The best places to see sunrise and sunset in Egypt

sunrise and sunset in Egypt

Some of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset views on earth can be seen in Egypt, a country known for its historical wonders and beautiful scenery. Every site offers different viewpoint to see how the sky changes at sunrise and sunset, from calm Red Sea coast to impressive Saharan dunes. Imagine observing the everlasting Pyramids of Giza come to life on the first morning or the calm Nile River bathed in a golden glow as the sun sets below the horizon. Egypt offers varied and beautiful surroundings that guarantee amazing moments of natural beauty at both sunrise and sunset. You are exploring the ancient temples of Luxor or the beautiful shores of Sinai.

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Here are the best places to see sunrise and sunset in Egypt:

1. Pyramids of Giza:

sunrise and sunset in Egypt

You can travel back in time and enjoy a mysterious feeling when you watch the sunrise over the Giza Pyramids. The pyramids can be seen by the golden tones of sunrise as the first rays of sunlight reach these historic buildings, producing an amazing view. The peace and quiet of the early morning heightens the experience, allowing you to fully understand the majestic beauty and mystery of these ageless monuments.

2. Mount Sinai:

sunrise and sunset in Egypt

Mount Sinai, a site of great religious significance, provides a deeply spiritual sunrise experience. The ascent, which is frequently made at night, is rewarded with a beautiful view of the sun rising and lighting the wild valleys and mountains in a soft, dreamy light. The amazing, expansive views from the peak leave both nature lovers and devout people with unforgettable memories.

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3. Nile River:

sunrise and sunset in Egypt

Egypt’s lifeblood, the Nile River, offers a peaceful background for sunset viewing. The peaceful river waters in places like Luxor and Aswan reflect the bright colours of the twilight sky, producing a peaceful and lovely view. A sunset felucca ride provides an unforgettable view of classic sailboats silhouetted against a lively sky, making it the ideal way to round off a day of exploring.

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4. White Desert:

White Desert

The White Desert provides a unique setting for sunrise and sunset and is known for its amazing limestone structures. A weird and beautiful landscape is created by the stark white rocks’ contrast with the sky’s shifting hues. The desert is a photographer’s and adventurer’s dream come true as the sun rises or sets because of the way light and shadows highlight its unique forms and textures.

5. Siwa Oasis:

Siwa Oasis

Situated in the Western Desert, Siwa Oasis is a peaceful haven famous for its beautiful palm trees, pristine springs, and briny salt lakes. This place has incredibly calm sunrises and sunsets, with the sun throwing gentle light over the oasis and gorgeous reflections on the water. Siwa is the ideal getaway for anyone looking for a beautiful and reflective experience because of its peaceful surroundings and incredible natural beauty.

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6. Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh:

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh

The amazing views of the coast are the main attraction of these well-liked Red Sea resorts. The horizon is on fire in colours of orange, pink, and purple during the amazing sunrise and sunset over the Red Sea. The bright colours of the sky and sea create an incredible setting that is both peaceful and energising, whether you are lounging on the beach, floating on a boat, or diving in the sparkling waters.


Experience the incredible beauty of sunrises and sunsets like never before, thanks to Egypt’s varied and interesting landscapes. Every destination offers a unique and remarkable experience, whether you’re looking at the huge expanse of the Sahara Desert, taking in the peaceful surroundings of the Nile River, or standing before the towering Pyramids of Giza. Every sunrise and sunset in Egypt are guaranteed to be not just a beautiful treat but also a meaningful connection to the everlasting soul of this ancient land, thanks to the harmonious combination of natural beauty and historical beauty.

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