah | Shop till You Drop

If you want to visit Fujairah, head over at the Lulu Mall. There are many shops, cafes, restaurants as well entertainment centres located in this huge shopping mall. The mall is also characterized by jewelry, gadgets and designer clothing and accessories for all. Secondly, the mall provides a food court, cinema hall and many cappuccinos in which guests can relax during their stay at Fujairah.

 8. Fujairah Heritage Village | Visit a Traditional Emirati Village

Fujairah Heritage Village | Visit a Traditional Emirati Village

What is Fujairh without traveling to the said village? This living museum, with its authentic architecture, sacred remnants and vivid displays of regional artwork that depict the traditional lifestyle and culture present in Emirati. Secondly, there are workshops in the small town where both locals and visitors learn about traditional handicrafts such as ceramics or palm weaving. The village is a great opportunity to understand culture of Fujairah as well as its people. The entry to the village is free.

 9. Fujairah Snorkelling | Enjoy the Marine Life

Fujairah Snorkelling | Enjoy the Marine Life

Fujairah is an excellent location for underwater exploration because it has some of the greatest swimming places in the area. There is something here for every skill level, from inexperienced scuba divers to expert divers. Fujairah’s waterways are a fantastic spot to explore the undersea world since they are alive with lively marine life and beautiful coral reefs. The majority of Fujairah’s beaches and resorts rent out diving gear. The entrance price varies according on the services provided, from AED 700 to AED 2,500.

10. Fujairah Tower Mall | Find Hidden Treasures in this Shopping Centre

Fujairah Tower Mall | Find Hidden Treasures in this Shopping Centre

One more superb shopping centre in Fujairah is the Fujairah Tower Mall, which provides a large variety of cafes and amusements as well as multiple shops. For some relaxation after a long shopping day, the mall also provides an ice rink and other restaurants. As entry to the mall is free, people have no excuse but visit this amazing site.


With a wide variety of attractions, Fujairah is a hidden treasure in the middle of the United Arab Emirates that attracts tourists. Whether absorbing oneself in the past importance of Fujairah Fort and Al Bidya Mosque or enjoying in the peace of its beautiful beaches and natural beauties like Park, the emirate offers an entire adventure for every tourist. Fujairah has a unique ambiance that is both visually beautiful and culturally enriching due to its unique combination of modern attraction and classic beauty.​

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