The Famous tourist attractions that put Dubai on the Map

tourist attractions that put Dubai on the MapDubai is a modern city that rises out of the Arabian Desert and has a skyline full of architectural wonders that have attracted the interest of people all over the world. One of most well-known tourist destinations, Burj Khalifa, is tallest man-made skyscraper on Earth and expression of ambition and creativity that has maintained its place on world stage. Dubai Mall provides unique shopping experience combined with exciting entertainment alternatives like Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, while Palm Jumeirah, an artificial archipelago built like palm tree, attracts visitors with luxurious accommodations and beautiful shores. Dubai’s attraction is its perfect combination of history and modernity, which is visible in everything from thrilling desert safaris to lively cultural events of Dubai Creek and historic souks, making it must-go-to place for both dreamers and adventurers.

With our Half Day Traditional Dubai City Tour, discover the unique fusion of modern wonders and old history. Enter the heart of Old Dubai and follow our knowledgeable guides through the narrow streets of the famous Al Fahidi area, which is home to the famous Al Fahidi Fort, which is currently the home of the Dubai Museum. Take in the bright ambiance of the busy souks, where the glitter of shop displays attracts, and the aroma of spices lingers in the air. Sail over Dubai Creek’s calm waters in a traditional abra and take in the city’s amazing architectural skyline. Enjoy the refined style of the past. Our half-day traditional Dubai city tour promises unforgettable exploration of emirate’s rich history of culture and timeless attractiveness, from beauty of Jumeirah Mosque to busy paths of textile souk.

Here are the Famous tourist attractions that put Dubai on the Map:

1. Burj KhalifaBurj Khalifa

With its amazing height of 828 meters (2,717 ft), the Burj Khalifa has the title of being the world’s tallest structure, not just in Dubai. It was created by well-known architect Adrian Smith and gives visitors access to observation decks on 124th and 148th floors, offer outstanding views of cityscape, desert, and ocean. Building also includes world-class Armani Hotel, corporate offices, and luxurious residential buildings.

2. The Palm JumeirahThe Palm Jumeirah

Forming an artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s most ambitious engineering achievements. It was built utilising redevelopment techniques and is home to range of entertainment and dining options, luxury hotels such as famous Atlantis, and premium residential sections. Water sports are available to visitors, relax on beautiful shores or take use of the Palm’s monorail, which offers expansive views of the island and beyond.

3. Dubai MallDubai Mall

Dubai Mall is known for being shopping haven, but it also has wide selection of other activities that suit visitors of all ages and interests. With floor area of more than 1.1 million square meters, it is home to approximately 1,200 retail establishments, including boutiques and luxury brands. Mall also has attractions including VR Park Dubai, an Olympic-sized ice-skating rink, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, and Dubai Fountain, attracts observers with amazing water and light displays coordinated to music.

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4. Burj Al Arabtourist attractions that put Dubai on the Map

As one of world’s most luxurious hotels, Burj Al Arab is well-known representation of Dubai’s beauty and friendliness. With unique design inspired by sail of boat, classic Arabian sailboat, hotel provides incomparable style and individualized service. Its luxurious apartments, include two-story Royal Suite, are decorated with gold leaf accents and offer expansive views of Arabian Gulf. Its well-known restaurants, such Al Mahara’s underwater dining experience, provide up delicious meals to customers.

5. Dubai Creektourist attractions that put Dubai on the Map

Dubai Creek, city’s cultural and historical center, provides insight into rich marine history of area. Explore lively souks in Deira and Bur Dubai, tourists are able to bargain in traditional markets for gold, textiles, and spices. Take an informal trip aboard a classic wooden dhow and enjoy the peaceful waters of the creek while taking in views of the city skyline.


Dubai’s well-known tourism attractions helped to establish city as top choice for luxury, innovation, and adventure travellers worldwide. Every landmark, calm beaches of Palm Jumeirah to towering heights of Burj Khalifa, narrates a story of aspiration, wealth, and cultural variety. Dubai attracts tourists from all over world with ability to mix modern with history in smooth way, offering boundless chances for discovery and life-changing experiences. Dubai’s attraction as lighthouse of luxury and beauty firmly establishes it as one of world’s most recognisable cities.

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