The Fantastic Kid-Friendly Activities to do in Russia

Activities to do in Russia

Take a fantasy trip around Russia and find an infinite number of interesting kid-friendly activities that are just waiting for you to explore. Take in world of wonder and excitement as you explore cities such as energetic streets of Moscow and luxurious palaces of St. Petersburg. Let your inner adventurer out while you explore the huge green spaces of Gorky Park, participate in interactive exhibitions at top-notch museums, and wonder at the grandeur of the Kremlin. Russia gives families a unique weave of experiences they will remember forever, whether it is feeding the ducks by the peaceful waterways or taking in the amazing shows of the Bolshoi Ballet.

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Here are some fantastic kid-friendly activities to do in Russia:

1. Exploring the Kremlin and Red Square:

Activities to do in Russia

Explore the rich history of Russia by taking a walk around Moscow’s famous Red Square and Kremlin. Enjoy the beauty of ancient structures such as the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed and the strong walls of the Kremlin fortification. Red Square’s large open areas provide plenty of opportunity for kids to run around and take in the atmosphere of this lively cultural centre.

2. Visiting the Hermitage Museum:

Activities to do in Russia

One of the biggest and oldest museums in the world, the Hermitage Museum is located in the impressive Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Its extensive collection includes works of art from the Renaissance as well as antiques from many eras and civilisations. Families can explore the museum together and take part in kid-focused guided tours, interactive workshops, and practical activities like scavenger hunts.

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3. Cruising along the Canals:

Kid-Friendly Activities to do in Russia

Because of its complex system of canals and bridges, St. Petersburg is frequently referred to as the “Venice of the North.”. An unforgettable way to see the city’s historical sites and amazing buildings is via a boat excursion along its rivers. Numerous excursions offer language commentary, suitable for younger audiences and enrich the experience with interesting stories and culture.

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4. Discovering the Treasures of Peterhof Palace:

Kid-Friendly Activities to do in Russia

Peterhof Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its exquisite gardens and beautiful fountains, is situated not far from St. Petersburg. The huge Lower Gardens of the palace complex are home to more than 150 fountains and statues, while the Grand Palace itself is home to beautiful chambers and imperial relics.

5. Exploring Gorky Park:

Exploring Gorky Park

Situated in Moscow along the Moskva River, Gorky Park is a huge urban sanctuary that is cherished by both residents and tourists. There are lots of family-friendly attractions in the park, such as sports facilities, playgrounds, and seasonal activities. Kids can explore the extensive pathways on bicycles, rollerblades, or scooters that can be rented, or they can try their hand at beach volleyball, mini-golf, and skateboarding.

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6. Attending a Matryoshka Doll Painting Workshop:

Attending a Matryoshka Doll Painting Workshop

Russian nesting dolls, or matryoshka dolls, are a well-loved representation of Russian workmanship and culture. In Russia, a lot of art studios and cultural centres have classes where kids may learn how to paint and decorate their own collection of Matryoshka dolls under the supervision of professional painters.


As your journey through Russia comes to an end, allow the memories of joy, knowledge gained, and discovery to stay dear to your hearts. Your family’s journey has surely been forever impacted by Russia’s rich weave of culture and past, from the towering spires of old churches to the tiny cobblestone lanes of historic towns. Every experience has been a testament to the romance of travel, whether it was the excitement of finding hidden treasures in the Hermitage Museum or the delight of tasting traditional Russian sweets in busy markets. As you say goodbye to this magical country, keep in mind that adventure has no boundaries, and Russia will always be waiting to welcome you back for another amazing journey. Discover additional activities to do in Russia and continue with your journey!

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