The Top 3 Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Abu Dhabi

the top 3 places to celebrate Chinese New year in Abu Dhabi


The colorful and friendly city of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an offering to cultural variety. It is here that celebration of Chinese New Year finds a home. Abu Dhabi comes with Chinese Lunar New Year excitement as landscape changes with bright red lights and lavish decorations. Capital offers unique combination of East and West in its traditional performances and modern events; festivities invites both locals and visitors to join in happy celebrations. Explore amazing locations that make Abu Dhabi an amazing location to celebrate happy Chinese New Year in this busy city where tradition meets creativity.

Take an amazing Abu Dhabi city tour, where the combination of modern and traditional architecture creates an impressive representation of this multicultural wonder. Trip takes place against background of famous tall buildings, including impressive Etihad Towers and shining Al Maryah Island skyline. Visitors are exposed to a variety of experiences as the city tour travels through the luxurious halls of the Emirates Palace and the lively markets of the history Village. These experiences range from enjoying in pleasures of ever-changing city to enjoying rich cultural history. Abu Dhabi City Tour captures spirit of city with every visit, showcasing rich history, creativity, and kindness that characterize this Arabian paradise.

Here are the top 3 Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Abu Dhabi

 1.Cantonese Cuisine at Dai Pai Dong

Cantonese Cuisine at Dai Pai Dong

Inspired by the unique history of southeast China, Dai Pai Dong celebrates Lunar New Year in Abu Dhabi with 14 days of exclusive events featuring luxurious delicious foods, an eight-course cuisine work of art, and a family reunion dinner. Cantonese specialties include mini lunch, Peking duck, handmade noodles, and grilled meats in every kind in a friendly, homey Chinese environment. Friends and family get together to serve a big bowl of Yu Sheng, a Chinese salad made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish, to start the celebration. This well-known institution places an extreme value on “Tradition,” which is essential to the celebration and an important component of Chinese culture. Dai Pai Dong will hold a Lantern Festival with a luxurious set meal dinner package to round off the festivities.

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2.China Restaurant

China Restaurant

China Restaurant, housed in the Novel Hotel, is definitely a secret gem hidden deep within the Capital. Although being a well-kept secret for numerous years, not many people are aware of it in the city. China Restaurant serves tasty and genuine Cantonese cuisine. It may not seem as luxurious, but it is definitely a genuine experience. There are many kinds of classic dishes available on the restaurant’s menu! Groups of up to ten persons can be seated together, and the atmosphere is family friendly.

3.Dragon Bao Bao, Abu Dhabi

Dragon Bao Bao, Abu Dhabi

Dragon Bao Bao Restaurant is another excellent location that is right in the middle of the city. Considering how many families frequent this restaurant, the space is not just affordable but also enjoyable. Although there exists a delivery option, we advise going to the location to experience the atmosphere while the food is being delivered fresh to your table. Among their many specialties are Chow Mein, dumplings, Yanzhou fried rice, Cantonese buns, Lanzhou noodles, and wonton soup. For those seeking a fine dining experience during the Lunar New Year celebrations, this lovely, quiet restaurant is perfect.


Abu Dhabi provides unique combination of traditional celebrations and modern style for Chinese New Year, creating lively and culturally rich atmosphere. Both locals and visitors may completely lose themselves in the atmosphere of the Chinese Lunar New Year thanks to the attractive decorations that cover important monuments and the exciting festivities held in the city. Everyone may enjoy a welcoming and lively atmosphere created by the variety of restaurants offering real Chinese food and the friendly hospitality of the neighborhood. Because of Abu Dhabi’s dedication to accepting many cultures, Chinese New Year is celebrated in a way that is both genuinely inclusive and unforgettable.

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