The top 10 best thrift stores and second-hand shops in the UAE

Second hand shops in the UAE

Top thrift stores and second-hand shops in the UAE are an actual treasure chest for shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind items and responsible buying options among the busy retail scenes. These places, which can be found anywhere in Abu Dhabi or on the lively streets of Dubai, provide a carefully selected selection of gently used clothing, furnishings, and accessories to suit an extensive variety of preferences and price points. These shops, which promote recycling and reusing, not only supply customers with unique things but also help cut down on waste and encourage a lifestyle that is more environmentally friendly. Thrift stores in the United Arab Emirates are the world of style and long-term viability, inviting customers to discover a world where responsible buying and fashion meet.

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Here are the top 10 best thrift stores and second-hand shops in the UAE:

1.Borrow Me:

Second hand shops in the UAE

Presenting with an almost amazingly affordable, long-lasting concept, UAE-based start-up Through the online lending and rental platform Borrow Me, users can “borrow” (rent) goods from other users for as long as necessary. The idea is sound for both parties—the owners, who profit from renting out kits that would otherwise just be lying around the house, and the people who hire the equipment.

2.Cloud set:

Second-hand shops in the UAE

For the first time, Cloud Set, an app-operated rental company located in Dubai, is going offline. Launched its first pop-up shop in Dubai Marina in association with the cosmetics store Face Room. Clients can rent an excellent variety of designer pieces and bring some home permanently after an in-person consultation. Select things like a Chloe Tess bag, which is yours to keep for Dhs600, or a pair of Jimmy Choose, which is yours for Dhs372 for four days.



This thrifty e-commerce shop, which originated in England, has recently moved to Dubai and sells pre-owned designer clothing. Each entry includes information on the item’s original retail price as well as its condition. In addition to finding some great deals on used goods, you can rent items and list your own products on the website, with everything taken care of for you—from listing to shipping—for a 20 percent commission charge.

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They run their business out of a beautiful villa in Jumeirah and through their elegant website, which links buyers and sellers of genuine luxury products. They have everything from Chanel to Manolo Blahnik, so don’t go in expecting to score a deal. The products are reasonably priced even though they have been marked down from their original retail value, allowing the sellers to keep a reasonable commission.

5.Golden Goose Forward Store:

Golden Goose Forward Store

Golden Goose, an international skateboarding brand, has a “Forward” concept store in Mall of the Emirates. Transforming clothing into a new style, recycling, reselling, and repairing clothes of any brand are the four main tenets of durability. A seamstress and cobblers are available in the store to fix your damaged clothing or give it a fresh look with quirky patches or embroidery.

6.Kawaii Art UAE:

Kawaii Art UAE

An Instagram account based in the United Arab Emirates that functions as an online thrift store. Via their social media pages, Kawaii Art UAE offers a variety of vintage and pre-owned goods for sale. Every Tuesday, there are new clothes drops. To purchase an item, simply comment “mine” on the picture of the item you like, beat other commenters, then complete the transaction using the link they email you.

7.La Brocante:

La Brocante

This Al Quoz warehouse, which translates as “the flea market” in French, is a genuine gold mine of gently used furniture and home decor. Natasha Fownes, a resident of Dubai, opened the neighborhood-feeling store in 2020 after being influenced by London’s historic Portobello Road. You can be sure that everything offered is of high quality because Natasha and her team of experts handpick everything. You may frequently find genuine, iconic vintage pieces like the Eames chairs.

8.Les Spot:

Les Spot

This Al Wasl store offers a well-chosen selection of antique apparel. You can find vintage band t-shirts, bucket hats, and sunglasses that seem like they belong in The Matrix here. Think YK2. Offering a variety of designer, vintage, and pre-owned high-street goods, shopping here is like going on a treasure hunt. In addition, they provide a variety of home décor goods, such as books, prints, and vases.

9.Reems Closet:

Reems Closet

Reems Closet is a 2008-founded business that offers gently used clothing at different price ranges depending on the item’s condition. Select genuine, “as new” products, or attractive prices for authentic artefacts with small imperfections (all of which are displayed or identified explicitly). Reem offers an antiques stand with La Brocante in addition to their businesses at Jumeirah Plaza and Mazaya Centre. This is great for thrifters because it allows them to browse for antique clothing and furniture all under one roof!



With three locations—in Al Quoz, Al Ghurair Centre, and JLT’s X3 Tower—this really stylish thrift store—think genuinely carefully chosen concept store vibes—is less of an antique trove and more of a treasure market. With two levels and hundreds of high-street and high-end new arrivals every week, it’s no wonder that savvy shoppers seeking a trendy deal frequent this location.


The expanding thrift stores and second-hand shops in the UAE represent an increase in support for responsible and environmentally friendly purchasing. Businesses give buyers affordable and unique products, making an important contribution to decreasing environmental impact through varied offers and dedication to recycling things. Shops serve as an inspiration market for eco-friendly clothing, showing fashion and ecology can coexist peacefully. Supporting businesses to create a more environmentally conscious society for future generations means improving customers’ outfits.

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