The best black sea beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia

beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia

The courageous traveller will find an incredible number of beautiful black sea beaches, picture-perfect beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia. Georgia is home to some of the best coastal locations in the area, from the colourful beaches of Batumi to the calm shores of Kobuleti. Enjoy ideal balance of relaxation and adventure while you soak up the sun, enjoy delicious food, and discover this interesting nation’s rich cultural past. Every discerning traveller can expect a memorable break from Georgia’s Black Sea beaches and resorts; they are seeking peaceful seaside getaways or thrilling water activities.

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Here are the best black sea beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia:

1. Batumi Beach: 

beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia

Located on Georgia’s southwest coast, Batumi Beach is a lively and exciting resort. It’s the perfect place for amusement and relaxation, with a busy beach bar, a lively boardwalk bordered by palm trees, and a variety of water sports. Take an easy walk along the modern architecture-adorned seafront boulevard or simply relax in the sun on the sandy shoreline.

2. Kobuleti Beach: 

beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia

Kobuleti Beach, which is only a short drive from Batumi, has a more peaceful and relaxed vibe. The lovely beach, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and flanked by the spectacular Caucasus Mountains, offers a calm haven for visitors looking to relax. In addition to swimming in the Black Sea’s calm waves, visitors can take relaxing walks down the shore and just relax in the beautiful natural surroundings.

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3. Ureki Beach: 

beaches and resorts to visit in Georgia

Ureki Beach is a unique location with supposed health benefits, known for its unique magnetic sand. The magnetic qualities of the seashore are thought to provide healing benefits, attracting people looking for cures for a range of illnesses. Beyond its medicinal qualities, Ureki Beach is a lovely location for family picnics, swimming, and sunbathing because of its gentle golden sands and peaceful waves.

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4. Sarpi Beach: 

Sarpi Beach

Situated close to the Turkish border, Sarpi Beach provides a private haven among a rocky shoreline and beautiful woodlands. It is a well-liked location for nature lovers and photographers due to its clean waters and amazing views of the Black Sea. In addition to taking gorgeous treks along the seaside paths, visitors may explore the nearby village of Sarpi, which is well-known for its cosy environment and restaurants serving fresh seafood.

5. Gonio Beach: 

Gonio Beach

The historic Roman fortification of Gonio-Apsaros, located on Gonio Beach, lends a unique cultural component to the area’s amazing natural beauty. The beach is a great place to relax and reflect because of its calm atmosphere and fine beaches. The fortress’s well-preserved ruins are open to history buffs, and beachgoers can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing nearby.

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6. Anaklia Beach: 

Anaklia Beach

Anaklia Beach, which is located on Georgia’s northwest coast, is a wonderful combination of lively activity and unspoiled beauty. It’s family-friendly location is perfect for swimming and water sports because of its broad stretch of golden sand and calm, shallow waves. The beach atmosphere of Anaklia becomes more alive with excitement and enjoyment during the summer months thanks to the numerous events and festivals held there, such as music concerts and cultural celebrations.


Black Sea beaches and resorts in Georgia provide an extensive variety of experiences to suit the needs of any kind of traveller. Whether it’s the relaxed atmosphere of Kobuleti or the lively life of Batumi, every coastal location offers a unique combination of warm hospitality, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. A trip to Georgia’s Black Sea coast offers a wealth of experiences and amazing views that will make for memories that last long after the sun goes down. Take in the beauty of this gorgeous shoreline and go off on a journey of exploration in one of Eastern Europe’s most attractive locations.

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