The best museums to visit in Sharjah

The best museums to visit in Sharjah

Discover Sharjah’s rich cultural and historical weave by visiting its outstanding museums. City provides variety of enriching experiences for every interested from well-known Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which offers attracting journey through Islamic art, science, and culture, to Sharjah Art Museum, which showcases an exciting collection of modern and traditional artworks. Explore past at Sharjah Archaeology Museum, antiquated objects reveal intriguing archaeological past of the area, or take tour of Sharjah Heritage Museum, which is an actual treasure trove of Emirati customs and traditions. Sharjah’s museums are all evidence of city’s dedication to conserving history and promoting broader awareness of its cultural identity.

Take incredible Sharjah city tour and become fully engrossed in rich mix of innovation, history, and culture that characterises this thriving Emirati city. Every corner reveals a tale just waiting to be uncovered, well-known sites of lively city centre to calm Arabian Gulf beaches. Enjoy beautiful design of Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, features interesting exhibits and artefacts that bring centuries of Islamic history to life. Explore ancient Al Hisn Fort’s winding passageways, which are a reminder of city’s illustrious past as a military bastion. Enjoy expansive views of beautiful coastline and glittering skyline as tour glides down Corniche, providing peaceful haven in the middle of the busy town.

Here are the best museums to visit in Sharjah

1. Sharjah Art Museum

Sharjah Art Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum, which is centrally located, is an outstanding representation of creativity in art and dialogue between cultures. It provides visitors with a journey across the various artistic landscape of the Arab world, presenting a wide collection of modern and traditional artworks. The museum often holds seminars, educational events, and temporary exhibitions to promote enjoyment of the arts and conversation.

2. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

This museum, which is housed in a carefully renovated historic structure, offers an engaging introduction to the rich history of Islamic civilization. Its displays provide unique insights into the accomplishments and contributions of Islamic civilization across numerous fields, ranging from delicate materials and beautiful calligraphy to scientific devices and amazing structures.

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3. Sharjah Heritage Museum

Sharjah Heritage Museum

Visit the Sharjah Heritage Museum to travel back in time and become fully engrossed in the colourful tapestry of Sharjah’s historical past. The museum documents the ancient Bedouin way of life by showcasing the traditions, crafts, and ceremonies that have moulded the emirate’s character over the ages through carefully chosen displays and interactive exhibits. Every artefact, from beautifully woven textiles to costly jewellery and architectural reconstructions, conveys a tale of determination and tenacity in the face of modernism.

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4. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Explore the depths of history at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum, where historic artefacts and archaeological discoveries provide insights into the illustrious past of the emirate. The museum’s collections, which span millennia of human civilization, include tools, ceremonial objects, and shards of pottery that provide insight into the prehistoric communities, trading routes, and cross-cultural interactions of the area.

5. Al Mahatta Museum

The best museums to visit in Sharjah

Situated inside the famous walls of Al Mahatta Airport, this museum honours Sharjah’s groundbreaking involvement in the initial stages of aviation history. The museum, housed in a beautifully reconstructed terminal building, provides an engrossing trip through the heyday of aviation with its collection of antique aircraft, interactive displays and historical photos documenting the development of air transport in the area.

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6. Sharjah Maritime Museum

The best museums to visit in Sharjah

The Sharjah Maritime Museum is located along the beautiful waterfront and welcomes visitors to go on an adventure exploring the maritime customs of the Arabian Gulf. The museum highlights the important roles that fishing, pearl diving, and maritime trade had in forming the region’s economy and culture through an extensive collection of artefacts, models, and interactive displays.


Sharjah’s museums serve as important hubs for intellectual stimulation and provide a window into local customs and history. Explore the depths of Islamic civilization, discover modern art, or discover the region’s archaeological treasures—each museum provides a different viewpoint on Sharjah’s rich past. These institutions act as guardians of creativity and history, inspiring current and future generations to value the rich diversity of human expression in addition to preserving the past. A trip to these museums is an in-depth experience with Sharjah’s essence rather than simply a tour of the exhibits.

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