The nine stunning bars with unique interiors in Dubai

bars with unique interiors in Dubai

Situated in bright skyscrapers and amazing scenery, Dubai city known for its outstanding dedication to luxury and innovation. Its growing nightlife scene, where gorgeous bars with unique interiors define the very meaning of luxury entertainment, is where the idea is most evident. Dubai’s bars are architectural wonders, expression of city’s exceptional creativity and dedication to providing an amazing experience for senses. Modern interiors that perfectly combine modern and traditional elements and their incredible views of famous skyline, these venues create an ideal atmosphere for an unforgettable evening. The combination of luxury, creativity, and cultural influences in this lively town creates an environment that is above and above ordinary, contributing to Dubai’s attraction to people all around the world are its bars, which have outstanding interior design.

Set out on an interesting half day traditional Dubai city tour, weaved through the city’s rich history and modern architecture like an attaching story. Visitors walk through bright souks, they come across aromatic spices and colourful fabrics that have defined Dubai’s centuries-long trading history. A picture opportunity at the famous Burj Khalifa offers a beautiful opportunity of viewing the tallest structure in the world. Half-day tour ends in traditional abras crossing of Dubai Creek, which captures the essence of city’s history by combining its rich cultural past with lively life that drives it forward.

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Here are the 9 stunning bars with unique interiors in Dubai

1. Amelia

stunning bars with unique interiors in Dubai

In case you hadn’t noticed, Amelia takes inspiration from the adventures of Amelia Earheart, whose native home was in Lebanon. With its huge vintage aeroplane engine and working wings, this facility radiates an industrial, daring and futuristic atmosphere.

2. Galaxy Bar

bars with unique interiors in Dubai

As the name implies, Galaxy Bar is a space-themed restaurant with a fantastic pattern. With a capacity for just a small number of customers at a time, this ultra-luxurious late-night lounge is named number 45 in the World’s 50 Best Bars. It operates on the ‘if you know, you know’ model, so getting a reservation is difficult but well worth the wait.

3. Suave

3 Suave

Situated away upstairs at the Mediterranean restaurant Basko is this beautiful underground bar. There’s a curved staircase with mirrors and lamps leading up to it, where sections of ruby red drop from the ceiling to form an artwork above your head that resembles roses. A collection of more than 200 classic records covers the walls, taking you back in time to a world of luxury and glitter. Visitors are entertained into the early hours of the morning by eclectic DJ performances featuring jazz, disco, and old school funk.

4. Nonsense


This is an incredible mashup of the current and historical eras. The instant you step inside Nonsense, you’re transfixed by the space’s 3D wall projections, mood-appropriate lighting, and coffee shop employees wearing weird masks. Unique design and cosmic bright colours are the main features. Open from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, the cocktail bar’s kind lighting and soft purple velvet chairs evoke a little bit of the 1920s’ vibe.

5. Amazon Ico

Amazon Ico

The interiors of Amazon Ico are extreme and symbolic of a rainforest, which sets it apart. The greatest places to relax are on the main floor and, weather permitting, the rooftop of this expansive three-story building. The second one has a long, emerald-green bar that is lighted by soft gold lights and has bar stools that divide it from the lounge. The buffet menu and the mixed cocktail menu both feature Latin American influences, and the beverages are presented in exotic cups with monkey heads.

6. Gilt


Gilt is Burj Al Arab’s cocktail bar, and it’s truly an attraction to see. Reservations are required in advance. The shiny, huge excessive furnishings, with their gold and metallic décor, are complemented by polished service and a selection of mixed drinks appropriate for the famous venue. Under the direction of Thibault Méquignon, the bar staff crafts cocktails like an Oolong old fashioned and a cherry blossom he quickly aged in a jar.

 7. Salmon Guru

Salmon Guru

The overall concept here is crazy. The powerful, irregular neon lights, the amazing combination of light and colour, the noisy lettering, the strange design, and the abstract, imaginative atmosphere that transports you to another world will all give away the location. Take in the amazing atmosphere by relaxing in front of, or even behind, the bar while exploring the creative cocktail menu. Even better, get a suggestion from one of the knowledgeable, effortlessly stylish chefs who’ll create something truly special, and serve it in a specially designed cocktail glass from Salmon Guru.

8. Flashback


Flashback is housed within Downtown Dubai’s Hollywood-themed hotel, Hollywood. Ask the front desk staff where this hidden bar is located as it is hidden behind a secret door. The concept is based on the prohibition period of the 1920s, filled with ancient phonograph and confusing barstools. Settle in and enjoy the show as the professional’s craft a superb beverage just for you.



Sumosan’s latest project is a Japanese-inspired bar idea with a highly detailed interior design influenced by the lucky Japanese numerals 7 and 8. Rich, dark colours and bright Japanese themes, such as gold accents, mirrored walls, traditional patterns, and vases, are used to outfit the room. The artwork of a dragon on the ceiling is definitely the main attraction.


Dubai is known for being centre of luxury and creativity in world, and gorgeous bars with unique furnishings perfectly capture these qualities. Dubai’s bars push the boundaries of style and class with their carefully designed, modern interiors and amazing views of the city skyline. Every location is symbol to city’s dedication to stretching creative exterior, providing not just delicious food and drinks but also fully engaging sensory experience. Lively nightlife scene offers tourists an outstanding experience that takes idea of a night out to whole new level. Surrounding is variety of modern architecture, technology, and cultural influences.

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