10 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year in Georgia

New Year in Georgia

Celebrate the New Year in Georgia’s stunning landscapes, where tradition and modernity mix as the year draws to an end. From the energetic streets of Tbilisi to the tranquil mountain getaways of Kazbegi, our carefully chosen list of the 10 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year promises an amazing experience for every visitor. We provide special Georgia holiday packages from Dubai to make your celebration perfect and guarantee a hassle-free trip full of fun. Every location offers a different celebration, from a beach feast in Batumi to historical elegance in Mtskheta. This makes the countdown to the New Year in Georgia an amazing journey. Come along for an unforgettable adventure through culture, history, and fun as we make lifelong memories.

Some of the 10 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year in Georgia are as follows

1. Tbilisi – The Heartbeat of Georgia’s New Year Celebrations

New Year in Georgia

Tbilisi is abuzz with activities on New Year’s eve. The festivities take place in Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square. Go for a concert, colourful street shows and splendid fireworks. Holidays will be characterized by an overnight stay at a hotel located at the heart of the city, VIP entry into selected party places as well as tour around the town.

2. Batumi – A Coastal Extravaganza

New Year in Georgia

Travel to Batumi in order to have a coastline party in the black sea. The boulevard with festively lit up trees gives magically feel to it. Beach front lodging, grand banquet dinner and sunset viewing yacht cruise with a magnificent midnight firework show forms part of the holiday package.

3. Kazbegi National Park – A Mountain Retreat

Kazbegi National Park A Mountain Retreat

Celebrate in the peacefulness of Kazbegi National park with your mountains. The holiday package comprises stay in a cozy mountain lodge, trekking tour to Gergeti Trinity Church, and private dinner on New year’s eve with breath-taking view of snowy peaks.

4. Signagi – The City of Love

Signagi The City of Love

Take a trip to Signagi for love and romance. A fairytale like setting composed by the cobbled streets and the Alazani Valley background. Holiday package which include staying at boutique hotel , wine tasting tour in kahkati region and romantic dinner on New Year.

5. Mtskheta – Historical Elegance

Mtskheta Historical Elegance

Experience the history of Georgia, at Mtskheta, its ancient capital. An inclusive package offers; guided tour on the ancient cities, staying in a classic guesthouse and cultural entertainment event for ushering New Year.

6. Borjomi – Toast to Wellness

Borjomi Toast to Wellness

Start a healthy New Year in Borjomi. Holiday at the famous mineral springs and spa treatment in plus wellness resort. Be merry, toast for health and happiness surrounded by peacefulness.

7. Uplistsikhe: Caves and Countdowns

Uplistsikhe Caves and Countdowns

Take a tour of the historic town of Uplistsikhe, carved out of the rock. A guided tour of the archaeological site, a traditional Georgian feast in a cave restaurant, and entry into the local countdown celebration are all included in the holiday package.

8. Vardzia: An Enchanted Cliffside Festivities

Vardzia An Enchanted Cliffside Festivities

Savour the start of a new year in the ethereal surroundings of our cave monastery. A guided tour of Vardzia, a subterranean dwelling experience, and a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner inside the historic walls are all included in the holiday package.

9. Gudauri – Ski into the New Year

Gudauri - Ski into the New Year

Gudauri provides an exciting New Year’s party for snow aficionados. Ski passes, equipment rental, and lodging in a ski-in/ski-out chalet are all included in the vacation package. Participate in the mountain celebrations and take in the fireworks set against a wintry setting.

10. Ananuri Fortress: Where Tradition and Joy Coexist

Ananuri Fortress Where Tradition and Joy Coexist

Perched on the scenic banks of Lake Zhinvali, Ananuri Fortress is a mesmerising fusion of festivity and history. With its old stone walls and towers, this mediaeval wonder narrates stories of Georgia’s glorious past. Ananuri becomes a place of refuge as the New Year draws near, where the noises of festivity blend with the ghosts of the past.


Georgia appears as the ultimate place where history, culture, and celebration mix as we approach the start of a new year. All of these locations from the vibrant streets of Tbilisi to the peaceful retreats of Kazbegi and the historic atmosphere of Ananuri Fortress offer something different for your New Year’s celebrations. With our luxurious Georgia holiday packages from Dubai, you can have a worry-free vacation and fully immerse yourself in the festivities. Georgia’s varied landscapes guarantee an unmatched celebration, whether you choose the health refuge of Borjomi, the coastal beauty of Batumi, or the snowy peaks of Gudauri. Let Georgia be your host as the clock counts down, combining modernity and tradition to create a New Year’s celebration that greets in a year full of promise.

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