The Best Beaches in Morocco for Sun and Surf

Beaches in Morocco for Sun and Surf

Morocco is a country with an extensive cultural past and a broad range of landscapes. Its amazing coastline runs along the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas, providing a wealth of beautiful beaches suitable for all kinds of travellers. Morocco’s beaches are ideal for sun worshippers, surfers, and adventurers alike. They range from the busy shoreline of Agadir, which is well-known for its golden sands and world-class surf, to the peaceful, hidden coves of Legzira with its striking rock formations. The greatest beaches in Morocco guarantee amazing experiences where the pure attraction of the sea combines with the rich weave of Moroccan culture, whether you’re looking for the thrill of riding waves or the peace of sun-kissed repose.

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Here are the best beaches in Morocco for sun and surf

1. Taghazout Beach

The Best Beaches in Morocco for Sun and Surf

Taghazout Beach, which is close to the energetic city of Agadir, is a surfer’s dream come true because of the steady waves and relaxed atmosphere. Because of variety of surf places this beach offers, including Anchor Point, Killer Point, and Skyline Beach, it has become popular destination for both beginner and experienced surfers. The village of Taghazout itself is an outdated, alternative community complete with coastal cafes, yoga studios, and surf stores.

2. Legzira Beach

Beaches in Morocco

Legzira Beach, between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, is well-known for its striking red sandstone arches. Provides bizarre beachfront landscape that is ideal for adventurers and photographers alike. A peaceful day by the sea is made even more beautiful by the distinctive rock formations, especially when they are framed by the lowering sun. The beach, on the other hand, is better for relaxation and exploration.

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3. Agadir Beach

Beaches in Morocco

Lively seaside city of Agadir is home to Agadir Beach, well-liked hangout for sun worshippers and families. This wide, crescent-shaped beach is well-known for its superb facilities, peaceful waves, and golden beaches. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and other water sports. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops along the seaside promenade, creating a busy environment day and night.

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4. Essaouira Beach

Essaouira Beach

The mediaeval city of Essaouira, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is home to Essaouira Beach. Beach, which is well-known for powerful winds, is paradise for lovers of kiteboarding and windsurfing. It’s also a wide, sandy area ideal for equestrian riding, camel rides, and relaxing walks. Your beach experience is made better by the bright culture and busy souks of the neighbouring medina.

5. Paradise Beach (Plage Paradis)

5. Paradise Beach (Plage Paradis)

With its beautiful white sands and sparkling clear waters, Paradise Beach lives up to its name, close to the beautiful village of Asilah. Private location is ideal for a peaceful day of swimming and sunbathing. Because the beach has not been overrun by tourists, it offers a calm setting for those seeking to get away from the throng. a short cab trip from Asilah to the location, then enjoy a lovely walk or a ride in a carriage pulled by horses.

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6. Sidi Kaouki Beach

6. Sidi Kaouki Beach

Sidi Kaouki Beach, a hidden treasure just a short drive south of Essaouira, provides a more peaceful substitute for the busy Essaouira Beach. Surfers of all skill levels are attracted to the beach because of its outstanding surf conditions. This broad, sandy area is great for picnics, beachcombing, and sunbathing. Small cafes and guesthouses dot the neighbourhood, contributing to the relaxed, natural vibe.


Both surfers and sun worshippers can find an incomparable beach experience throughout Morocco’s varied and beautiful coastline. Every beach offers different combination of scenic beauty, cultural diversity, and recreational options, from wild surf of Taghazout to calm, dreamy sands of Asilah. The greatest beaches in Morocco promise an immersing journey into the heart of a country where the sea and the sun form a harmonious escape, whether you are attracted to the calm shoreline or the thrilling waves. Enjoy warmth, surf, and amazement make Morocco’s beaches so remarkable.

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