The top 10 incredible things to do in Dubai

incredible things to do in Dubai

The height of modern lavishness, Dubai, attracts and impresses tourists from all over the world with an extensive variety of amazing experiences. Dreams come true in Dubai, you may find towering skyscrapers that reach clouds and luxurious malls that redefine luxury. Take a desert safari to see the beautiful sunset over golden dunes, treat yourself to fine dining while taking in the amazing views from the top of the Burj Khalifa, or get lost in the colourful cultural mix of the historic souks. Seeking something different, city of Dubai is must-visit, offering amazing journey at every turn, it’s skiing in the desert at Ski Dubai, appreciating the architectural wonders of Palm Jumeirah, or taking cruise around Dubai Marina.

Take a fascinating half day traditional city tour of Dubai, a city where the old and the new live together. Start your adventure at Dubai Museum, located in storied Al Fahidi Fort, and absorb yourself in rich history of city. Explore historical displays that offer traditional items and historical context for Dubai’s development. After that, walk through busy streets of Al Bastakiya Quarter, which is characterised by wind-tower buildings and twisting pathways that provide insight into city’s past. Take a beautiful abra ride over Dubai Creek to extend your sightseeing, taking in the expansive views of the cityscape and the lively activities beside the river. Visit Deira’s colourful souks to round out your journey, where you can take pleasure in the sensual pleasures of Dubai’s cultural weave while bargaining for fabrics, gold, and spices in the lively marketplaces.

Here are the top 10 incredible things to do in Dubai:

1. Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa


The Burj Khalifa is an architectural wonder that commands Dubai’s skyline at an incredible 828 metres in height. For expansive views that extend to the timeline, take a fast lift journey to the observation decks located on the 124th and 148th floors. The beautiful Dubai Fountain is located at the foot of the tower. Every evening, it is a sight to see as musicians and lights accompany carefully crafted water dances.

2. Desert Safari:

Desert Safari


Take a safari excursion in the huge Arabian Desert that surrounds Dubai and experience the thrilling excitement of the desert. Get in a 4×4 and go on an amazing dune bashing adventure. You can also go quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. After the sun sets, relax at a Bedouin-style desert camp where you can enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner, take in traditional Arabian entertainment, and see exciting exhibitions like belly dance and tanoura displays beneath the stars.

3. Dubai Mall:

Dubai Mall


The Dubai Mall, one of the biggest shopping centres in the world, provides much more than just window shopping. Discover more than 1,200 shops with a mix of local and international boutiques, outstanding restaurants, and entertainment venues. Go to the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium in Dubai, home to thousands of aquatic animals, such as rays and sharks, or take in the beautiful water and light show of the Dubai Fountain, which is set against the Burj Khalifa.

4. Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Jumeirah


Palm Jumeirah, a famous artificial island that stretches into the Persian Gulf and like a palm tree, is a representation of Dubai’s luxury. Enjoy luxury at the Atlantis, The Palm resort, which has beautiful beaches, an aquarium, and a water park. Enjoy breath-dropping views of the island and the skyline of Dubai by taking a relaxing railway journey among the palm fronds. Alternatively, take advantage of water sports like jet skiing and parasailing or relax at one of the beach clubs.

5. Dubai Marina:

Dubai Marina


Walk down the gorgeous beachfront of Dubai Marina, which is surrounded by posh restaurants, trendy boutiques, and tall skyscrapers. Take a thrilling speedboat trip or an easy dhow cruise to see the marina’s beautiful cityscape from the sea. Take a dinner cruise for a memorable dining experience. You may enjoy delicious foreign food and travel past famous sights lit up at night.

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6. Dubai Creek:

Dubai Creek


Explore Dubai’s rich maritime history at the historic Dubai Creek, a natural inlet of saltwater that divides the city into the districts of Bur Dubai and Deira. Take a traditional abra (water taxi) along the busy waters of the creek, passing by traditional dhows loaded with cargo. Discover the colourful souks of Deira, which are well-known for their complex materials, glittering gold jewellery, and strong spices, or explore the maze-like pathways of Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, which is home to museums, art galleries, and historical landmarks.

7. Ski Dubai:

Ski Dubai


At the Mall of the Emirates, there is an indoor ski resort called Ski Dubai. Come here to escape the heat and experience a winter paradise. Enjoy thrilling lift rides, sledding, and snowball battles in the Snow Park, or hone your skiing and snowboarding abilities on actual snowy slopes. Make an appointment to interact and play with cute penguins in a specially created habitat for a unique experience.

8. Dubai Frame:

Dubai Frame


Enjoy Dubai’s outstanding architectural design at the Dubai Frame, a famous site that combines elements of the city’s past, present, and future. Reach the highest point of this huge building for sweeping views of both the old and modern Dubai, divided by a dizzyingly large glass-floored sky bridge. Discover the city’s evolution from a small fishing hamlet to a global city by exploring the ground floor museum, which features interactive exhibits and multimedia displays.

9. Jumeirah Beach:

Jumeirah Beach


Jumeirah Beach is a gorgeous stretch of fine white sand surrounded by blue waves and lined with luxurious hotels and beachfront villas. Come here to relax and calm. Take advantage of the year-round weather and peaceful atmosphere, or enjoy a range of water sports like surfing, kite surfing, and parachuting. For a real Dubai experience, capture breathtaking moments with the most opulent hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, towering over you on its own artificial island.

10. Dubai Museum:

Dubai Museum


The Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest structure still standing in the city, invites visitors to travel back in time and explore the rich legacy of Dubai. Explore the displays that are arranged throughout the fort’s many rooms; they provide an interesting overview of the history, customs, and culture of the area. Discover how Dubai changed from a little desert town to a major international centre of trade, innovation, and variety through interactive exhibits, lifelike scenery, historical documents, and historical artefacts.


Dubai offers variety of amazing experiences that suit every preference and inclination, making it monument to human creativity and ambition. Dubai never fails to amaze and inspire, you’re attracted to by modern skyline, rich history of culture, or numerous opportunities for adventure. As you say goodbye to wonderful city, you take with you deep appreciation for countless opportunities that lie ahead in bright desert paradise, to recollections of memorable sights and thrilling adventures.

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