The top 7 best Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai

The top 7 best Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai

Dubai, city known for its beauty and luxury, variety of delicious food choices to satisfy every taste. Greek food has made a name for itself in the varied cuisine scene by providing a palate-pleasing experience that takes customers away to the straightforward Greek beach. The finest 7 Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai are listed below, bringing the flavours of Greece to life in an explosion of flavour and tradition. They do with friendly service, beautiful atmosphere, and extensive menu that pays attention to the essence of Greek culture.

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Here are the top 7 best Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai:

1. Mythos Kouzina & Grill

The top 7 best Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai

Even before you enter the Mythos, your stomach will probably be screaming with excitement as you walk down the corridors of the Armada Avenue Hotel, experiencing the aromas of freshly cooked meats. With white-stone floors and walls simulating underground spaces, it was built to look like a little Greek restaurant. It has a beautiful dining area and an outside terrace that is perfect for the winter. Enjoy classic Greek cuisine such as gyros and cheese salads that are imported straight from Naxos Island.


The top 7 best Greek restaurants to visit in Dubai

One of the most well-liked Greek restaurants in Dubai is GAIA. It is called after the Greek goddess of Earth and is the creation of Chef Izu Ani and his skilled chef de cuisine, Orestis Kotefas. The three of them have worked together to create an incredibly delicious menu that includes meats, pasta, and fresh seafood that is sourced directly from the restaurant’s fish market. This is a really posh place, so reserve it for a special event or supper where everyone is prepared to shell out a little cash.

3. Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna

Fish Beach Taverna, one of the most popular Greek restaurants in Dubai, offers everything you could possibly want and more. Seafood is the restaurant’s speciality, as one could guess from the name. So, base your order around your favourite fish, either hot or cold, followed with sides of mezze, dips and the freshest Greek salad this side of the Aegean. Its attractive features include brick walkways, blue highlights, and beautiful white dining tables.

4. Philotimos


A lunch at Philotimos is well worth a trip along Al Wasl Road. After launching at the end of last year, this tiny Greek restaurant the creation of Spero Panagakis and Alexander Stumpf, the minds behind BB Social has developed a devoted following. Because the cuisine is the main attraction, the interior design is minimal, with white-washed walls, stone-washed floors, and tablecloth-free tables. As a result, the menu features mezze, grills, and classic meat, fish, and vegetable selections, all paying tribute to traditional Greek food.

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5. Shimmers


Shimmers is famous restaurant that has stood through test of time. It’s amazing location underground the Burj Al Arab is exceeded only by its delicious cuisine. There is no dish smashing here, as it is situated right on the beach under a plain structure made of coloured wood. Actually, you’ll be in for a relaxed eating experience enjoying perfectly prepared Greek home cooking. You’re set to go with a fresh glass of light pink grape juice to wash it down.

6. Taverna Greek Kitchen

Taverna Greek Kitchen

A great family-friendly Greek restaurant that is comfortable and well-maintained, it is hidden away among Madinat Jumeirah’s gorgeous waterways. The food, which includes dishes like spinach pie salad, souvlaki skewers served with homemade wood-fired pita bread, and fresh fish of the day grilled with tangy lemon oil, is as authentic as they come, although being a popular tourist destination.

7. Zorba’s Haven

Zorba’s Haven

For fans of Greek food, Zorba’s hideaway is a truly hideaway, situated away in the centre of Dubai’s cuisine scene. Zorba’s Haven offers genuine trip through streets of Greece, complete with delicious aromas of souvlaki and moussaka.


Greek restaurants Dubai offers an extensive choice of cuisine options that combine innovation, customs, and the pure joy of eating in amazing food. Whether you’ve had Greek food in Dubai before or not, these are the top 7 Greek restaurants that you simply must visit. They guarantee to take you on an unforgettable Greek cuisine journey in the heart of the Middle East. A visit to these Greek cuisine havens in Dubai guarantees an amazing gourmet trip for anyone looking for a wonderful combination of tradition and creativity.

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