10 female-founded domestic brands to support in Dubai

brands to support in Dubai

Growing numbers of female entrepreneurs are changing the face of domestic companies in Dubai, transforming the area into an active center of both culture and commerce. Inspiring women are breaking preconceptions and paving the way for success in fields that have historically been controlled by males, creating modern goods. These female-founded companies, which make anything from food to décor, perfumes to fashion, perfectly capture the spirit of innovation, excellence, and entrepreneurship. By supporting these “brands to support in Dubai,” you’re not only promoting economic expansion but also equal opportunity for women and female autonomy. Customers can experience the different flavors, styles, and stories that characterize Dubai’s homegrown businesses while also supporting the lively ecosystem of female entrepreneurship in the city by choosing to shop from these motivated leaders.

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Here are 10 female-founded domestic brands to support in Dubai:

1.The Third Place by Reem Al Marzouqi:

brands to support in Dubai

The Third Place combines modern styles with a focus on elegant materials and simple shapes. Reem Al Marzouqi launched the brand with the intention of producing flexible clothing for a range of settings.

2.Chocobon by Rasha Al Danhani:

brands to support in Dubai

The Third Place combines modern styles with a concentrate on beautiful materials and simple silhouettes. Reem Al Marzouqi launched the brand with the intention of producing flexible clothing for a range of environments.

3.Maison des Fleurs by Alia Al Shirawi:

brands to support in Dubai

Alia Al Shirawi founded Maison des Fleurs, which is well-known for its amazing floral arrangements and customised bouquets. The company crafts luxurious floral arrangements for special occasions like weddings and festivals using only the best flowers.

4.House of Pops by Amna Al Hashemi:

House of Pops by Amna Al Hashemi (2)

Amna Al Hashemi established House of Pops, which makes delicious foods popsicles with natural ingredients and creative flavour combinations. Their premium popsicles are ideal for reducing the heat in Dubai.

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5.Ghawali by Asma Al Qassim:

Ghawali by Asma Al Qassim

Asma Al Qassim launched Ghawali, a line of luxurious fragrances and perfumes with Arabian heritage inspiration. Every fragrance is carefully developed to bring out the spirit of the Middle East.

6.The Zoo Concept by May Barber:

The Zoo Concept by May Barber

May Barber opened up shop The Zoo Concept, a stylish store with well-chosen clothing, accessories, and home goods. The Zoo Concept offers products that are both unique and fashionable, catering to an extensive variety of tastes.

7.Desert Bling by Sara Murad:

Desert Bling by Sara Murad

Sara Murad founded Desert Bling, a company that specialises in handcrafted jewellery that attracts inspiration from the natural beauty of the Arabian Desert. Every piece attempt to capture the essence of the local customs and landscapes.

8.By Mariam by Mariam Yehia:

By Mariam by Mariam Yehia

By Mariam is a sustainable fashion brand dedicated to eco-friendly materials and responsible processes, founded by Mariam Yehia. Their line of modern, eco-friendly, and fashionable designs is available for purchase.

9.Sauce by Zayan Ghandour:

Sauce by Zayan Ghandour

Zayan Ghandour launched Sauce, a well-liked concept store for fashion and lifestyle that stocks carefully chosen regional and global brands. Fashion-forward shoppers go to Sauce because of its unique selection of products.

10.Boulevard One by Zeba Noor:

Boulevard One by Zeba Noor

Zeba Noor launched Boulevard One, a destination for luxury fashion and lifestyle that features curated collections from well-known designers. Boulevard one serves sophisticated customers with an emphasis on style and luxury.


Gender equality and financial empowerment have advanced significantly with the development of female-founded local brands to support in Dubai. Inspirational women have redefined entrepreneurial environment and carved out positions in variety of industries through their tenacity, inventiveness, and leadership. Customers who support firms actively support advancement of equality and diversity in Dubai’s business community to supporting innovation and quality. Let’s continue to support trailblazers’ efforts as we honour their achievements and acknowledge huge value they offer to our community and society at large. Working together, we can create atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement will allow Dubai’s female entrepreneurs to prosper and serve as role models for upcoming generations.

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