The top 10 fabulous female-run restaurants in Dubai

female-run restaurants in Dubai

The cuisine sector in Dubai is well known for its diversity and creative thinking, and at its core are some incredibly amazing female-run eateries that amaze with their originality and skill. These businesses, which range from hip fusion restaurants to tiny cafés secluded away in lively regions, are not only innovating food but also smashing expectations in an industry that has traditionally been controlled by men. These best female-run restaurants in Dubai are led by visionaries and dedicated to cuisine perfection. Serve more than just delicious food; they are celebration of skill, passion, and empowerment that take customers on memorable culinary and cultural adventures.

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Here are the top 10 fabulous female-run restaurants in Dubai:

1.Mama Rita:

female-run restaurants in Dubai

You never realised how much you needed this mother-daughter team. Together, Rita and Jessica Kahawaty provide wholesome, delicious, and straightforward home-cooked meals. A variety of cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Venezuelan, African, Indian, and many more, are available in their kitchen. They even offer catering, so you can get a little bit of Mama Rita at home.

2.Bait Maryam:

female-run restaurants in Dubai

Situated in Jumeirah Lake Tower, this restaurant represents Arab hospitality by serving as a gathering place for people from all walks of life to enjoy family-style Levantine food in a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere. Before becoming a well-known chef and the owner of the restaurant holding her mother’s name, Salam Dakkak worked as a teacher.

3.Café Isan:

female-run restaurants in Dubai

Run by Lisa Knight and Chef New, this traditional Thai restaurant will take you back to Southeast Asia with its natural atmosphere. With a large selection of hot soups, curries, and noodle dishes, as well as a variety of delicious starters, the majority of the main courses here are priced at under Dirhams 50. The house wines cost Dirhams29, five bottles of beer cost Dirhams189, while buckets of spirits, which include a triple shot and a mixer, cost Dirhams99. Their drink selection is modestly priced.

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4.Comptoir 102:

Comptoir 102

The creative force behind this adorable location is Emmanuelle Sawko, a native Parisian who sought to give Dubai’s cuisine and commercial scenes a unique twist. Comptoir 102 is the perfect place if you’re in the mood for brunch and shopping. Situated in Jumeirah 1, Comptoir 102, this hidden bohemian gem offers a unique experience that combines art, design, and food. This café nurtures the body and the mind by providing a cuisine that is ethical and health-conscious for all of its customers.



Fi’lia, the gorgeous Italian restaurant at SLS Dubai, has been surpassed as the first female-led restaurant in the region. Rattan furniture and copper hardware combine with modern and casual design elements to create a warm and feminine space. There are three sections to the menu. Grandmother Nonna, mother Mamma, and daughter Filia and includes recipes that have been handed down through the ages.

6.Fusion Ceviche:

Fusion Ceviche

Fusion Ceviche in JLT, owned by Envelope Diaz, has already left a lasting effect on famous chefs, restauranteurs, foodies, and locals in Dubai. This cook respects her Peruvian history, and with a menu that explores Peruvian flavours and traditions and transitions from cold to hot foods through an explosion of tastes, textures, and experiences, her restaurant represents community.



This ramen restaurant is passionate about two things: its ramen, of course, and its relaxed ambiance, which allows every visitor to relax with delicious food and conversation. Select your ramen topping from tenderloin beef, cured duck pieces, or slow-cooked chicken. Other menu items at Kinoya include sushi, tempura, and yakitori, all of which are made using the best ingredients in honour of traditional Japanese cuisine.

8.Lila Taqueria:

Lila Taqueria

This tiny, neighborhood-owned taqueria serves up the best flavours from Mexico and is a hidden gem. Chef Shaw is the creative force behind this project. She is a kind and passionate individual who is committed to presenting sustainability and community in her establishment. Even though this local restaurant has only been operating for two months, Dubai foodies have already taken attention of it, and it has become one of the most popular new hangouts in the region.

9.Le Guépard:

Le Guépard

The beautiful tiny brasserie Le Guépard is a sleek and fashionable location that adds a touch of France to the hip Alserkal Avenue. The venue welcomes visitors with an exquisite French tearoom in front of them and a more secluded space behind that is used for dinner clubs and other events. Beautifully decorated with floral arrangements, antique furniture, and intricate wall coverings, Le Guépard is an excellent spot to relax with friends while indulging in delectable French cuisine.

10.Maiz Tacos:

Maiz Tacos

Maiz Tacos is a home grown idea that began as a food truck back in 2018. It currently has two restaurants in JLT and Dubai Hills. By producing foods of excellent quality at reasonable prices, all visitors will be able to enjoy a genuine flavour of Mexico. There are many different burritos, quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas to choose from on the menu. The best part is that Dubai Hills serves brunch every weekend.


These excellent, female-run restaurants in Dubai are memorial to creativity and dedication of women in cuisine business, as well as welcome to Dubai’s lively food scene. By strength of creative cuisine, flawless service, and everlasting commitment, these institutions have made name for themselves and gained both praise and devoted customers. Dubai’s development as top cuisine destination in world, ambitious chefs and business owners everywhere can be inspired by impact and achievements of female-led enterprises, which shows transformational potential of passion and tenacity in search of cuisine perfection.

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