The top 3 fantastic ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

Enjoy a variety of amazing celebrations that combine traditional beauty with modern flair to celebrate the energy and cultural variety of Chinese New Year in Dubai. Engage yourself in the festival mood at Dubai’s famous landmarks, where attractive fireworks and dragon dance performances attract, as the city’s skyline shines with vibrant colours. Enjoy an excellent exploration of the city’s varied dining options. Chinese-themed decorations bring Dubai’s well-known retail areas to life, providing a fully immersive shopping experience with special offers and holiday offers. Whatever the occasion, Dubai has a space to accommodate it. Chance to experience festivals, customs, and traditions from throughout the entire world. Below are all the locations where you may go to celebrate Chinese New Year, which falls on Saturday, February 10, 2024, and welcome in a new year.

Take a thrilling journey of the Dubai Modern City Tour, where a future skyline serves as a backdrop for the exciting combination of both past and present. Enjoy amazing structures such as the Burj Khalifa, which towers over the city as a monument to modern technical prowess. The trip makes its way through the colourful streets, providing an overview of the lively way of life and unique cultural mix that make Dubai genuinely exceptional. This journey highlights Dubai’s character as an amazing combination of the modern and the everlasting, from modern skyscrapers to historic souks.

Here are the top 3 fantastic ways to celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

 1.The Stables Dubai

celebrate Chinese New Year in Dubai

For Chinese New Year, The Stables is offering a fun activity where you can create your own vision board while enjoying delicious drinks. The menu offers a variety of everyday dishes and British classics, and women who purchase any meal from the menu will receive three free beverages. Enjoy specialties including wagyu roast, grilled tiger prawns, and dynamite shrimp, as well as sweets like sticky coffee pudding and dark chocolate mousse tartar. 22 January, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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2.Zheng He

Zheng He

Zheng He, an amazing beachfront venue in Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, has been decorated out for the Chinese New Year with festivities, decor, and delicious food. Enjoy treats like wok-seared tenderloin with savoury truffle paste, char siew pig belly, stewed chicken with spicy bean sauce, and more. On February 9 and 10, there will be live lion dance performances not just in Zheng He but also throughout the hotel.  open from January 10 to February 10.



The luxurious French pastry shop is launching a gorgeous, limited-edition eight-piece macaron box with gold and red touches. Macaroons cost Dhs 150 and can be customised with a variety of possibilities by guests. A few locations throughout Dubai sell it, such as the well-known restaurants at the Dubai Mall, the Tea Room at the Dubai Mall, Nakheel Mall, Dubai hills restaurant, City Centre Al Zahia restaurant, Abu Dhabi Mall restaurant, Yas Mall restaurant, Al Bateen, and Marina Mall restaurant.


Chinese New Year celebrations in Dubai offer a unique experience that expertly combines regional traditions with the modern attraction of this multicultural society. From the thrilling dragon dances to the enchanting fireworks that illuminate the horizon, the celebrations in Dubai beautifully capture the essence of the Lunar New Year. The city’s rich cuisine scene reflects the mix of different components, with specially prepared meals that tantalise the senses and represent wealth. Dubai becomes a lively and welcoming destination as it celebrates the significance of the Chinese New Year. It offers a unique celebration that attracts to the local Chinese population as well as inviting everyone to share in the joyful atmosphere of this auspicious event. Chinese New Year celebrations in Dubai are unique, reflecting the city’s dedication to accepting diversity and making lifelong memories for all who take part in the festivities, whether through thrilling performances or immersive shopping experiences.

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