The best Zoos and aquariums to visit in Dubai

Zoos and aquariums to visit in DubaiFamous for its luxury and beauty, Dubai is home to some of the most remarkable zoos and aquariums worldwide. The city offers a number of options for animal lovers, from the zoos and aquariums to visit in Dubai, which can be found away within the famous Dubai Mall and offer attracting underwater experiences, to the Dubai Safari Park, which is a vast wildlife sanctuary that offers exciting experiences with an extensive variety of species. In addition, the Emirates Park Zoo & Resort offers a unique combination of relaxation and preservation, allowing visitors to enjoy outdoor activities and close-up interactions with a variety of animals. These attractions represent Dubai’s dedication to excellence in tourism and conservation initiatives in addition to presenting the wonders of the animal kingdom.

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Here are the best Zoos and aquariums to visit in Dubai:

1. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater ZooDubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Situated away inside the well-known Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo provides a thrilling dive into the ocean’s depths. The huge acrylic watching screen, which offers a thrilling view as visitors move through an open tunnel surrounded by an amazing variety of marine life, is its main feature. Thousands of species can be seen in the aquarium, which include beautiful rays to huge sharks. With its interactive exhibits and educational displays, the Underwater Zoo improves this underwater beauty.

2. Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park

The 119-hectare Dubai Safari Park is evidence of the city’s dedication to wildlife preservation and education. The park, which is located near Al Warqa’a, gives visitors the chance to go on safari through carefully recreated ecosystems, including those found in Africa, Arabia, and Asia. Here, visitors may see a wide variety of animals in settings that nearly resemble their native habitats, from imposing lions to beautiful gazelles.

3. Emirates Park Zoo & ResortEmirates Park Zoo & Resort

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort, a short drive from Dubai, provides an exciting combination of recreation and animal experiences. The zoo’s expansive layout gives animals plenty of room to roam about in environments that are meant to represent their natural surroundings. A closer connection with the animal kingdom can be fostered by offering visitors interactive experiences like feeding sessions and camel rides.

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4. The Green PlanetZoos and aquariums to visit in Dubai

The Green Planet, situated away in the busy City Walk neighborhood, welcomes visitors as they enter a lush and green bright haven. Thousands of species of plants and animals from tropical regions across the world are housed in this indoor rainforest bio-dome, which is a wonder of ecological architecture. Walking over canopy walkways, visitors can come across colorful birds, sloths, and monkeys, among other exotic wildlife.

5. Aqua venture Waterpark & Lost Chambers AquariumZoos and aquariums to visit in Dubai

Aqua venture Waterpark & Lost Chambers Aquarium, situated at Atlantis, The Palm, provides an incomparable aquatic experience right in the centre of Dubai. Adrenaline-junkies can risk heart-pounding water slides, while visitors looking for a more relaxed experience can lounge on beautiful shores or take peaceful river excursions. Visitors can explore an old underwater city at the Lost Chambers Aquarium and take in the amazing variety of marine life, includes colorful coral reefs, sharks, and rays.


Dubai’s aquariums and zoos are the centerpieces of the city’s commitment to giving tourists life-changing experiences while advancing conservation, education, and animal welfare. These attractions have something to offer everyone, whether it’s appreciating the huge underwater world at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, discovering the various ecosystems at Dubai Safari Park, or taking advantage of the recreational opportunities at Emirates Park Zoo & Resort. These zoos and aquariums are still must-see locations for both residents and visitors, delivering a genuinely world-class combination of entertainment, education, and conservation as Dubai develops and expands its offers.

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