The top 10 beaches in Sharjah for water fun

beaches in Sharjah

Sharjah is more than the UAE’s “cultural capital”. Its sandy sands, beautiful sea, and diversity of activities make its scenic coastline a water sports enthusiast’s dream. The beach is a magnet for locals and visitors in warm weather. We’ll show you Sharjah’s 10 greatest beaches for sunbathing, surfing, and making memories.

The top 10 beaches in Sharjah for water fun

1. Al Khan Beach

beaches in Sharjah

Families and swimmers adore Al Khan Beach. It’s perfect for swimming, beach volleyball, and picnics due to its calm waters and well-kept amenities. The beach is perfect for unwinding.

2. Plaza del Mamzar

beaches in Sharjah

Al Mamzar Beach Park has a beach, greenery, and leisure. Beach villas provide calm swimming, grilling, and paddling for families.

3. Khorfakkan, Beach:

beaches in Sharjah

Khorfakkan Beach in eastern Sharjah has stunning mountains and azure ocean. Reefs are strong and bright, so snorkelers and divers will love it.

4. Ajman’s Beach:

beaches in Sharjah

Ajman Beach is in a different emirate, yet Sharjah residents may find it easy to travel to. The calm waves and gorgeous shoreline attract sunbathers, surfers, and beachgoers seeking to relax or try something new.

5. Lou Lou’a Beach

beaches in Sharjah

At calm Lou Lou’a Beach, you may jet ski, banana boat, or kayak. A pool, slides, and a kiddie play area make it excellent for families.

6. Beach Resort Coral :

Beach Resort Coral

Coral Beach Resort Beach is the best luxury beach escape. The resort’s beach offers snorkelling, diving, and sailing.

7. Sharjah Women’s Club Beach

Sharjah Womens Club Beach

Sharjah Ladies Club Beach is family-friendly and elite. Water slides, pools, and fitness equipment are available at the beach.

8. Kalba Corniche Park and Beach

Kalba Corniche Park and Beach

Kalba Corniche Park and Beach is a relaxing spot with stunning landscape. Birdwatching, mangrove kayaking, and aquatic relaxation are all offered here.

9. Al Hamriyah Beach.

Al Hamriyah Beach

Al Hamriyah Beach is a quieter urban retreat. Beachgoers can swim, walk, and wait in queues.

10. Sheraton Beach

Sheraton Beach

Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa guests will love the few yards to Sheraton Beach. Guest activities include beach volleyball, paddle boarding, and kayaking.


Our tour of Sharjah’s top 10 water parks ends as the sun sets and heats the ocean. Sandy beaches and crystal blue sea had captivated us in Sharjah’s coastal communities.

Dubai’s beaches provide something for everyone, from vibrant Al Khan Beach to quiet Kalba Corniche Park & Beach. These beaches provide relaxation and water sports.

The Arabian Gulf’s shoreline attractions in Sharjah demonstrate nature’s healing potential. Visit one of these beaches with friends and family to rediscover the basic pleasures of life, like running in the sand and swimming in the waves.

Remember that these top 10 beaches are gateways to aquatic exploration and healing, not just resting spots. They let us escape our hectic lives and enjoy summer’s simple joys.

Sharjah’s City Tour lets tourists and inhabitants enjoy the city’s beauty, seaside appeal, and remarkable experiences. Take with you the joy of shared experiences, the tranquilly of the sea, and the memory of these coastal treasures as you leave the coastlines and sparkling waters.

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