The Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE

Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE

Explore United Arab Emirates (UAE) with eye towards amazing facts that highlight country’s impressive achievements and diverse culture. The UAE awes with its unique combination of modernity and tradition, from the famous Burj Khalifa‘s towering heights to the creative wonders of man-made islands like the Palm Jumeirah. Explore nation’s creative efforts in space exploration, economic diversification, and other areas, as well as dedication to compassion and diversity, can be seen by programmes like “Year of Tolerance.” Come along on ride as we explore amazing facts that highlight UAE’s special attraction.

A tour of Abu Dhabi’s city is a fascinating way to see how modernity and tradition blend together to create striking contrasts. As the journey goes on, one is transported to a world where gleaming skyscrapers soar over ancient palaces and forts, each structure acting as a reminder of the city’s vibrant past and continuous expansion. Travellers are taken through vibrant souks that provide a glimpse into the centre of Abu Dhabi’s thriving business. There, the vibrant colours of traditional materials blend with the aroma of spices. Along the way, visitors are treated to sights like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the opulent Emirates Palace, both marvels of architectural beauty and cultural significance. Travellers are encouraged to explore city’s soul at each stop on Abu Dhabi city tour, hidden treasures and creating lifelong memories of engaging city.

Here are the Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE:

1. UAE has broken a lot of world records

Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE

They break records quite well in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from housing the “highest restaurant in the world,” the “fastest roller coaster in the world,” and the “tallest freestanding structure in the world,” The UAE has also proposed some incredibly strange and humorous titles. The “longest underwater live radio broadcast,” “largest tin of caviar,” “fastest marathon in an American football kit,” and “most people to parachute from a balloon simultaneously” are a few of the more unusual records (Dubai).

2. It’s home to the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city

Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE

Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City was one of the biggest urban planning projects ever undertaken. In 2008, the UAE first made public its intentions to build the most advanced city. It was supposed to be the first human town ever, powered entirely by recycled water and with zero waste, zero carbon emissions, and zero environmental impact. Here, as opposed to the rest of Abu Dhabi, the streets have been created for walking. An estimated $20 billion was spent on the first phase. There are currently barely 1,300 people residing here, compared to the 50,000 that the authorities had originally intended.

3. UAE is home to the world’s first-ever seven-star hotel

Interesting Facts you need to know about the UAE

One of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab is situated on a man-made island 280 metres (920 feet) off Jumeirah Beach. Standing 321 metres (1055 feet) tall, it was the tallest hotel in the world. Since then, it has fallen to fourth place. Tom Wright created the hotel, which emerged in 1999 and was modelled as a ship’s sail. The hotel has three aquarium suites with 25-karat iPads, a menu for pillows, and the first beach porch in history in addition to a fleet of white Rolls Royce vehicles.

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4. It created the world’s first government ministry for artificial intelligence

It created the world’s first government ministry for artificial intelligence

Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama was appointed the first Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates in 2017. The UAE’s goal of helping spearhead the worldwide technology revolution via innovation, R&D, and leadership includes the establishment of this new ministry. When the minister took up the role, he was only 27 years old. In the Gulf nation, artificial intelligence is a major component of their approach. The UAE projects that the worldwide market value of AI would reach USD 15.7 trillion by 2030.

5. There are no rivers in the UAE

There are no rivers in the UAE

The Vatican and Monaco are two of the only 19 nations and 22 regions in the world without a river that flows through them permanently. The largest subregion free of naturally occurring rivers or lakes is the United Arab Emirates. There are lots of wadis, or valleys or channels, though, and during the rainy months they fill up with rainfall. Additionally, there are a few little marshlands.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) is outstanding example of creativity, variety, and development. UAE never fails to amaze globe with beautiful architectural wonders and constant commitment to tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Country continues to assert status as lively centre of inspiration and opportunity as explores fresh opportunities in space exploration, economic diversification, and cultural interchange. As new information comes to light, UAE’s history of resourcefulness and perseverance becomes more evident, inspiring everyone to be amazed by accomplishments and to welcome infinite possibilities.

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